İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

forced to retire   (emekli olmak zorunda)

Clarke was forced to retire due to injury in 2001.

He was forced to retire as a result of knee injuries.

He was forced to retire from Connacht due to concussion.

decided to retire   (emekli olmaya karar verdim)

Harris decided to retire after his wife died in 2012.

At the end of the 2018/19 season, Gašić decided to retire.

After his release, Griese decided to retire from football.

decision to retire   (emekli olma kararı)

By 1969, Hyman was reconsidering her decision to retire.

The band's breakup was the result of Ed Volker's decision to retire.

She finally made her decision to retire when her husband asked her to.

retire due   (vadesi gelmiş)

Clarke was forced to retire due to injury in 2001.

He decided to retire due to the injury.

Likewise, cars can retire due to mechanical failure during a caution period.

intention to retire   (emekli olma niyeti)

In 2013, Watson announced her intention to retire.

In October 2018, Lawrence announced his intention to retire in January 2019.

In May 2001, Bennett announced his intention to retire following the 2002 season.

chose to retire

Dellucci did not return to playing, and chose to retire.

However, in February 2014, Glanfield again chose to retire.

On receiving the news of his suspension, Ferrell chose to retire.

retire from professional   (profesyonelden emekli)

At the conclusion of the season, Collins opted to retire from professional hockey.

On December 1, Act Yasukawa announced she would retire from professional wrestling on December 23.

On December 26, Stokley announced his decision to retire from professional football after the season.

plans to retire

He plans to retire at age 50.

Barnes plans to retire to Dadeville, where he purchased family property.

At Wimbledon, Agassi announced his plans to retire following the US Open.

retire from politics   (siyasetten çekilmek)

Partisan bickering there led him to retire from politics.

Ar-Rubai had to retire from politics.

In 2001 it was announced that he would retire from politics and not seek reelection.

planned to retire

Washington resigned as commander-in-chief once the Treaty of Paris was signed, and he planned to retire to Mount Vernon.

However, in January 2008, Selig agreed to a three-year contract extension, announcing he planned to retire after the 2012 season.

Originally Washington had planned to retire after his first term, while many Americans could not imagine anyone else taking his place.

retire from football   (futboldan emekli)

After his release, Griese decided to retire from football.

He decided to retire from football on December 15, 2013(JST).

He was forced to retire from football in 1998, aged 27, due to injury.