responsible for all   (すべての責任)

It is soon revealed Marion is responsible for all this.

Ed was responsible for all the editing and coordination.

VCH is not responsible for all health care within Metro Vancouver.

largely responsible   (主に責任がある)

Lincoln is largely responsible for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is largely responsible for the high population growth of French Guiana.

Regardless, the music is enchanting and is largely responsible for the success of the work.

held responsible   (責任を負う)

They were held responsible for the murder of 125 people.

Nobody was held responsible for this destruction of books.

Its government has been held responsible for related diseases.

responsible for providing   (提供する責任)

Canada is also responsible for providing 22% of China's french fries.

109 Signal Squadron was responsible for providing communications to 2 Task Force.

It was responsible for providing the Soviet Army with all types of aircraft and ammunition.

became responsible   (責任者になった)

He became responsible for celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Israeli Defense Forces became responsible for security in Area B.

In 1410, he became responsible for the work at Château de Tancarville.

primarily responsible   (主に責任がある)

It is likely that Eoghan was primarily responsible for his son's education.

The organization is primarily responsible for the establishment of Hermosa Park.

In "E. coli", DNA Pol III is the polymerase enzyme primarily responsible for DNA replication.

not responsible   (責任がない)

Tobiano is not responsible for facial markings or blue eyes.

The male reacts to a stimulus for which he is not responsible.

VCH is not responsible for all health care within Metro Vancouver.

directly responsible   (直接の責任)

Each project has a "directly responsible individual" or "DRI" in Apple jargon.

The constituents of each ward are directly responsible for electing three aldermen.

Constituents of all wards are directly responsible for electing the Lord Mayor of Darwin.

responsible government   (責任ある政府)

After eight years Canada achieved a responsible government.

The conference demanded a full-fledged responsible government.

Prajamandalam chose opposition and worked for responsible government.

responsible for overseeing   (監督責任者)

It was responsible for overseeing the nation's agricultural development.

Buckeridge was responsible for overseeing the temporary roofing of the half-built nave.

Besides, it is responsible for overseeing the crime and law and order situation in UTs.

responsible for maintaining   (維持する責任)

They are responsible for maintaining the good condition of the costumes.

He or she is responsible for maintaining decorum and enforcing the rules.

Lino (Urushemeyoung) Mettao Olopai (1940-) was responsible for maintaining the Carolinian culture.

agency responsible   (代理店)

HSVP is a related government owned agency responsible for the urban development.

The NPI is the official agency responsible for place names in the Norwegian polar regions.

Most countries have a census bureau or government agency responsible for conducting censuses.

responsible for many   (多くの責任)

He lived in Gatchina, where he was also responsible for many buildings.

This interaction is responsible for many of the details of atomic structure.

As a result, Kang grew up to become a serial killer who became responsible for many other deaths.

responsible for managing   (管理を担当)

Here she is responsible for managing the company's growth.

VSE are responsible for managing all Rose Quarter properties.

It is responsible for managing the Macau public security and police agencies.

responsible for developing   (開発を担当)

The panel responsible for developing standards is CEN/TC 119.

The EEA is responsible for developing the network and coordinating its activities.

She was responsible for developing Art Bank, the Canada Council's art collection program in 1972.

responsible for creating   (作成する責任)

They learn the reactor was responsible for creating the loop.

He, along with Itcai the Jaguar, is responsible for creating the earth and water.

Rare was responsible for creating games in Nintendo's long-running "Donkey Kong" franchise.

body responsible   (責任者)

The body responsible for the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Society.

It is also the body responsible for Cameroon's representation at the Commonwealth Games.

Ngati Maru Wharanui Pukehou Trust is the body responsible for the Marae Reservation and Buildings.

responsible for ensuring   (確保する責任)

The arbiters are responsible for ensuring the rules and laws of chess are adhered to.

The warden and assistant wardens are also responsible for ensuring discipline in residents.

Each headmen were responsible for ensuring that their unit obliged to the rules of the Hoko system.

partly responsible   (一部責任)

API writers may also be at least partly responsible for authoring end-user product documentation.

Indians criticised their political leaders after the attacks, saying that their ineptness was partly responsible.

