retained the title   (タイトルを保持)

The club retained the title the following season.

Hallback retained the title by a ten round unanimous decision.

They retained the title a year later.

still retained   (まだ保持されている)

However, early Polo Classics still retained the Derby styling.

Bank of America still retained this position with VA until 2011.

The name is still retained by a hamlet about north of what is now Glen Massey.

retained control   (維持管理)

The Conservatives retained control of the council.

retained his seat

He retained his seat as a member of the colony council.

Robson retained his seat again with 67.39%.

He retained his seat, but with a reduced majority of 699.

retained the seat

O'Leary retained the seat for thirty-one years.

He retained the seat for Labour Labour Party until 1931.

BJP retained the seat with Vijay Rupani declared winner candidate.

not retained

He was not retained by the Bears for the 2017 season.

For , Sutil moved to Sauber but was not retained for .

Wilkins was not retained by incoming head coach Stuart Pearce.

retained ownership

Smithfield retained ownership of the pigs.

The Spreckels family retained ownership of the hotel until 1948.

Norell retained ownership of fifty-one percent of the company's stock.

retained his place   (彼の場所を保持した)

Ojha retained his place in the ODI and T20 squads.

Hobbs retained his place for the rest of the series.

Consequently, he retained his place even when his form was poor.

retained the name

The rebuilt locomotive retained the name and number of the Duke.

The firm retained the name Leavitt & Trow up until Jonathan Leavitt's death.

After the band's split, Weddle retained the name Obadiah Parker for his solo act.

retained his position

Dina Nath retained his position at the court during.

Kenny retained his position for the replay on 5 November 1989.

Benedict escorted his lord to the eastern province and retained his position of vice-chancellor.

retained his title   (彼のタイトルを保持)

Stephen Hendry retained his title by beating John Parrott 9–4 in the final.

Imaizumi retained his title of main instructor for the New York Ki Society.

Naito retained his title with a close unanimous decision (114-110, 114-111, 113-111) win.

retained the same

Otherwise, the coin retained the same design specifications.

BB&T CEO Kelly King retained the same position with the new company.

They thus retained the same broadside, despite having two fewer guns.

retained much

The new design steamed well and retained much of the power of the P2's.

Nevertheless, UFU has retained much of its remarkableness and singularity.

Fengshen retained much of its intensity until July 22, being a super typhoon for five days.

position he retained

In June 2013, he was appointed chairman of the Russian company, a position he retained through June 2016.

He became a musician in the chapel of the Prince of Savoie-Carignan in 1730, a position he retained for about 20 years.

In 2000, he took the position of director of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), a position he retained until 2005.

successfully retained

At Hell in a Cell, they successfully retained against The Usos.

At the event, Sabre successfully retained the title against Tanahashi.

26 Councillors successfully retained their seats – 20 Labour and 6 Conservative.

retained only   (保持のみ)

He retained only 1,000 drachmas per month in order to lead a decent life.

"Zélée" retained only her 100-mm bow gun and 10 men under the ship's second in command.

The right end, to the north, has retained only a group of three women (east K, L and M).

retained many

The Act retained many elements of control of Indigenous people.

A new management team retained many of the staff from Hunter Rubber.

The building now hosts a shopping mall but has retained many of its striking architectural features.

retained all

However, Fort Slocum retained all its guns until World War I.

At the 2014 council elections, Labour retained all three seats.

He retained all three positions until the end of his life in Bursa in 1431.

retained the original

The APX 1A retained the original protruding diascopes.

It retained the original "Saint Seiya" name.

Season 9 retained the original format but with three housemates.

family retained   (家族が保持)

The Spreckels family retained ownership of the hotel until 1948.

Mr. Dern died in 1905, but his family retained his interest in the paper.

He died 17 September 1928, but his family retained an interest in the company.

retained the right

Hill retained the right to develop the remaining .

The old lords retained the right of emphyteusis over parts of the territory.

However, he retained the right to disband the newly established Duma, and he exercised this right more than once.

retained its original

The bigger "Viking" retained its original name.

It has had university status since 1998, but retained its original name.

The marina retained its original name, at least informally, for several years after the sale.

retained the rights

In return they retained the rights to the films.

Le Lombard retained the rights to Macherot's abandoned series.

Shorthouse retained the rights to the Englefield name and continues as a private investor.

retained most   (最も保持された)

The game retained most of its violence and gore.

Brunei has retained most of its forests, compared to its neighbours that share Borneo island.

Although he retained most of his castles and goods in Hungary, his political influence was significantly decreased.