İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

retail stores   (Perakende mağazaları)

As of 2012, now have 24 retail stores in Hong Kong.

Baby On The Move have 15 retail stores in ten New Zealand locations.

Another educational competitor to MUGs has been Apple Inc.'s retail stores.

retail space   (perakende alanı)

It has since been converted back to retail space.

The retail space occupies two floors within the building.

It is the city's biggest mall by retail space and clientele.

retail outlets   (Perakende satış)

The estate itself contains no retail outlets.

ABC retail outlets were established in 1974.

It houses 20 retail outlets, a mosque, and a healthcare centre.

retail store   (perakende mağaza)

Sears closed the Crosstown retail store in 1983.

The trial gardens and on-site retail store closed in 2013.

This could for instance be a sales situation in a retail store.

retail price   (perakende fiyatı)

The suggested retail price for a box set is $99.99.

The RK-7 has been noted for its low retail price.

The T60 Off-road Edition retail price is 280,000 yuan.

retail sales   (perakende satışlar)

Colorado's state sales tax is 2.9% on retail sales.

Tonya Paoni was a retail sales specialist from Las Vegas, Nevada.

The retail sales price of these planes averaged about $17,000 each.

retail chain   (perakende zinciri)

In Japan, it was sold at a specific retail chain called "Galant Shop".

Frederik Christiansen (born 1942) was the first CEO of the retail chain.

retail shops   (perakende mağazaları)

He has a chain of retail shops called Spy Henry Lau.

Service industries (restaurants, hotels, banks, retail shops, etc.)

In 1920, the first floor was renovated and converted to retail shops.

retail business   (perakende iş)

The suburb contains 2-3 retail business, but is mainly residential.

Butina, at age 21, launched a furniture retail business in Altai Krai.

He was a pioneer in the department store and retail business in Denmark.

retail trade   (perakende satış)

He believed that retail trade was in this way unnatural.

He worked in the retail trade before becoming a businessman.

Haub concentrated the Tengelmann group business on the retail trade.

wholesale and retail   (toptan ve perakende)

It was one of the largest wholesale and retail markets in Hyderabad.

Afterwards he was engaged in the wholesale and retail lumber business.

He engaged in the wholesale and retail grocery business from 1899 to 1913.

retail area

32,000 square feet) of net rentable retail area.

Wilston Village in Kedron Brook Road is the main retail area.

The suburb contains a small retail area, but is mainly residential.

retail banking

In 2008, the bank shifted from commercial banking to retail banking.

Foreign banks engaging in retail banking require a full banking licence.

The retail banking and commercial lending units were sold for $350 million.

retail locations

It has 21 retail locations in western Washington.

The sale gave Parkland a total of just over 1,500 retail locations.

The company has more than 671 retail locations for the Internity brand.

new retail

A new retail development has been built around Johnny's.

In 1976, the mall's parking lot was turned into an expansion of the mall, bringing a Bullock's and several new retail stores.

The Co-Op have been granted planning permission for a new retail development on the outskirts of the village near to the A142.

retail market   (perakende pazarı)

The India retail market is expected to rise from 2.5% in 2016 to 5% in 2020.

China is the second largest retail market in the world, next to the United States.

The proposal to shift the retail market was dropped after traders opposed the move.

retail park

The factory was demolished in 1998 and made way for the current retail park; Imperial Park.

The development includes a retail park with 12 retail warehousing units, as well as a shopping centre.

Grangemoor Park was created opposite the retail park on the 20 metre hill landscaped on the old refuse site.

retail businesses   (perakende işletmeler)

The Ocado Smart Platform is Ocado's software for operating retail businesses online.

They sometimes come into conflict with local retail businesses that serve non-members.

By 1966 he had sold his retail businesses and for the next 20 years he was a real estate broker.

retail outlet   (perakende satış)

In April 2018, Nisbets opened its 31st retail outlet in the UK.

In 2010, Nisbets acquired Pages, a catering retail outlet on Shaftesbury Avenue, London.

A proof of mailing is available with an additional fee paid at the post office (Australian retail outlet).

retail units

It houses over 35 retail units spread over two floors.

The development comprises over 1,400 apartments, as well as offices, retail units and restaurants.

This will include a seated waiting area, retail units, vending area and a new office for bus inspectors."

retail development   (perakende geliştirme)

A new retail development has been built around Johnny's.

A £190 million retail development, Union Square, reached completion in late September/early October 2009.

In almost every town or village spanning Route 59, retail development and residential sprawl can be found.

retail chains   (perakende zincirleri)

Some retail chains and many independent retail outlets do not stock pornographic magazines.

", many retail chains offered bonus downloads or bonus tracks as incentives to purchase the album from them.

