İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not resolved   (Çözülmedi)

The international dispute was not resolved for more than a decade.

The issue is still not resolved.

Some Balkars maintain that their status of autonomy is still not resolved.

resolved when   (ne zaman çözüldü)

The incident was resolved when the police stormed the plane.

The matter was resolved when the company reversed the suspension.

The dilemma is resolved when one of Bert’s friends tells the mother the truth.

not be resolved   (çözülmedi)

Any issues which could not be resolved between the participants was advanced to higher levels of leadership.

The company made this decision based on detonation problems found in some XP-400 engines that could not be resolved.

finally resolved   (sonunda çözüldü)

The suit was finally resolved in the widow's favour in July 1925.

That dispute was finally resolved with his son, Adad-nirari I's victory over the Babylonians.

Herngren also explained that the long wait for DVD release was due to a music rights issue that was finally resolved.

resolved through   (yoluyla çözüldü)

In theory, the deficit could have been resolved through higher contribution rates.

The pair were resolved through speckle interferometry in 1977, showing an angular separation of .

Prior to World War II many states were formed as a result of wars that were resolved through peace treaties.

eventually resolved

The difference with the government was eventually resolved.

The disputed succession was eventually resolved in favor of Ousame.

The dispute was eventually resolved in 2011 when a new board took over.

issue was resolved

This issue was resolved only by the end of the year.

The issue was resolved within three hours.

This issue was resolved by the film's end, and he no longer suffers these glitches.

fully resolved   (Tamamen çözülmüş)

The evolutionary relationships of the creek whaler have yet to be fully resolved.

The evolutionary relationships of the hardnose shark have not been fully resolved.

In 2017, a robust and almost fully resolved phylogeny of the entire genus was published.

dispute was resolved

The dispute was resolved in their 1961 border agreement.

The dispute was resolved in May 2011 in favour of Moussa's group.

After the dispute was resolved Mavros was finally transferred to AEK Athens in 1976.