Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

resource management   (Administracion de recursos)

in human resource management and an M.S.

Coon has advocated for community-based ecological resource management and land use.

Pollution control and resource management laws may be assessed against this principle.

natural resource   (recurso natural)

Uncontrolled exploitation of this natural resource led to peat slips in 1878 and 1886.

Oil, as a natural resource and a commodity, can be identified as a contributor to war.

Many people have been benefited with the natural resource of the forest and involved in logging.

human resource   (Recursos humanos)

in human resource management and an M.S.

This reduces the financial and human resource burden on the sponsoring agency.

The engineering human resource demand of the industries is worked out by the council.

water resource   (fuente de agua)

sponsored meetings for water resource improvement.

The main water resource is the Mun River.

The main water resource of the district is the Tha Chin River.

resource allocation   (Asignación de recursos)

Floor planning enables resource allocation within FPGAs to meet these time constraints.

The 2011 sub-regions are used for statutory monitoring, engagement and resource allocation.

One criticism is that the claim that a free market is efficient at resource allocation is incorrect.

resource development   (desarrollo de recursos)

The RPR depends significantly on the stage of resource development.

About eight percent of Canada's forest is legally protected from resource development.

Recently in 2018, Fergusson was given University status by the Ministry of Human resource development.

resource center

In 1972, the resource center was built.

Most TEEAL sets are housed in a library or information resource center.

It is equipped with a separate computer resource center for specialized applications and research.

valuable resource

Daydreams for Freud were thus a valuable resource.

At least one book on administering NetWare found them a valuable resource.

Deuterium is the most particularly valuable resource because it seconds as fuel for ships.

important resource

These fossil fuels have been an important resource to Pennsylvania.

Another important resource is the size of computer memory that is needed for running algorithms.

Afghanistan's important resource in the past has been natural gas, which was first tapped in 1967.

resource extraction   (extracción de recursos)

Gold mining Gold mining is the resource extraction of gold by mining.

The military and resource extraction industries operate strong sonar and blasting operations.

Both cities are mature service economies built on a base of resource extraction in their hinterlands.

resource centre

UNESCO Bangkok has declared Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar as a resource centre for ICT.

The Multimedia lab of the school has Pentium III microprocessors, one maths lab and a teacher resource centre.

NASHI also founded the Maple Leaf Centre, a resource centre and shelter in Ukraine for young people who are at risk of being trafficked.

human resource management

in human resource management and an M.S.

Students can choose to pursue a general BBA or specialize in accounting, human resource management, or marketing.

Warren has 30 years of experience in human resource management and hospital administration, including 26 years at the UM.

resource use

This becomes a useful tool for determining resource use and environmental impacts.

A key tool in resource efficiency is measuring different aspects of resource use (e.g.

Its main objectives are to support conservation, resource use, and management decisions by evaluating all the world's ecosystems by 2025.

resource planning

He is the director of an enterprise resource planning project, named "Umoja" ("unity" in Swahili).

A 1996 manual of the SAP R/3 enterprise resource planning software stipulated the existence on the business reference model of the R/3 System.

Legacy systems feeding the warehouse often include customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning, generating large amounts of data.

online resource

He maintains the online resource, The Great Rock Bible.

It is an attempt to create a model of the discipline of philosophy as an online resource.

Free Methodist Conversations is an online resource for discussing important values and issues.

natural resource management

The Guassa Area originated as a community-based natural resource management system known as “Qero” over 400 years ago.

When natural resource management is applied to whole ecosystems, rather than single species, it is termed ecosystem management.

Botswana is also participating in community based natural resource management projects by trying to involve villagers in tourism.

educational resource

88.7 FM WGVE, an educational radio station, is broadcast from the career center and is used as an educational resource.

It also has a secondary role as an educational resource for foreign students in health, biotechnology and related fields.

The magazine also distributed free educational resource material to schools across the country that discussed the Alberta Oil Sands.