Mortally wounded, Kurt drags the two children out before dying, and admits he was partly responsible for Brian's death.

responsible for bringing   (持参の責任)

The person responsible for bringing it to Vienna was Sambucus, the imperial librarian.

It was the latter who would be most responsible for bringing the publication into the next decade.

Mini-Microsoft has also been responsible for bringing some transparency to the compensation structure at Microsoft.

responsible for most   (ほとんどの責任)

This process is responsible for most of the industrial production of acetic acid.

Union quartermasters were responsible for most of the $3 billion spent for the war.

It triggered a major tsunami, which was responsible for most of the estimated 300–600 deaths.

responsible for building   (構築する責任)

He was responsible for building 18 Shiva temples.

Robert was responsible for building the church.

Pluskontoret Arkitekter is responsible for building advisory for Aarhus Production School.

responsible for making   (作る責任)

Tyrell was responsible for making that deal as an executive at Scepter.

Slayton was responsible for making all Gemini and Apollo crew assignments.

The EPA is also responsible for making sure each state and tribe abides by the permits.

solely responsible   (単独責任)

The mother is solely responsible for brooding.

Madoff insisted he was solely responsible for the fraud.

The female is solely responsible for incubating her clutch.

person responsible   (責任者)

The person responsible for bringing it to Vienna was Sambucus, the imperial librarian.

Sayed Fahim Zaffar, the person responsible for Ayna Television, said launching the channel cost about US$1 million.

The highest post he reached was that of Minister of Ceremonies (太常), or person responsible for ceremonies related to the emperor.

responsible for setting   (設定を担当)

He was also responsible for setting up "Manjusha Museum" in Dharmasthala.

After the war, Degrond was responsible for setting up a women's section of the CFIO.

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the broad direction of the association.

responsible for running   (実行する責任)

The main team responsible for running IFSA is known as the IFSA 7.

He was thus responsible for running that part of the country under British occupation.

Aldeburgh Music is also responsible for running the Peter Pears Gallery in Aldeburgh and the Pond Gallery at Snape Maltings.

responsible for much   (多くの責任)

Negroes were responsible for much of the plunder and pillage.

Pinchon was responsible for much of the 13th-century construction of the cathedral.

The House of Vane was responsible for much of the modernising of the castle, especially the interior.

socially responsible   (社会的責任)

The bank focuses on socially responsible investing (e.g.

JANA engages in traditional shareholder activism and socially responsible investing.

Members were also eligible to apply for a Working Assets VISA, a “socially responsible” credit card.

responsible for establishing   (設立の責任)

These cells act as a barrier and are responsible for establishing permeability gradients.

In 1917, she was largely responsible for establishing the District Health Nurse in Hyde Park.

Faculty are responsible for establishing admission requirements, academic standards, and curricula.

responsible for several   (いくつかの責任)

The interplanetary medium is responsible for several effects which can be seen from Earth.

Sa'adi is a senior Islamic Jihad member responsible for several militant attacks on Israel.

The FARC dissidents have been responsible for several attacks on the Colombian armed forces.

partially responsible   (一部責任)

The sponsors would be partially responsible for their station's aesthetics.

It is partially responsible for the signing of the 1850 Robinson-Huron Treaty.

Stress of dealing with the recall effort was partially responsible for his decision.

company responsible   (責任ある会社)

Dow merged with the company responsible for the accident.

Saputo previously owned Vachon Inc., the snack company responsible for the Jos.

Generation company Generation company (GENCO) is a company responsible for power generation in Pakistan.

responsible for organizing   (整理する責任)

The FIH is also responsible for organizing the Hockey Rules Board and developing the rules for the game.

The Grand Falconer was responsible for organizing the royal falcon hunt and for caring for the king's hunting birds.

Adem Jashari was responsible for organizing the first armed political formation in Srbica (Skënderaj in Albanian) in 1991.

responsible for training   (トレーニングの責任者)

He was responsible for training the division and drawing up battle plans.

He was responsible for training most of the men serving in the 65th Infantry.

They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports.

responsible for coordinating   (調整を担当)

UNESCO is responsible for coordinating the partnerships.

