election results   (選挙結果)

The election results were announced on 4 March 1980.

Summary of the November 5, 1968 election results

Summary of the 2013 Rome City Council election results !

best results   (最良の結果)

The contestant(s) with the best results progress further.

In 2016 West's best results came in the second half of the year.

A driver's end of season total is made up of a driver's best results.

test results   (試験結果)

When Zulema sees the test results, she collapses.

Dr. Huizenga returned with test results for Erik.

There, they try to blackmail him to get test results.

good results   (良い結果)

However, he still felt that there were some good results.

He led the team through good results and a very good season.

Yet, France have had some good results during the 21st century.

poor results

He was sacked in January 2013 due to poor results.

After a string of poor results, Tabb resigned in 2004.

He was sacked on 30 September 2013, due to poor results.

results showed

It's results showed 95% accuracy on Amazon's 9GB review dataset.

The results showed continuous human habitation of about 3,000 years.

The X-ray results showed the shapes and thickness of the crystallite.

official results

This table shows the final official results.

On July 14, the official results of the placement value were announced.

Kamto challenged the official results and declared himself winner of the election.

results show   (結果ショー)

He later returned for that week's results show.

He later returned for the results show the following night.

Furthermore, DNA results show that the remains are not Oh's.

positive results   (肯定的な結果)

He writes that these positive results are achieved in a number of ways.

It reports positive results.

These compounds may produce positive results for amphetamine on drug tests.

search results   (の検索結果)

Users no longer have the option to annotate or re-order search results.

Therefore, facets are presented as results and not real search results.

These are usually the ultrapeers of a leaf node and they are announced in search results.

mixed results

The company had mixed results during the next years.

Despite mixed results, players such as Ivan Franjic.

Early intervention programs have shown mixed results.

ten results

Top ten results Failed to qualify: ??

Top ten results The TranSouth 500 was held March 27 at Darlington Raceway.

results are sourced

All results are sourced from the International Biathlon Union.

final results

No ordinal rankings are used to determine the final results.

The final results score was Northumberland 28–0 Middlesbrough.

County officials published their final results on December 7, 2018.

similar results

Several other researchers have found similar results.

Neighbouring countries show somewhat similar results.

The ATRAP project released similar results very shortly thereafter.

team results   (チーム結果)

At team events, medals awarded for team results only.

At team events, medals awarded for team results only."

better results

Testing a larger range of ages may show better results.

Team had better results when he was playing.

It is often administered with ketoconazole for better results.

electoral results

Since then its electoral results have varied considerably.

The electoral results for the Rantau state constituency in 2008, 2013 and 2018 are as follows.

The electoral results for the Lukut state constituency in 2004, 2008, 2013 and 2018 are as follows.

results suggest   (結果が示唆する)

The results suggest a hung assembly.

Therefore, results suggest that YM348 is a potent and orally active 5-HT receptor agonist.

These results suggest regulation of Notch signaling as a therapeutic avenue to enhance remyelination in MS.

often results   (しばしば結果)

Being entangled also often results in severe lacerations and ulcers.

However over-exploitation often results in a Hubbert peak nonetheless.

Hypokalemia often results.

following results

The election brought the following results:

Municipal elections yielded the following results: Kusel's mayor is Ulrike Nagel.

Completing the example given in RFC 2617 gives the following results for each step.

research results

He was also coauthor of research results published in 2009 in Austria.

This allowed surgeons in training to present and discuss research results.

This might explain some of the inconsistent research results within the area.

results obtained

His results for hyperbolic equations (combined with earlier results obtained by Andrey Tikhonov, O.A.

The results obtained are independent of the choice of initial time and reference configuration, formula_63.

The Fortune Deck works as a randomizer and inspirational tool, and the results obtained by it are highly subjective.

results were published

Gold medal winners and their results were published.

all results

This all results in great embarrassment for Falstaff.

In all results below, the score of the finalist is given first.

"Note: In all results below, the score of the finalist is given first."

results when   (結果)

Team had better results when he was playing.

Blood samples that are more than eight hours old can give inaccurate results when tested.

Hemoglobin E disease results when the offspring inherits the gene for HbE from both parents.

football team results   (サッカーチームの結果)

2011 Kuwait national football team results

Bangladesh national football team results

England national football team results (1930–59) This is a list of the England national football team results from 1930 to 1959.

experimental results

Results of such calculations can be compared with experimental results.

Ptolemy published his experimental results for refraction, in contrast.

These parameters are obtained by fitting the JWL-EOS to experimental results.

results list

"Scores and results list Iraq's goal tally first."

"Scores and results list Chile's goal tally first"

different results

Within the decapods "every study gives totally different results.

Furthermore, two pieces with the same glaze batch can even have different results.

Farrell and Johnson are forced to confront their demons, albeit with very different results.

published the results

On 10 September 1856 he published the results of his inquiry.

In 1995, the American magazine "Popular Mechanics" published the results.

On July 11, 2006, "Technology Review" published the results of the SENS Challenge.

results were announced

The results were announced in early September 2008.