In Japan, it was available at the Toyota Japan dealership retail chains called "Toyota Store" and "Toyopet Store."

other retail   (diğer perakende)

There are other retail banks in Australia.

The property was formerly the home of the Kimball Tobacco Co. and other retail buildings.

Bank Clothier since 1992 as well as other businesses, such as real estate and other retail.

largest retail

Suria KLCC is the largest retail property under the management of Suria KLCC Sdn.

China is the second largest retail market in the world, next to the United States.

Coop (Switzerland) Coop () is one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies.

first retail

The brand's first retail partnership was with Sephora in 2017.

The first retail PC motherboard using DDR SDRAM was released in August 2000.

The orders allowed him to expand and also opened his first retail purchase order.

major retail   (büyük perakende)

In 2015, PopSockets LLC signed its first major retail deal, with T-Mobile.

Elizabeth Arden bought the licence to distribute the fragrance to major retail stores worldwide.

The site of the former power station has been redeveloped in to a major retail distribution hub and warehousing area.

large retail

The bars are sold in several large retail store chains in twelve countries.

The addition of a large retail complex in 1985 failed to reinvigorate the location.

This business was a large retail music store, professional recording studio, and pro-audio business.

retail industry   (Perakende sektörü)

There is also retail industry in the town of Encamp.

In 1878, he entered the retail industry as a store clerk, keeping that position until 1886.

His grand-nephew, Kuok Meng Ru, is in the music retail industry, owning Swee Lee music company.

retail sector   (perakende sektörü)

retail sector has the highest employment level.

The largest employer is the retail sector, employing almost 12% of Canadians.

In 2018 Sun West Mortgage started business in the retail sector with new DBA name Mortgage Possible.

retail company   (perakende şirketi)

He came to prominence in 1997 as the president of the Slovenian retail company Mercator.

Due to old age, Ewald Kienle closed down his retail company, Ewald Kienle e.K., in 2011.

Curry's grandfather had founded Currys as a small bicycle-manufacturing and retail company.

retail spaces

Some of the retail spaces were subsumed into a larger hotel lobby with an electric fireplace.

Within the retail spaces, Agree used elements such as wood and marble trim and terrazzo floors.

In addition to retail spaces, the building includes an art gallery, an underwater aquarium and a science center.

small retail

The suburb contains a small retail area, but is mainly residential.

There was a small retail infrastructure serving the surrounding area of cattle and agricultural lands.

Ninety-four percent of the state's commercial outlets are small retail stores with about 6% wholesalers.

retail customers

Production of vehicles destined for retail customers began in March 2014.

In addition, it offers an array of purpose built trading applications to its retail customers.

Usually, farmers directly sell to the retail customers in this market in a dusty and busy market setup.

retail sale

Connecticut levies a 6.35% state sales tax on the retail sale, lease, or rental of most goods.

NOP regulations cover in detail all aspects of food production, processing, delivery and retail sale.

The retail sale of the Baker cook stove below cost of production was possible through carbon financing.

retail establishments

The planned complex will house offices and retail establishments.

It also possessed a brewery, a major florist, and many local retail establishments.

In 2009, Apple placed two Fraser fir trees in every one of its retail establishments.

office and retail

The Renaissance Center, a mixed-use office and retail complex, opened in 1977.

Its total space offering is planned at , consisting of both office and retail space.

At full build-out, it should contain more than 4,000 residences and of office and retail space.

retail version

They were able to incorporate many suggestions into the retail version.

The retail version of the game was originally wrapped only in a plastic bag.

The retail version came with a redemption code for a William Regal starter playbook.

retail operations

Jeff joined SuperValu as director of retail operations in 1976 and worked for their J.M.

Excluding the Cloth World chain, in 1989 the company sold all of its nonfootwear retail operations.

The next year the Viviani's split management of the retail operations to Pete Viviani and David Viviani oversaw cheese production.

retail and commercial   (perakende ve ticari)

Others were converted into retail and commercial space.

Ayeyarwady Bank offers retail and commercial banking products and services.

commercial and retail   (ticari ve perakende)

Malton is the local area's commercial and retail centre.

Chase Bank has its commercial and retail banking headquarters in Chicago's Chase Tower.

Windigo Lake is approximately six miles south of the city of Hayward, the primary commercial and retail center of the area.

retail center

The Commons at Calabasas is the most dominant retail center in the region.

FM 2316 begins at I-10 near a retail center, with the road continuing past I-10 as Giles Road.

As the city grew to meet the mall, Rolling Oaks has repositioned itself and is a stable retail center.

retail and wholesale   (perakende ve toptan)

It was a retail and wholesale business in Kyrgyzstan.

Coop (Switzerland) Coop () is one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies.

In 1998, all European Makro stores were acquired by Metro AG, the German retail and wholesale giant.