The Division was responsible for coordinating state, Federal and local activities.

The executive bureau is responsible for coordinating and managing major activities.

responsible for local   (ローカル担当)

Mayo County Council () is the authority responsible for local government.

The municipalities are the first level of local governance, responsible for local needs and law enforcement.

They were also responsible for local discrimination and cryptography and for liaison with other organisations.

responsible for producing   (生産責任)

which produced a map of the gene responsible for producing protein C in the liver.

Cells in this layer are responsible for producing glucocorticoids such as cortisol.

The free newspapers publishers are responsible for producing approximately 100 tonnes of free newspapers every day.

responsible for introducing   (導入を担当)

IBM was chiefly responsible for introducing APL to the marketplace.

He was responsible for introducing Ligurian or Italian bees to Britain in 1859.

She was responsible for introducing the dramas of Juliusz Słowacki to the Kraków stage.

mainly responsible   (主に責任がある)

Mậu was mainly responsible for stifling anti-government sentiment.

The Asf is mainly responsible for security of Airports and aeroplanes.

Popescu said that he was mainly responsible for Rada's transfer to Steaua Bucureşti.

most responsible   (最も責任がある)

It was the latter who would be most responsible for bringing the publication into the next decade.

He was the engineer most responsible for Richard Itter's Lyrita recordings (which Decca produced).

He succeeded in having himself credited as the person most responsible for the design and vision of the bridge.

responsible for administering   (管理を担当)

DPE is responsible for administering the Indoor Obstacle Course Test (IOCT).

PMC is responsible for administering and providing basic infrastructure to the city.

Domestic committees are responsible for administering aspects of the Senate's own affairs.

responsible for planning   (計画責任者)

They are also responsible for planning and development new parks.

He was responsible for planning and the movements of monsters in battles.

This group is responsible for planning and implementing the Ohana convention.

man responsible   (責任者)

The man responsible was Lewis Powell a.k.a.

The man responsible for Conley's downfall was Governor Joseph M. Dixon.

He assures her the man responsible for her condition has been arrested.

made responsible   (責任を負わせた)

He was made responsible for "capturing" operations.

John D. S. Rawlinson was made responsible for improving the Type 79X.

Around 230–235 he was made responsible for the city’s aqueducts and grain supply ("Curator aquarum et Miniciae").

minister responsible   (担当大臣)

Then he was appointed state minister responsible for sports by Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel.

The minister responsible is the Honourable Craig Crawford , Minister for Fire and Emergency Services.

Balghunaim served as the deputy agriculture minister responsible for fisheries for one year (1990-1991).

personally responsible   (個人的な責任)

Aeschines is held personally responsible by the orator for his stance in Pella and for misguiding the Athenian people.

As long as the monarch is following the advice of her ministers, she is not held personally responsible for the decisions of the government.

Wegener felt personally responsible for the expedition's success, as the German government had contributed $120,000 ($1.5 million in 2007 dollars).

responsible for designing   (設計責任者)

The engineer responsible for designing the scheme was Sir John Fowler.

Each state is then responsible for designing the shape of its districts.

He is the man responsible for designing Delta Air Lines' uniforms in 2005.

responsible for implementing   (実装する責任)

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is responsible for implementing science policy.

He said, "We ourselves have enacted this Act and we are responsible for implementing it, then why this condition?"

The Dublin City Manager is responsible for implementing City Council decisions but also has considerable executive power.

responsible for both   (両方の責任)

As king he saw himself as responsible for both the temporal and spiritual welfare of his subjects.

In cases where one person was responsible for both, he or she was titled Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Zirin said the idea of having a single organization that's responsible for both seems highly ineffective and detrimental to the sport.

organization responsible   (責任ある組織)

Later on, it was the organization responsible for holding the national professional football league in Chile.

L'Office National de la Poste et de l'Épargne (ONPE) is the government organization responsible for the postal service.

It was coordinated by the Bureau International des Expositions, the organization responsible for sanctioning World's Fairs.

ultimately responsible   (最終的な責任)

It is believed the LTTE was ultimately responsible.

from designer Dener Pamplona de Abreu, who was ultimately responsible for his wardrobe.

