Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

natural resources   (recursos naturales)

Two groups may fight over remaining natural resources.

Other natural resources include timber and hydropower.

Djibouti has few natural resources and little industry.

water resources   (Recursos hídricos)

Guinea's total renewable water resources total 226 km.

Total renewable water resources is 112.4 km³.

This name came because of heavy water resources around the town.

human resources   (recursos humanos)

He studied human resources at the University of Natal.

He is majoring in business management and human resources.

They have helped the country to develop its human resources.

financial resources   (recursos financieros)

The human and financial resources are compromised during crisis.

Meyer had to use his own financial resources as bank guarantees.

Renovation work stopped rather soon due to the lack financial resources.

limited resources

There are very limited resources of groundwater.

It contributes to better management of the limited resources devoted to conservation.

Communities choose to migrate, or are forced to migrate, due to stressors on limited resources.

mineral resources   (recursos minerales)

Canada's mineral resources are diverse and extensive.

Proven mineral resources are extensive.

The key emphasis was on surveys for coal and mineral resources.

other resources   (otros recursos)

Time is different from all other resources and cost categories.

The conflicts in the DRC were over water, minerals, and other resources.

The Fury can use any other resources around to rebuild and improve itself.

resources available   (recursos disponibles)

There are no notable mineral resources available in and around the town.

There are rarely any resources available for the prevention of STD transmission.

He is said to have made more resources available to the Order, thus strengthening it.

resources such

Natural resources such as oil are removed from moment universes.

The landscape is rich in resources such as iron ore, coal, and oil.

), as well as physical resources such as books or CDs, and objects like artworks.

lack of resources   (falta de recursos)

This lack of resources is directly linked to ethnicity and race.

The entire operation was characterized by a lack of resources and experience.

The tourism industry has not yet been developed because of the lack of resources.

energy resources   (Recursos energéticos)

Colombia is well-endowed with minerals and energy resources.

The shoals are concentrated energy resources for the great marine predators.

Research on Iceland’s indigenous energy resources goes back to the 18th century.

more resources

Helmand PRT had more resources than any other PRT.

However, the USGS expects more resources will be found.

The more resources the noble had access to, the better his troops would be.

educational resources   (recursos educativos)

Providing educational resources to artisan bakers 2.

MAPS offers educational resources that actively promote psychedelic harm reduction.

She developed educational resources for the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council.

available resources   (recursos disponibles)

Still, "a total replacement was far beyond available resources.

Family groups may split after becoming too large for the available resources.

Measures were introduced to localize these cases using locally available resources.

resources management

She has a degree in modern literature and human resources management.

Increasing urbanization will put pressure on water resources management in Costa Rica.

ICRISAT adopts Integrated genetic and natural resources management as its overarching research strategy.

food resources

Growling in gurnards gives an advantage when there is limited food resources.

The bald eagle selects migration routes which take advantage of thermals, updrafts, and food resources.

Females show reproductive activity throughout the year, and correlate with availability of food resources.

resources include

Natural resources include oil, peat and clay, sand.

Other natural resources include timber and hydropower.

Natural resources include fish and hydropower.

own resources

The GNCC has own resources thanks to licensing and regulation fees.

"He who draws upon his own resources, easily comes to an end of his wealth."

His father's early death threw his son at an early age upon his own resources.

economic resources

Ransoming captives required economic resources.

Today, tourism and confectionery industry are its main economic resources.

This gave a lot of economic resources to families and business men of the region.

marine resources

It has a continued involvement in marine resources.

Fishing and take of all living marine resources is prohibited.

The exploitation of these marine resources has a long tradition in Spain.

time and resources

All member organizations devote staff time and resources.

I would rather devote my time and resources to the residents".

The Soviets realised that they were pressed for time and resources.

access to resources   (acceso a los recursos)

As referenced before, living in a group gives an individual access to resources and partners.

In this theory, different levels of the economy have access to resources of different quality.

She founded The Nurturing Network to provide women with access to resources, counseling and advice.

online resources

She then disappears from online resources.

There are online resources listing AA meetings for atheists and agnostics.

As a precaution, remote Internet access to online resources was restricted.

cultural resources

The centre works to retain and develop regional cultural resources, including traditional and tribal arts.

