İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

immune response   (bağışıklık yanıtı)

Consequently, humoral immune response is affected.

This stimulates a much more robust immune response.

Activated NALP3 in turn triggers an immune response.

positive response   (olumlu yanıt)

The film opened to a positive response from critics.

"Fence" has received a positive response from critics.

Even animals have a positive response to George’s music.

emergency response   (acil müdahale)

Along the route, emergency response teams were on stand-by.

They also organized to send an emergency response team to Wisconsin.

Security and emergency response were both concerns during Steel Box.

critical response   (kritik cevap)

The book has received a positive critical response.

As with the first film, critical response varied.

"The Homosexuals" garnered mixed critical response.

no response   (cevap yok)

He received no response, but felt reluctant to let it go.

In short, there may be no response at all.

There was no response from Mirzayan so the man continued on.

response from critics   (eleştirmenlerden yanıt)

The film received negative response from critics.

mixed response   (karışık cevap)

The withdrawal sent out a mixed response online.

The film received mixed response from critics.

The PC release received a mixed response from critics.

response time   (Tepki Süresi)

The average response time is therefore 1/"μ".

As well as a fast response time with other jurisdictions.

For OLAP systems, response time is an effectiveness measure.

direct response   (doğrudan cevap)

Display works well for direct response.

He ran direct response advertisements in major newspapers to generate leads.

An election followed in direct response and the Whigs were returned with a landslide majority.

frequency response   (frekans tepkisi)

The frequency response range of the G500 is 35–20,000 Hz, with a SNR of 85 dB.

The frequency response of such circuit is similar to that of the series connection.

Filters in the time domain are most often requested to follow a specified frequency response.

inflammatory response   (Tahrik edici cevap)

Sunburn is an inflammatory response in the tissue triggered by direct DNA damage by UV radiation.

Some of these potential drugs target the inflammatory response or the specific site(s) of injury.

"Exophiala dermatitidis" typically causes a non-specific and granulomatous inflammatory response.

negative response   (olumsuz cevap)

The film received negative response from critics.

emotional response   (duygusal tepki)

His emotional response in his post fight interview drew cheers from the crowd.

The slower the rat presses, the stronger its conditioned emotional response, or "fear."

Performative documentaries stress subjective experience and emotional response to the world.

response times   (tepki süreleri)

Private security firms promise response times of two to three minutes.

Quick response times and low FAR are inherently conflicting requirements.

There are performance benchmarks established for dispatchers, unit response times.

created in response   (yanıt olarak yaratıldı)

Pisanello's medal was created in response to John's visit to Italy.

IC was created in response to the higher education needs of American Indians.

Initially, six temple ministries centers were created in response to the building of the Temple.

rapid response   (hızlı cevap)

Two rapid response vehicles as also based here.

Learn more about this rapid response conservation effort

The squad's troopers are strategically placed across the state to allow for rapid response.

impulse response   (dürtü yanıtı)

Such a system is said to have an infinite impulse response (IIR).

The graph on the right shows the impulse response of two similar systems.

The representing function "g" is the impulse response of the transformation "S".

stress response   (stres yanıtı)

The glucocorticoid gene is activated, resulting in lowered stress response.

The hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis plays a key role in stress response.

His doctoral research focused on the biochemistry of physiological stress response.

disaster response   (afete müdahele)

Some sponsoring agencies use Citizen Corps grant funds to purchase disaster response tool kits.

The role of physical therapist in disaster response was poorly defined with the profession being relatively new.

This is important during a disaster response because not all members of a regular team may be available to respond.

written in response   (cevap olarak yazılmış)

It was written in response to "Fathers and Sons" (1862) by Ivan Turgenev.

The 1984 book "Perspectives on Bias in Mental Testing" was written in response to the book.

It was also written in response to the failure of his marriage to second wife Jill Tavelman.

response to criticism   (eleştiriye cevap)

It seems to have been a response to criticism that he was not writing about serious issues.

In response to criticism, Jackson said, "I have a lot of gay friends, men and women, and that's why I did it.