The GM is ultimately responsible for all station operations including staffing and budgetary matters.

more responsible   (より責任がある)

He tried to send a message that other nations are more responsible in that matter.

Now, Raghavendra gets married to Anjali, who is a lot more responsible and kind to everyone.

Varun says that the current aim of the company is to become profitable as well as more responsible.

council is responsible   (評議会は責任がある)

The governorate council is responsible for the governorate-wide policy.

The council is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture, and environment.

The district council is responsible for local planning and building control, local roads, council housing, environmental health, markets and fairs, refuse collection and recycling, cemeteries and crematoria, leisure services, parks, and tourism.

responsible for organising   (整理する責任)

She is also responsible for organising Condé Nast International's annual Luxury Conference.

However, her brother John, who was responsible for organising her dowry, was slow to do so.

Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) was responsible for organising their entry for the contest.

responsible for more   (より多くの責任)

The Treuhand was responsible for more than just the 8,500 state-owned enterprises.

A combat team of about 10 members was responsible for more proactive, armed resistance.

In 2016 the Franco-German University was responsible for more than 6,000 students in 177 courses of study.

responsible for protecting   (保護する責任)

Formed in 1938, it was responsible for protecting Manchester and later the Isle of Wight during World War II.

The Royal Saudi Air Forces (RSAF) RSAF are responsible for protecting and defending the airfield of the country.

They were reportedly responsible for protecting the flanks in the mountains and conducted reconnaissance missions.

responsible for collecting   (収集を担当)

He was responsible for collecting taxes on peat for the water board.

The apprentice is responsible for collecting passenger fares, loading cargo, and identifying stops.

The IRS is primarily responsible for collecting and administering direct and indirect taxes accruing to the Government of India.

responsible for monitoring   (監視を担当)

Since 1993 the department has been responsible for monitoring arsenic in drinking water.

The umpires are responsible for monitoring the condition of the ball, and must inspect it regularly.

According to an unnamed Uber source, safety drivers are not responsible for monitoring diagnostic messages.

responsible for conducting   (実施する責任)

Most countries have a census bureau or government agency responsible for conducting censuses.

The references committees are responsible for conducting inquiries into topics referred to them by the chamber.

It is the duty of the Special Operations Section, or Troop SO, responsible for conducting criminal detection and prevention.

team responsible   (担当チーム)

The main team responsible for running IFSA is known as the IFSA 7.

He was head of the team responsible for the Bible translation into the Mizo language in 1955.

She was a UK senior executive and led the team responsible for driving IBM software propositions to Scottish clients.

people responsible   (責任者)

There are many people responsible for "Dorothy".

One of the main people responsible for this change was Annette Holmes, one of the board.

As such, she was one of the people responsible for keeping visitors from disturbing Albert Einstein.

responsible for promoting   (促進する責任)

BDNF is responsible for promoting the proliferation, regeneration, and survival of neurons.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Botswana is responsible for promoting business development throughout the country.

Young Fine Gael's Engagement Committee is responsible for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion within the organisation.

responsible for keeping   (維持する責任)

As such, she was one of the people responsible for keeping visitors from disturbing Albert Einstein.

While her mother was receiving treatment, Kimmarie became responsible for keeping the family together.

He is the one responsible for keeping 300 NerveGear victims, including Asuna, prisoner even after SAO had ended.

government agency responsible   (政府機関の責任)

Most countries have a census bureau or government agency responsible for conducting censuses.

The Ministry for Primary Industries is the government agency responsible for the agricultural sector.

UK Sport UK Sport is the government agency responsible for investing in Olympic and Paralympic sport in the UK.

responsible for carrying   (運ぶ責任)

The fire chief is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day tasks of running a firefighting organization.

The remaining team members are responsible for carrying out their assigned work under the monitoring of the manager.

Chaired by the Prime Minister, it is responsible for carrying out state policy, managing the state budget, and maintaining law and order.

responsible for public   (公共の責任)

He is responsible for public and government relations, as well as information and analytical support.

They were issued batons, official armbands, caps, and badges, and were responsible for public order in the ghetto.

