respective countries   (各国)

Had international caps for their respective countries.

respective roles   (それぞれの役割)

Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprise their respective roles.

The network personally chose Rivera and Trillo to their respective roles.

All four ships continued to serve in these respective roles for at least another dozen years.

within their respective   (それぞれの中で)

The lakes are arranged alphabetically within their respective states or federal territories.

The following lists all the Big Ten representatives selected within their respective regions.

Similar provision is made by the various provinces for use in proceedings within their respective jurisdictions.

each respective   (それぞれの)

Primaries for each respective party were held on May 18, 2010.

Also listed are the counties where each respective dialect is spoken.

The Green Bay Trail is currently managed by each respective town that it runs through.

respective fields   (それぞれの分野)

The resident members of faculty offer teaching in their respective fields of competence.

Both courses prepare attorneys for the Certified Specialist exams in their respective fields.

Fierstein and Lauper had both gained previous critical acclaim and honors in their respective fields.

won their respective

The team also won their respective teams title.

After these two teams won their respective semi-finals, a final was played.

The sixth round of the Challenge Cup involves the eight teams who won their respective matches in the previous round.

respective national   (それぞれの国民)

The Canadian team, arm in arm, sang "Oh Canada" as the respective national anthems were played.

Most countries use their respective national anthems or some other patriotic song for this purpose.

Originally, only the champions of their respective national league could participate in the competition.

respective state   (それぞれの状態)

Teams are picked by the state governing bodies from their respective state titles.

54 clubs qualified through their respective state championship or some other competition.

Some individual U.S. states maintain cavalry units as a part of their respective state defense forces.

respective teams

The team also won their respective teams title.

Wrangler sponsored both drivers at their respective teams.

James Kaye and Warren Scott remained with their respective teams, but changed cars.

respective states

Both were established in their respective states as insurers of last resort.

The lakes are arranged alphabetically within their respective states or federal territories.

However, Congress party workers in some states filed complaints with cyber crime cells of their respective states.

respective regions

These are also used as model schools in their respective regions.

Each group brought foods and ideas from their respective regions.

16 further teams qualified from their respective regions last chance qualifiers.

respective areas

Now it is the responsibility of the distribution companies to arrange power for their respective areas.

Their appearance coincides with the settlement and consolidation of the Slavic tribes in the respective areas.

After the destruction of Valyria, the cities of Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen regained independence and ruled their respective areas as city-states.

respective positions

Allred, Stewart, and Beasley remained at their respective positions for over four decades.

Both Google and Perfect 10 seemed to have legitimate interests at stake and support for their respective positions.

The two sides continued the conflict, trying to better their respective positions in anticipation of new peace negotiations.

own respective

Unlike the items section, the runes do not have their own respective name recorded.

Most barangays in the city also have their own respective public elementary schools.

It was based on all the cars that were tested during the year in their own respective months.

respective sections

This band is open to students through chair auditions, which also determine placement within the respective sections.

All prefects will support the college by completing the assigned duties and by taking charge of discipline of other students in their respective sections.

Four teams competed in a round robin competition, with the top two teams and the bottom two teams proceeding to their respective sections of the play-offs: the top teams play for advancement to the Group I.

respective students

This level funding is provided regardless of changes in the number of pupils who need special education services and regardless of the level of services the respective students required.

respective governments   (それぞれの政府)

Its members inform and advise their respective governments on all Benelux matters.

Both Kennedy and Khrushchev took every step to avoid full conflict despite pressures from their respective governments.

He believes that Western news media and their respective governments act in concert, especially in the area of foreign affairs.

respective groups

England and Wales won bronze medals after finishing second in their respective groups.

China and Romania won bronze medals after finishing second in their respective groups.

France and Hungary won bronze medals after finishing second in their respective groups.