The commission was established as a response to criticism from the public and government over media ownership.

call and response   (ara ve cevap ver)

This follows onto a call and response chorus between both Dappy and Tulisa.

As such, it is primarily a dance music with an emphasis on live audience call and response.

Many of the songs are sung in a call and response format while others are in the form of a narrative.

developed in response   (yanıt olarak geliştirildi)

Futurism developed in response to the work of various artists.

A theory was developed in response to this, which is called the Terror Management Theory.

In the late Tang, Confucianism developed in response to Buddhism and Taoism and was reformulated as Neo-Confucianism.

initial response   (ilk tepki)

DART supporters have also noted that the initial response (i.e.

Roces' initial response was "Ang bata naman iyan" ("He is too young").

Despite a lukewarm initial response, Jake and Geoffrey bond over competitive facts.

public response   (kamuoyu yanıtı)

The first public response to the poisoning came on 6 March.

In an unusual public response, thousands attended his funeral.

As its production and use increased, public response was mixed.

response to what   (neye cevap)

The installation of clothing, of what the missing bodies would have inhabited, provokes an emotional and visceral response to what is absent.

Red Ice shifted around 2014 in response to what the couple perceived as "anti-white sentiment" coinciding with the Black Lives Matter movement.

In 1891, German botanist Otto Kuntze published "Revisio generum plantarum", his response to what he perceived as a lack of method in existing nomenclatural practice.

immediate response   (acil cevap)

They did not get any immediate response to the plan.

Gerzon recalls that her mother's immediate response was that she'll start making more soup.

As an immediate response, the British began issuing cotton wool wrapped in muslin to its troops by 3 May.

formed in response   (yanıt olarak kuruldu)

The team is formed in response to the events of "Avengers vs. X-Men".

Some of Alexander's strongest personality traits formed in response to his parents.

Units of volunteers, formed in response to this call, assumed limited policing functions.

response rate   (yanıt oranı)

A reported 32 percent accurate response rate, surpassing the chance rate of 25 percent.

Pruitt's office had the slowest response rate to FOIA requests of any section of the EPA.

It was also approved for the control of ventricular response rate for patients with atrial fibrillation.

partly in response   (kısmen yanıt olarak)

D. W. Griffith made a film in 1916, called "Intolerance", partly in response to the criticism that "The Birth of a Nation" received.

Evolving further partly in response to the European Central Bank, the People's Bank of China had by 2000 become a modern central bank.

The Northern states of the United States abolished slavery, partly in response to the Declaration of Independence, between 1777 and 1804.

response to concerns   (endişelere cevap)

In response to concerns about children playing on the firetruck it was fenced off.

This collection was in response to concerns from military commander Ramon Gonzalez.

In 1902, in response to concerns over women's rights, Conley built a separate building outside the walls for his female prisoners.

s response   (s yanıtı)

It is a person’s response to their personal life and their social life.

Australia’s response to the crisis was that Beijing should exercise ‘constraint’.

In that capacity, he was one of the officials co-ordinating Germany’s response to the European migrant crisis in 2015.

response team   (müdahale ekibi)

As the response team arrived, Ángela went into hiding.

They also organized to send an emergency response team to Wisconsin.

Most countries have their own computer emergency response team to protect network security.

neuronal response   (nöronal cevap)

These are the earliest known disease-specific neuronal response in AD.

Olfactory receptors interact with odorant molecules in the nose, to initiate a neuronal response that triggers the perception of a smell.

first response   (ilk cevap)

Of those who chose English, 66.9% of people chose it as their first response.

The following table categorizes some disasters and notes first response initiatives.

They advertised for a drummer and the first response was from Jeremiah Pilbeam a Dundee, MI native.

s response   (yanıtı)

It is a person’s response to their personal life and their social life.

Australia’s response to the crisis was that Beijing should exercise ‘constraint’.

In that capacity, he was one of the officials co-ordinating Germany’s response to the European migrant crisis in 2015.

military response   (askeri müdahale)

The Maratha attack upon Kunjpura triggered a military response by Ahmad Shah Durrani.

