İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

highly respected   (saygın)

Sheikh Ahmed Badsha Peer was a highly respected Sufi.

Sun Quan highly respected and favoured Liu Ji.

Boyd was highly respected by his subordinates.

most respected   (en saygın)

He is one of the most respected writers of his generation.

"Tuluni" is still the most respected festival for the local Sumi.

Preston Heyman is one of the UK's most respected session drummers.

well respected   (saygın)

The Brownings were well respected, and even famous.

Lisa Goldstein is another well respected feminist sf author.

The elders are well respected by Amis.

widely respected   (geniş saygı)

He was widely respected and mourned at the time of his death.

These last paintings are the most widely respected of his works.

In 1899, he settled in Jerusalem, where he was widely respected.

became a respected

In later years he became a respected historian.

After the return Pavlov resumed writing and became a respected literary critic.

Later in his life, Reverend Brackett became a respected citizen of Harpers Ferry.

known and respected

He was known and respected by sunnis in Baalabeck for this.

Success after success follows, and Tony becomes well known and respected by the Philadelphia elite.

At the time the Revolution took place he was very well known and respected for his films, in Romania.