The election results were announced on 4 March 1980.

All results were announced before 5 pm, 10 May.

preliminary results

The following are the preliminary results for the Town of Ajax.

The trial is underway with preliminary results expected in 2015.

The following are the preliminary results for the Town of Whitby.

census results

Recent population estimates or census results:

According to the 2011 census results, the municipality has 70,939 inhabitants.

According to the preliminary 2011 census results Dominica has a population of 71,293.

results were not

Results were said to be extraordinary, but the results were not published.

Unfortunately, results were not very good and Villa were relegated to the third division.

However, in JSPC, the results were not as promising, as Mazda finished a mere 5th in the championship.

same results

He tried again, but each time with the same results.

It did not produce the same results as it had in the JSPC.

Eduard Strasburger produced the same results for plants in 1884.

shows the results

The table below shows the results of all of SK Brann's official matches during the 2009-season.

4 shows the results of reconstructing the light intensity from 4096 binary images taken by single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) camera.

The book shows the results of studying dynamic of artistic preferences of senior pupils on the basement of sociological polls held in 1976-1991.

negative results

However, the performing analyzers gave a negative results.

A 1980 study by Jones and Bell also obtained negative results.

In 1940 I utilized further methods with high school students, again with negative results.

results count

He's assisted but also opposed by a couple of young English teachers, one of whom hates him and is always suspicious of his motives and methods, offering the author through Sakuragi to take some well-aimed jabs at timid, hide-bound and sentimental attitudes amongst Japanese educators: "education is a service industry"; "only results count - 5 students getting into Tokyo U, not sentimental hogwash like 'developing their individuality'"; "students don't need English for communication, they just need to pass the entrance exam"; "no-one learns English by studying grammar - you need to learn with your body, get out of your chairs and dance!"

disappointing results

He captained England in three Tests with disappointing results.

The sea might provide a living, although efforts at whaling gave disappointing results.

In April 1966, Haggard traveled to Nashville to record for the first time with disappointing results.

results saw

The results saw Labour gain two seats from the Green Party while losing one to the Liberal Democrats.

The results saw the PML-N win a landslide victory, winning by the largest margin since the 1977 election.

The election results saw Public Against Violence finish first in Slovakia, both in the federal and Slovak elections.

excellent results   (素晴らしい結果)

Solid ink printers can produce excellent results.

Practice runs in Caesarea had achieved excellent results.

Other women players got excellent results in international competitions.

usually results

Induced coma usually results in significant systemic adverse effects.

This happens exceedingly rarely, and usually results from sound elision.

Gout can cause mono- or polyarthritis, but usually results in monoarthritis first.

no results

However, the investigation yielded no results.

Winning this game mode yields no results.

Though she made several submarine contacts, no results were determined.

promising results

It has shown promising results on tumors in mice.

Various treatment algorithms exist with promising results.

Despite some promising results McKinley died in the Milburn home.

results indicate

Dragstrip results indicate 0-to-60 mph time of 3.6 sec.

Dragstrip results indicate 0-to-60 mph time of 3.2 sec.

Bold results indicate a championship win.

results against   (に対する結果)

This allows users to compare their survey results against competitors.

"In vivo" studies have yielded mixed results against ESBL-producing "K. pneumoniae".

The AFC cancelled the match since both teams had been eliminated from the competition by virtue of their previous results against China and Iraq.

disastrous results   (悲惨な結果)

King David performed a census that produced disastrous results (in and ).

Meanwhile, Holt, Amy and Boyle attend a forensics course with disastrous results.

They released their second ballad single, "Spring Rain" the following month to disastrous results.

results indicated

"Nominees and winners with results indicated on the right."

The results indicated that the heating of the metal was "patchy".

Marston's results indicated a rise in iodine-131 due to Operation Mosaic.

bad results

Good karma brings good rewards and bad karmas lead to bad results.

However, after a period with bad results, he was fired on 2 October 2019.

The bad results however returned until once again, shamrock visited Dianella Reserve.

results below

In all results below, the score of the finalist is given first.

"Note: In all results below, the score of the finalist is given first."

"Note: In all results below, the score of the finalist is given first (H: home; A: away)."

financial results   (業績)

The exchange lifted the suspension on 8 August 2018 after the company released its Q1 2018 financial results.

Arsenal's financial results for the 2014–15 season show group revenue of £344.5m, with a profit before tax of £24.7m.

It is often regarded as one of the best-run clubs in Brazil, with financial results that rival those of the Big Twelve.

significant results   (重要な結果)

However, they failed to achieve any significant results.

Other significant results were on Pontryagin duality and differential geometry.

They sifted through over 13 hours of surveillance tapes without significant results.

other results   (その他の結果)

Her other results were 11th in both the Women's Road Time trial C1–3 and Women's Road Race C1-3.

The other results from a change in the charge on the mineral surface which leads to the desorption of bound arsenic.

The two have a son, Robert Hondor, also an épée fencer (Junior Olympic Champion 2017, Cadets Men’s Épée, among other results).

statewide results

The other two electors vote based upon the statewide results.

