İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

retain the title   (başlığı koru)

Aries performed a brainbuster to retain the title.

Hardy performed a Swanton Bomb on Mahal to retain the title.

and Trish Stratus in a Fatal Four-Way Match to retain the title.

still retain   (hala tut)

The Islands' bailiffs, however, still retain their historic roles.

However, despite the split, the two houses still retain close relations.

However, the rural areas still retain industries such as dairy, vineyards, and stone.

able to retain   (tutabilir)

As part of the bailiwick, Balerna was able to retain its privileges.

The starch granules are able to retain the water and expand due to gelatinization.

By trading among ourselves, we are able to retain more resources in the continent."

not retain   (tutmamak)

The modern RCMP does not retain any military status however.

Block R does not retain original doors.

These models, however, did not retain the same model numbers as their predecessors.

managed to retain   (tutmayı başardı)

Adelaide also managed to retain her entire territorial dowry.

They managed to retain their title.

A.D. Patel managed to retain this seat with a reduced majority in 1947.

allowed to retain   (tutmaya izin verildi)

He was allowed to retain the living.

He was allowed to retain Lincoln Castle until he could recover his Norman lands.

Richard fitz Gilbert was aligned with King Henry, and was allowed to retain his land.

order to retain   (elinde tutmak)

In 1989, in order to retain that talent in Machida, F.C.

Canadian snowbirds usually retain residency in Canada in order to retain health benefits.

No development of a permanent nature will be permitted in order to retain the undeveloped character of the area.

retain control   (kontrolü elinde tutmak)

Spain attempted to retain control of its colonial empire throughout Franco's rule.

Meanwhile, Constantine II desired to retain control of Constans' realm, leading the brothers into open conflict.

Koch requested authority to retain control over four destroyers, but this was denied by the Allied Naval Council.

decided to retain   (tutmaya karar verdi)

The Army Air Forces, however, decided to retain several hundred new B-17s.

Godfrey Way Mitchell bought the firm and decided to retain the Wimpey name.

She was so pleased with the results that she decided to retain the hair colour.

did not retain   (tutmadı)

These models, however, did not retain the same model numbers as their predecessors.

However, the Cossacks did not retain the city and withdrew, satisfying themselves with a ransom.

John Fox's contract expired after the season ended, and the team did not retain him or his staff.

failed to retain   (alamadım)

In all four by-elections, the incumbent party failed to retain the seat.

In the 2011 general elections he failed to retain his seat, finishing fourth out of eight candidates.

Na Piarsaigh failed to retain their title, while the club also faced defeat at the hands of Erin's Own in 1992.

retain his title   (unvanını koru)

Shedden claimed victory to ensure he stayed in contention to retain his title.

Jinnah and his successors allowed Yar Khan to retain his title until the province's dissolution in 1955.

Karpov needed to win the final game to draw the match and retain his title, but lost, surrendering the title to his opponent.

retain their original   (orijinallerini koru)

The pieces must retain their original order in each row.

In the basement the utility areas of the building retain their original function.

When Interlingua adopts foreign words, however, they frequently retain their original form.

retain all   (hepsini tut)

Some data brokers retain all information indefinitely.

EU member states retain all powers not explicitly handed to the European Union.

The monarch does retain all power, but it must be used with discretion, lest its use cause a constitutional crisis.