After the CCC disbanded, the federal agencies responsible for public lands organized their own seasonal fire crews, modeled after the CCC.

responsible for enforcing   (実施する責任)

Airlines are also responsible for enforcing government regulations.

Officials are responsible for enforcing game rules and monitoring the clock.

The Fiji Media Industry Development Authority is responsible for enforcing these provisions.

responsible for regulating   (規制する責任)

This body was responsible for regulating all cloth manufacture in the parish, whether with wool only or with wool and other materials.

Autonomic dysfunction refers to the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for regulating internal processes without conscious intervention.

Ksenzov was responsible for regulating the activities of the media, as well as for control over the Internet, which increased since 2012, including the .

responsible for paying   (支払いの責任)

Parents and students are responsible for paying all costs associated with the course.

Parents and students were responsible for paying all costs associated with the courses.

Pupils are often responsible for paying additional school-related expenses, including fees for books and supplies.

responsible for killing   (殺害の責任)

Doctor Browning arrives for the trial where he claims Riley was also responsible for killing Lynsey.

as he and Easy track down Wolfgang Weisen, the power responsible for killing off Cabal's members one by one.

He is revealed to be responsible for killing names on a list of fake Red John suspects his men stole from Jane.

responsible for primary   (一次責任者)

The director is responsible for primary intervention centres, secondary intervention centres, local police stations, and region-wide services.

Ohio Department of Education The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is the administrative department of the Ohio state government responsible for primary and secondary public education in the state.

All municipalities in Norway, including Nærøysund, are responsible for primary education (through 10th grade), outpatient health services, senior citizen services, unemployment and other social services, zoning, economic development, and municipal roads.

official responsible   (公式責任者)

"The official responsible for treatment abroad is still on top of his job."

Then from around 190 to 192, Terentianus was a "praefectus aerarii militaris" (or official responsible for the military treasury) under the emperor Commodus.

Next, he was appointed "Curator viae [...] et alimentorum" (or official responsible for maintaining some important Roman roads and ensuring Rome’s food supply).

responsible for supervising   (監督責任者)

The two gods are responsible for supervising all spirits and stayed above the gate.

The PJ is also responsible for supervising the Magistrates Courts below the High Court.

The CCDI is responsible for supervising party's internal anti-corruption and ethics system.

now responsible   (今責任)

By 1896, "The Remonstrance" was changed to show that MAOFESW was now responsible for its publication.

The building was turned over to a local community group, which is now responsible for its maintenance.

Local publishers are now responsible for almost half of the total circulation of free daily newspapers.

group responsible   (責任者)

It was the group responsible for aerial defence of the Midlands, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and North Wales.

After his partner is killed in the line of duty, a policeman quits the force and vows to hunt down the group responsible.

In London, Bill is introduced to George Haddad, a representative of the Maoist group responsible for kidnapping the writer.

responsible for leading   (リードする責任)

From 1960 to 1974, Salam was responsible for leading the research at its maximum point.

This group is responsible for leading gender studies and the prevention of gender violence.

In 2012 RJ7 was responsible for leading Duncan Bannatyne (star of BBC Dragon's Den) on Kilimanjaro.

department responsible   (担当部署)

In the Vijayanagara Empire, the Government department responsible collecting the land revenue is called as Athanave.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is the government department responsible for higher education in England.

The department responsible for developing original games, CD Projekt Red, best known for "The Witcher" series, was formed in 2002.

officer responsible   (責任者)

But after civic outrage, the police released a statement holding the officer responsible.

Major W. P. Cornelius became the construction officer responsible for K-25 works on 31 July 1943.

As the collector he is the chief revenue officer responsible for revenue collection and recovery.

responsible for writing   (執筆責任者)

Rublee was responsible for writing many of the materials produced by the Committee of 100.

Bagatelles and Satires Benjamin Franklin was responsible for writing satirical "comedies".

The Legislature is responsible for writing, debating, passing, or defeating state legislation.

authority responsible   (権限のある機関)

Mayo County Council () is the authority responsible for local government.

It is an independent statutory authority responsible to the Minister of Health.

The local self-government () is the authority responsible for all local matters.