The statewide results were: Algebra 1 38% on grade level, Biology 35% on grade level and English Lit – 49% on grade level.

run of results

After a change in ownership, Parkinson and Charlton legend Mark Kinsella left after a poor run of results.

He left Panathinaikos on 15 November 2010 by mutual consent due to a disappointing run of results domestically and abroad.

After a poor run of results Jalali was fired and Toni returned, almost immediately leading Tractor to a Hazfi Cup Championship, and a place in the 2015 AFC Champions League.

results between

They have dozens of in the money results between them.

Other studies find equal results between Shouldice and laparoscopic TEP.

In addition, all her results between 26 June 2012 and 26 June 2014 were voided.

results in increased

In turn, this results in increased degradation of dopamine levels in the brain.

The pandemic results in increased number of orphans, with an estimated 600,000 orphans in the country.

Their undersquare design causes lower overall piston speeds which results in increased lifespan of up to .

overall results   (全体的な結果)

The overall results are quite pleasing and often exciting within the modern mainstream of jazz".

Medals are awarded for overall results; the standard medals are gold for first place, silver for second, and bronze for third place.

The overall results showed two different declines in effect sizes: 1) an overall decline between 1977 and 2014, and 2) a steeper decline between 1995 and 2014.

exam results

In 2019, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing exam results (i.e.

Passing the exam results in certification for health information management.

The school is renowned for significantly improving its exam results within the last five years.

results are not   (結果はそうではありません)

In humans, results are not as concrete, but promising.

Mixed results are not uncommon in research in moral behavior of animals.

These results are not representative of what young people actually think of older people.

testing results

The FDA released some testing results in September 2012, and as of July 2013, is still collecting data in support of a new potential regulation.

Cautious interpretation of testing results may allow a distinction between passive or active usage, and between smoking versus other routes of administration.

Having access to comprehensive, objective product testing results is the primary tool which consumers can use to make an informed decision among product choices.

survey results

According to a 1971 survey, there were 77,000 survey results.

This allows users to compare their survey results against competitors.

The information in this section is based on her analysis of the survey results.

first results

The first results were published in 2010.

The first results indicate the occurrence of internal waves in the Challenger Deep.

These were only the first results of a fruitful partnership between the two friends.

results in more

This results in more warmth below.

This results in more than nine petabytes (9000 terabytes) of storage.

Larger choice sets with a small amount of time results in more regret with the decision.

exams results

The statewide Verbal SAT exams results were: Verbal 491, Math 501, Writing 480.

published results

On November 20, 2009, the consortium published results of its sequencing effort in "Science".

published results of randomized, double-blind phase I study of autologous DCs vaccination in type I diabetic patients.

The published results of these studies are used as inputs into the ongoing innovation and continuous improvement of the program.

accurate results   (正確な結果)

To answer this question with a high certainty, we need accurate results.

All aspects of the Kirby–Bauer procedure are standardized to ensure consistent and accurate results.

It is imperative that this be done before the mining takes place, as it will help the algorithms produce more accurate results.

results during

The company had mixed results during the next years.

Yet, France have had some good results during the 21st century.

This was prompted by Laois's poor results during the previous few seasons.

screening results   (スクリーニング結果)

When screening results suggest that the student may be eligible, the district seeks parental consent to conduct a multidisciplinary evaluation.

When screening results suggest that the student may be eligible, the District seeks parental consent to conduct a multidisciplinary evaluation.

desired results

Several follow-up treatments are usually required to obtain the desired results.

The six priority management areas of the Comprehensive Plan are listed below, along with desired results.

The game is played by re-arranging the junctions through which power flows to produce the desired results.

results came

In 2016 West's best results came in the second half of the year.

Once the project started in earnest in July 2008, results came quickly.

After the results came in, the elder Bush told ABC, "I have very mixed emotions.

results achieved

Therefore, it has no impact on results achieved by Mr. Murphy prior to this date.

All results achieved after this date would be stricken, including the Olympic Games participation.

The excellent results achieved in breeding barley and vines, known as Radošinský Klevner was first planted in 1921.

poll results

There was not, however, any obligation to align with the results of the presidential preference poll results.

In 2002, a combined list of "Sight & Sound" critics' and directors' poll results included "Aparajito" in its top 160.

The following day, the referendum results were almost the exact opposite of the poll results: the results showed that 58 percent opposed recalling the president.

produce results   (結果を出す)

Unsurprisingly, these trials tend to produce results that favour the manufacturer.

Dean tried to disguise them as clouds but it did not produce results he had wished for, so they remained visible.

A third census, expected to take years to produce results, began on November 11, 2005, with a three-week interviewing phase.

impressive results

Nonetheless, Maldives achieved several impressive results.

He produced impressive results each year.

Since then, the team has seen some impressive results, including a third-place finish at ELEAGUE Season 2.

detailed results

The following tables show detailed results in the autonomous community's most populous municipalities, sorted alphabetically.

important results

It has achieved important results.

One of their most important results is that the Mandelbrot set is connected.

The demonstration of a repetition effect was one of his most important results.