The federal military response to the invasion was slow, and the efforts were initially fumbling and disorganized.

This leads to a full-scale military response by the Georgian government, which succeeds in crushing the rebellion.

positive critical response   (olumlu eleştirel yanıt)

The book has received a positive critical response.

The album received a positive critical response.

official response   (resmi cevap)

The official response from FAO came on 29 October 2007.

NATO issued an official response to the attack on 14 March.

Unlike previous incidents, the official response of the NYPD was quick and condemnatory.

response that triggers   (tetikleyen cevap)

Olfactory receptors interact with odorant molecules in the nose, to initiate a neuronal response that triggers the perception of a smell.

good response   (iyi cevap)

This film got good response from critics, it completed 175 days.

As the movie got a good response from the audience, the director has planned for a sequel with a fresh script.

In May 2002, Ble released their fourth studio album “"Sta Mavra Eho Ntithei"” which received an amazingly good response.

response when   (ne zaman cevap)

Individuals will alter a response when questioned for personal or social purposes.

Contact aircraft reported seeing flares in the village but received no response when more flares were called for.

His usual set-piece response when confronted over his label by anyone non-white was to say: "Why 'White Resident'?

audience response   (kitle yanıtı)

The audience response was positive and Simpson agreed to manage Earth.

The audience response at Presley's live shows became increasingly fevered.

Despite the hostile audience response, the newspaper reviews were not universally uncomplimentary.

response to changes   (değişikliklere cevap)

The climate system will vary in response to changes in forcings.

Paraspeckles are dynamic structures that are altered in response to changes in cellular metabolic activity.

He favored a system that would automatically buy and sell securities in response to changes in the money supply.

response to increasing   (artmaya cevap)

But in the nineteenth century, in response to increasing missionary fervor, monasteries were asked to send groups of women to found schools and medical clinics around the world.

This was partly in response to increasing public concerns that "luxury" off-ration foodstuffs were being unfairly obtained by those who could afford to dine regularly in restaurants.

Local residents, led by Pamela Warhurst and Mary Clear, came up with the idea in response to increasing global concerns over climate change, food sustainability, and community change.

police response   (polis yanıtı)

Military and police response in the capital was inconsistent.

This police response reform had a domino effect for police departments across the country.

The gunmen undertook extensive means to delay a police response while the Nokas depot was attacked.

response to growing   (büyümeye cevap)

The radio show began on March 13, 1938 in response to growing tensions in Europe.

During the mid-19th century in the United States, farmers were expanding fruit orchard programs in response to growing markets.

In 1977 in a reversal of earlier policy and in response to growing threats to Botswana's security, the Botswana Defence Force was formed.

response to public   (halka tepki)

Gibson dropped out of the race in response to public reaction critical of his comments.

In response to public reception of "Stonekeep"s pre-release demo, the company "stepped up the initial release forecast to 200,000 units".

The most famous celebrity of his era, he undertook in response to public demand, a series of public reading tours in the later part of his career.

government response   (hükümet tepkisi)

The initial government response was hampered by a lack of maize available to distribute.

A speedy government response backed by a fully functioning health care system and financial resources can prevent cholera's spread.

Those outside this incorporation area came under risk of lower property values and even further reduction in government response and effectiveness.

made in response   (cevap olarak yapıldı)

It was one of a series of agreements made in response to French expansion under Louis XIV.

CBS denied that the move was made in response to other stations pooling news gathering resources.

There, in 1959, he embarked on studies of interferon, a protein made in response to infection with viruses and other pathogens.

response against   (karşı cevap)

The exudate secretion is then able to elicit a defense response against harmful microbes within the soil.

The efficacy to elicit an immune response against antigens of low immunogenicity is however subject to debate.

In this case, a conjugate vaccine is used in order to invoke an immune system response against the weak antigen.

appropriate response   (uygun cevap)

The appropriate response to offshoots is a subject of debate.

Appreciation is the appropriate response to good poetry, not worship.

It was learned that Abu Nidal had backing from Libya and a key question for the President was the appropriate response.