İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

spent the rest   (gerisini harcadı)

Dein spent the rest of the years mostly at Pegu.

Chuyen spent the rest of his days as a farmer.

He spent the rest of his life in the Indies.

laid to rest   (dinlenmek için koydu)

He was laid to rest at Lincoln Cemetery in Atlanta.

He was laid to rest at the Cemetery of Montjuïc.

King Sigebert III of Austrasia was laid to rest here.

throughout the rest   (geri kalan boyunca)

The old man appears throughout the rest of the video.

a collaboration that lasted throughout the rest of his life.

The dismantling of the HAA continued throughout the rest of the day.

spend the rest   (kalanını harca)

He would spend the rest of his life in exile in China.

Afterwards he returned to Paris to spend the rest of his days.

He would spend the rest of the decade working to pay off his debts.

during the rest   (dinlenme sırasında)

The air is dry during the rest of the year.

He maintained the idealistic views during the rest of his life.

In many ways, Germany never caught up during the rest of the Middle Ages.

through the rest

PA 21 travels east-southeast through the rest of rural Greene County.

The town continued to prosper through the rest of the nineteenth century.

His leg is hit with a sword and walks with a limp through the rest of the series.

all the rest   (Tüm kalan)

And all the rest is merely accidental."

Look at North Africa, the Arab-Israeli wars, and all the rest of them.

This scalar field acts together with all the rest to generate the metric.

rest area

There is a rest area here along with a checkpoint here (No.

It has various cultural assets and is equipped with a rest area.

It is the only historic house in the United States also used as a rest area.

missed the rest   (gerisini özledim)

Dyer subsequently missed the rest of the 2007–08 season.

He missed the rest of the season after undergoing surgery.

He had surgery in June, and missed the rest of the season.

up the rest

Macquarie Film Corporation would put up the rest.

Agriculture and fisheries make up the rest of Hangu's economy.

The Columbia Unglaciated ecoregion makes up the rest of the watershed.

rest stop   (dinlenme durağı)

The island became a rest stop for whalers starting in 1823.

It provided spring water and was a rest stop for travelers.

The island is also believed to be a rest stop for arctic-breeding shorebirds.

came to rest

The wreckage sank and came to rest at a depth of 830 meters.

And when the champion came to rest - half Figueira was going to party him.

Boat 813 was carried inland and came to rest opposite Bang Niang's marketplace.

rest day

15 August was a Sunday, and thus a rest day.

The match took place on 14–18 August, with a rest day on 15 August.

There was one rest day at the tournament, on 7 September after the fifth round.

rest areas   (dinlenme alanları)

It includes a 132-step stairway with rest areas.

In contrast to the United States, commercialized rest areas along state owned motorways are common in Europe.

His main responsibilities were to establish, operate, or supervise the operation of rest camps and rest areas.

miss the rest   (gerisini özledim)

Mitchell was expected to miss the rest of the season.

He was forced to miss the rest of the game with a concussion.

Martz immediately announced that he would miss the rest of the season.

lived the rest

Nene Hatun lived the rest of her life in Aziziye.

Vache complied, and lived the rest of his life in solitude.

Gillespie lived the rest of his life in Lynn, Massachusetts.

not rest   (dinlenmemek)

Confusion, however, did not rest on the American side alone.

The scandal did not rest with the resignation of Dame Rosanna.

So, Popper says that "Science does not rest upon solid bedrock".

when the rest   (gerisi ne zaman)

It closed permanently in 1977 when the rest of the network was closed for modernisation.

Retained by Spain when the rest of Spanish Morocco received independence in 1956, the territories are claimed by Morocco.

He went out the first night that he was there, and came back after midnight when the rest of the household had gone to bed.

forms the rest

What happens next forms the rest of the story.

How Siddu triumphs forms the rest of story.

How Raja seeks to avenge his lover's killer forms the rest of the story.

before the rest

He broke clear after several attempts and reached the top eight seconds before the rest.

Trébuchon, as a messenger, knew an agreement had been signed before the rest of his unit.

There is also a tradition that the Bent Mountain area had settlers before the rest of the region, probably soon after 1740.

put to rest   (dinlenmek)

In the Twins' third inning any thought of a pitchers' duel was put to rest.

"Tenure will put to rest the notion that this is a pick-up orchestra," Spisto said.

He was put to rest at Chamboli Cemetery in Kitwe and was survived by a wife and five children.

rest mass

The rest mass can also be neglected.

(In nuclear fusion only about 0.7% of the rest mass will be emitted as energy.)

It was the lightest particle with a positive rest mass measured, until the discovery of neutrino mass.

day of rest

Tommy Bridges won after just one day of rest.

The tenth day, "décadi", replaced Sunday as the day of rest and festivity.

In 321, he legislated that the "venerable Sunday" should be a day of rest for all citizens.

rest house

The Machi Haveli is a rest house available to pilgrims.

A rest house has also been constructed on the hill top.

There is a forest rest house at Pykara.

unlike the rest

The freshman wing is air-conditioned, unlike the rest of the school.

Depictions of marine life, however, is rare, unlike the rest of Polynesia.

Kyoya, unlike the rest of the Host Club, stays in the United States after their joint year in Boston.

bed rest

During the shooting of the first episode, show host Chef Betty (Gabrielle Rose) hurts her back and is put on bed rest.

She was subjected to continuous bed rest for nearly a year, something which may have extended her period of disability.

For example, varicose veins and prolonged bed rest both may induce SVTs due to slowing the flow of blood through superficial veins.

rest period   (dinlenme süresi)

A 5- to 10-min rest period was provided between each jumping level."

Some competitions only permit climbers a fixed number of attempts at each problem with a timed rest period in between.

A knee injury midway through the season caused manager Graham Taylor to insist on an extended rest period for the young midfielder.

rest of society

He believed that the army should set an example for the rest of society.

Otherwise, they may act out their frustrations and lack of sense of purpose in ways that can be unacceptable to their owners and the rest of society.

Given these reforms, a major controversy still remained about the duties that corporations also owed to employees, other stakeholders, and the rest of society.

leaving the rest   (gerisini bırakmak)

Márquez fled with his cavalry leaving the rest of the infantry behind.

However, it avoids having the character cherry-pick the more powerful talents and leaving the rest.

Then a dish of the bacteria was taken, and a light was focused on one part of the dish, leaving the rest dark.

spending the rest

Williams retired from the Marine Corps in 1934, spending the rest of his life in Maryland.

She refitted again in Portsmouth during 1863 before spending the rest of her active life on the Australia Station.

Cockroach Man gets off the bus at the Luna Park in Ras Beirut and Zain follows him, spending the rest of the day at the park.

joined the rest

In the confusion, Downs and McGlincy were handed carbines and joined the rest in the firefight.

In December 2004, she joined the rest of the cast of "The Nanny" for the Lifetime one-hour special, "".

She departed Ulithi in company with TU 50.8.5 on May and joined the rest of Task Group (TG) 50.8 at sea.

period of rest   (dinlenme süresi)

The logbook must be up-to-date to the most recent period of rest time.

Employees are required to be given at least one 24‑hour period of rest per week.

After a period of rest, the 20th Armoured Regiment returned to the front lines in early April.