A survey for cultural resources within 151 acres of the area found two prehistoric transient camps and a historic cabin complex.

Mercer added cultural planning has to be "the strategic and integral use of cultural resources in urban and community development."

resources needed

There are no resources needed to build units, as every player has exactly 1000 credits.

They seek to equip those already involved in church planting ministries with the resources needed to continue such work.

Wilson provided the industry clout and connections and was able to provide the group with the financial resources needed.

renewable resources   (Recursos renovables)

Hubbert's original analysis did not apply to renewable resources.

The depletion of renewable resources has raised concerns in recent years.

The study recommended use of future products with lower mass and which use renewable resources.

forest resources

Human activities, including harvesting forest resources, can negatively affect forest ecosystems.

Likewise, the strong shipbuilding heritage of the province directly relates to its forest resources.

The green color symbolizes the forest resources, and blue represents the abundance of rivers and lakes.

information resources   (recursos de información)

These will be linked to an array of real-time and archived battlefield information resources.

television and radio advertisements and social media) and the publication of information resources for consumers and other stakeholders.

The GFIS gateway catalogued key information resources, such as news, events, publications and job vacancies supplied by information providers.

local resources

Abdelhalim placed an emphasis on the use of local resources.

With this in mind, the monks of Hanga struggled to rely solely on local resources and talents.

It is believed that Black Eye Friday puts a tremendous strain on local resources through anti-social behaviour.

scarce resources   (recursos escasos)

In essence, welfare chauvinists consider immigration to be a drain on societal scarce resources.

The portion of such purely individual benefit that accrues to scarce resources Ricardo labels "rent".

And as long as I can do that, I'm not going to let any people in my department waste scarce resources in placer mining."

additional resources

Fire and rescue services can support each other with additional resources.

), with an expanding collection of additional resources on line and on the CD-ROM.

The collection moved into a larger facility in 1914, which became a full branch in 1917, offering additional resources and services.

use of resources

Inequalities in the use of resources will be quickly compensated for, creating a new equilibrium.

Consumers aiming to use dollar voting ultimately hope to impact society's values and use of resources.

The use of resources to print something with such a short lifespan was criticised on environmental grounds.

allocation of resources   (asignación de recursos)

Asynchronous CDMA offers a key advantage in the flexible allocation of resources i.e.

With the Army and Navy bitterly feuding, he settled disputes over the allocation of resources.

He argues that economy planning necessarily leads to an irrational and inefficient allocation of resources.

provide resources   (proporcionar recursos)

Some donor agencies and foundations also provide resources for its activities.

Both Rogers and Channel Zero also planned to provide resources to the new channel.

He had certain obligations to fulfill in the cult, and had to provide resources for the temples.

resources including

ASR can involve a wide variety of resources including seaplanes, helicopters, submarines, rescue boats and ships.

Moon Express will also utilize the mission to explore the Moon's South Pole for mineral resources including water ice.

Species found in Guinea include the following: Guinea has abundant natural resources including 25% or more of the world's known bauxite reserves.

resources within

The WAGE Center continually connects women to resources within the University and out in the local area.

All three provinces have the smallest land base in the country and have been forced to make do with resources within.

It comprises 356 resources within the city of Frostburg, along U.S. Route 40, which forms the main axis of the district.

material resources

Essex's army, for want of material resources, had had to be content with the capture of Reading.

Once a major world power, the Sasanian Empire had exhausted its human and material resources after decades of warfare against the Byzantine Empire.

Los Trabajadores was making his way amid many difficulties: lack of material resources, premises for writing, printing workshops and editing staff.

contributing resources

The chief contributing resources are large resort hotels.

Both are contributing resources to the Patee Town Historic District.

Some of the more notable contributing resources to this historic district include:

computing resources

The bootstrap is a powerful technique although may require substantial computing resources in both time and memory.

By using virtually unlimited cloud computing resources, a message queueing service provides an internet scale messaging platform.

It aims to be scalable both in its ability to treat large problems efficiently, and in its usage of available parallel computing resources.

amount of resources

Gluttony is a condition where the first player to collect a certain amount of resources wins.

Eritrea has an extensive amount of resources such as copper, gold, granite, marble, and potash.

