resulted in many

The attack resulted in many deaths and injuries.

This resulted in many misguided and inept commanders.

However, reforms resulted in many departures from this precedent.

eventually resulted

Their regularly conflicts eventually resulted in the Battle of Red Ford.

This cooperation amongst friendly Dutch shipowners eventually resulted in a full merger.

He approached Carl Sagan about his idea, which eventually resulted in the Pioneer plaque.

resulted in several

This resulted in several flirtations with females throughout the series.

His recitals were very popular and resulted in several records being published.

The show's popularity has resulted in several fan sites, podcasts, and publications.

ultimately resulted

Complications from the surgery ultimately resulted in his death on November 16, 1927 at age 32.

Although it began in failure for the British, it ultimately resulted in considerable casualties amongst the native population.

This ultimately resulted in the publication of the "Abell Catalogue of Clusters of Galaxies," the definitive work in the field.

resulted in more

This resulted in more job seekers than emplacement.

This resulted in more than 10,000 trees planted.

This only resulted in more conflict.

election resulted   (選挙結果)

The election resulted in no overall control.

The 2002 election resulted in a near meltdown for Fine Gael.

The election resulted in the Alliance retaining control of the council.

resulted in significant   (重要な結果になりました)

The war resulted in significant territorial losses and a total of 87,500 soldiers killed.

The paucity of sources has resulted in significant gaps in modern knowledge of the reign of Caligula.

The civil war resulted in significant population displacement and emigration from the Northern Province.

resulted in no

The election resulted in no overall control.

At the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, his five swim finals resulted in no medals.

For I confess that all my efforts over a long period have resulted in no such discovery.

resulted in increased

This resulted in increased demand for forward control trucks.

The renovations were successful and resulted in increased customer visitation.

The automated system saved the county in meter-reading time and resulted in increased revenues.

often resulted   (しばしば結果)

Violation of the closed-campus policy often resulted in suspension.

This often resulted in origins being retold, histories being rewritten, and so forth.

This often resulted in delays such as military parades being three or four hours overdue.

resulted in numerous

The incident resulted in numerous lawsuits against NECC.

This resulted in numerous rule changes agreed upon by the majority of American schools.

The partnership resulted in numerous scientific papers, staff mobility and student exchange programmes.

work resulted   (仕事の結果)

This work resulted in his first scientific publication.

His hard work resulted in a UniGames title for Adamson.

This work resulted in RFC 3875, which specified CGI Version 1.1.

resulted in another   (別の結果になりました)

Another agreement resulted in another congress in Ioannina on July 10, 1910.

The second match resulted in another innings victory, this time over Oxford University.

Her portrayal of Saara in the film resulted in another Gaumee Film Award nomination for Best Actress.

battle resulted   (戦いの結果)

The battle resulted in a decisive Optimate victory.

The day-long battle resulted in the deaths of 121 PAVN.

efforts resulted

Restoration efforts resulted primarily in stabilization of the island through 2008.

His athletic efforts resulted in his induction into the Rowing Hall of Fame in 1976.

His efforts resulted in a remarkably lifelike head that could "speak", albeit only a few words.

resulted in heavy

Strong winds resulted in heavy damage in Saint Croix.

Strong German resistance resulted in heavy casualties for both sides.

The system was redesigned after a 1993 flood, which resulted in heavy damage.

resulted in widespread   (広範囲に広がった)

The play resulted in widespread praise and recognition for Odets.

The relocation process dispossessed the Indians and resulted in widespread death and disease.

Additionally, the new dictatorship resulted in widespread violence, leading to executions and casualties.

resulted in both

A draw resulted in both teams receiving two points.

A draw resulted in both teams receiving 2 points.

That resulted in both an FCC and a congressional investigation.

incident resulted   (事件の結果)

The incident resulted in numerous lawsuits against NECC.

The incident resulted in a massive recall of the affected foods.

The incident resulted with deaths of 13 children and 100 injured.

war resulted

The 1678–1679 civil war resulted in the most serious consequences.

The civil war resulted in 100,000 killed and caused catastrophic economic disruption.

The war resulted in the annexation of the southern part of Kalinga to the Chola kingdom.

later resulted

This later resulted in the idea of changing the band's name and style.

However, it later resulted in sudden neck pains that followed her through entire career.

An attempt two days later resulted in only an additional of travel before the ship again stopped.

game resulted

The game resulted in the MISL All-Stars defeating the Sidekicks 8-1.

The game resulted in the National League defeating the American League 1–0.

Casey was ejected following the contact and the game resulted in the Beavers' first loss of the season 3-5.