no restrictions   (没有限制)

Cisler advocates for no restrictions on abortions.

There are no restrictions to the age of the “buddy”.

There are no restrictions on who may own a property.

restrictions imposed   (施加限制)

Since then, restrictions imposed by the SAR governments have been the limiting factor on travel.

It allowed third party developers to develop software for Windows Mobile with no restrictions imposed by Microsoft.

Not satisfied with the restrictions imposed by the company, Phalke tried raising the capital for the next film by himself.

legal restrictions   (法律的限制)

In the 1930s, legal restrictions on condoms began to be relaxed.

Advertising, however was one area that continued to have legal restrictions.

Official suspicion and legal restrictions continued well into the 19th century.

travel restrictions

This World Series was scheduled for a 3–4 format because of wartime travel restrictions.

Upon this, the U.S. eased travel restrictions, making it easier for Dominicans to obtain U.S. visas.

In early 2018, Gan Wei was put onto the list of defaulters by Beijing No.3 Intermediate People’s Court, which made her subject to travel restrictions.

restrictions placed

She also chafed under the restrictions placed on women of her class, time, and place.

Even with these legal restrictions placed upon women, they retained some legal capacity.

Today, however, there are restrictions placed on the amount of land one can own in Kerala.

new restrictions   (新限制)

In 2013, the USDA issued new restrictions to foods in public schools.

He finished 12th at the , as new restrictions on blown diffusers were introduced.

government restrictions

There are no reports of government restrictions of the internet.

These alliances can act as virtual mergers to get around government restrictions.

There were no government restrictions in 2011 on academic freedom or cultural events.

certain restrictions

Leashes are optional for dogs, with certain restrictions.

In addition, certain restrictions to the FORTRAN language have been added.

Tribal courts can impose sentences of up to three years, under certain restrictions.

severe restrictions

In 1983, the MGK decided to allow the formation of new parties with severe restrictions.

The Syrian government placed severe restrictions on the Jewish community, including on emigration.

After a year and half, the MGK decided to allow the formation of new parties with severe restrictions.

other restrictions

Foreigners were prohibited from owning land and subject to other restrictions.

Since the Court's decision, several states passed new voter ID laws and other restrictions on registration and on voting.

The Detroit city council has since softened the rules; eliminating the requirement for pasties but keeping other restrictions.

such restrictions

In early 2013, the Greenland government said that it had no plans to impose such restrictions.

The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights permits such restrictions, provided they are proportionate and reasonable.

As in programming languages, such restrictions may simplify the description and analysis of algorithms, and improve their readability.

entry restrictions

It was revived in 1978 with its current entry restrictions.

The law would also loosen entry restrictions and decriminalize undocumented immigration, enabling immigrants to appeal against expulsion.

Visa requirements for Brazilian citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Brazil.

restrictions against

The Second Spanish Republic (1931–1939) saw a brief period of tolerance, with most restrictions against Catalan being lifted.

Church Leaders had visited Fiji as early 1921 and did not introduce the Church due to racial restrictions against black members.

Since restrictions against their daughter were no longer effective, the family decided to send Sabatina to Lahore to marry her cousin.

trade restrictions

Local kings or lords extracted taxes and set trade restrictions.

The Bourbon reforms in the 18th century eased many monopolies and trade restrictions.

During the Presidency of Fulgencio Batista, Cuba did not initially face trade restrictions.

without restrictions

Thus, the station could again be used without restrictions.

Below the C level, mixed teams are generally permitted without restrictions.

Gold coins were in circulation and could be exchanged for banknotes of the same denomination without restrictions.

age restrictions

For privacy regulations, AIM had strict age restrictions.

Competitions with age restrictions are listed under "Young musicians".

The women's tournament was an open competition without age restrictions.