Centralized computing, however, specifically allocates a large amount of resources to a small number of computers.

provides resources

NAMTA provides resources for its members.

It also provides resources to other units within Clubs and Vice.

It provides resources, meeting spaces and workshops for groups and individuals.

electronic resources

The library is also preparing to offer access to extensive electronic resources.

Modern academic libraries generally also provide access to electronic resources.

EIFL negotiates licences with publishers for electronic resources on behalf of its members.

resources through

It is believed that Black Eye Friday puts a tremendous strain on local resources through anti-social behaviour.

The combination of pollution and relentless mining of Earth's resources through industrialism has left the environment nearly unlivable and extremely hostile to human habitation.

For example, postcolonial scholars, believed that colonising powers explained an "other" who were there to dominate, civilise, and extract resources through colonisation of land.

few resources

This choice of terminology may be somewhat arbitrary, because only few resources write on this topic.

Malpelo Island has few resources; the only available foods are crabs and seabirds, especially boobies.

Shortages of rations continued, with few resources available to the Indian agent to provide work opportunities for his charges.

genetic resources

species, habitats and genetic resources.

The agreement covers all ecosystems, species, and genetic resources.

Forest genetic resources represent a specific case of plant genetic resources.

public resources   (recursos públicos)

Lack of public resources affects both the psychologist and patient.

She protests the migrants' use of public parks, schools, and other public resources.

The government is currently employing recently completed poverty map as tool for geographic targeting of public resources.

necessary resources   (recursos necesarios)

In this document, the Government has mobilized all necessary resources for the execution of the National Action Plan.

Ferdinand, lacking the necessary resources for a prolonged siege, was forced to return to Tordesillas and disband his army.

Unlike cities, villages have a wider scope for adopting Vermiculture with all the necessary resources easily available and in abundance.

resources on student   (recursos sobre estudiante)

The federal government controls programs it funds like Title I funding for low-income children in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the No Child Left Behind Act, which mandates the district focus resources on student success in acquiring reading and math skills.

The federal government controls programs it funds like: Title I funding for low income children in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the No Child Left Behind Act, which mandates the district focus resources on student success in acquiring reading and math skills.

resources to help

HealthFutures Without Violence provides health care providers with resources to help identify and respond to domestic violence.

ACT Alberta provides resources to help front-line workers identify potential trafficking situations and aid victims of human trafficking.

Dan Jones, in his "Becoming a Brief Therapist" book writes: ' is in the problem free areas you find most of the resources to help the client.

many resources

It has many resources, among these: obsidian and pewter.

A fire destroyed two classrooms and many resources in December 2006.

There are many resources to aid candidates in preparing to pass the indoctrination course.

military resources

Seventh Fleet helped to protect the retreat of soldiers, people and military resources in Dachen archipelago, Pishan Island, Yushan Island.

The military resources of the Comoros consist of a small standing army and a 500-member police force, as well as a 500-member defence force.

The Byzantine military resources available on the spot were scant and of dubious loyalty, and the border forts may well have been left unmanned.

share resources   (compartir recursos)

EN4M allows local environmental groups to coordinate their efforts and share resources.

Anarchist newspapers also collaborated in inter-municipal networks to share resources and content.

A company may share resources with a materials science society to gain proprietary knowledge or trained workers.

resources necessary   (recursos necesarios)

Further, failure in raising the resources necessary for improvement of its services made matters critical.

This included providing the resources necessary to improve the status of African Americans in American society.

The Carthaginian Senate was reluctant to allocate the resources necessary to have another fleet built and manned.

water resources management

Increasing urbanization will put pressure on water resources management in Costa Rica.

Through their role in the operation of dams they also play an important role in water resources management.

This is used to improve flood damage protection taking into account aspects of spatial planning, water resources management and ecology.

resources to support   (recursos para apoyar)

Typical Anglo-Norman families such as Sleyne's, would have possessed resources to support Gaelic culture and language.

Germany's declining war situation and the reallocation of resources to support the U-boat campaign meant the ships would never be built.

Economic security Economic security or financial security is the condition of having stable income or other resources to support a standard of living now and in the foreseeable future.

historic resources

There is a potential for additional historic resources.

It was listed on the NRHP as part of a study which listed numerous historic resources in the Victoria area.