until his retirement   (彼の引退まで)

He held the position until his retirement in 2006.

He remained in Bremen until his retirement in 2005.

He remained a Senator until his retirement in 1996.

announced his retirement   (彼の引退を発表した)

Tongue announced his retirement on 17 August 2011.

Rost announced his retirement on 19 February 2012.

On May 28, 2017, Reimold announced his retirement.

retirement age   (退職年齢)

He reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 in June 2011.

Bierlein reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 in 2019.

He reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 on May 13, 2011.

until her retirement   (彼女の引退まで)

She served as Deputy Surgeon General until her retirement in 1989.

Mossell Alexander practiced law from 1927 until her retirement in 1982.

She represented the 157th District from 1993 until her retirement in 2009.

early retirement   (早期退職)

He chose early retirement under the VERIP plan in 1994.

Injuries forced him into early retirement.

Reason of his early retirement was because of on-going knee issues.

retirement home   (老人ホーム)

After being released, Rafael returns to the retirement home.

Much of the film is based in a fictional Jewish retirement home.

Blatt died at a retirement home in Hampden Township in July 1996.

announced her retirement

She later announced her retirement from wrestling.

Aboro has not officially announced her retirement.

She announced her retirement from the sport in 2015.

retirement from professional   (プロからの引退)

He announced his retirement from professional tennis in March 2010.

He announced his retirement from professional football on 6 May 2016.

In May 2014, Meijer announced his retirement from professional football.

mandatory retirement   (強制退職)

He reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 in June 2011.

Bierlein reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 in 2019.

He reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 on May 13, 2011.

following the retirement

Gyamfi served between 1999 and 2003 following the retirement of Rev.

Six Boeing 747-400ERs remained in the Qantas fleet following the retirement of VH-OJU.

In 2012 he was promoted to coaching Canterbury following the retirement of Brent Stuart.

before his retirement

He died in June 2012, only three days before his retirement.

He landed 76 career quadruple jumps before his retirement in 2006.

Snow participated in the program for over forty years before his retirement.

retirement from playing   (プレーからの引退)

Since his retirement from playing he works as a pundit.

Following her retirement from playing she settled in Rome.

After his retirement from playing, Fandi worked as a coach.

retirement from football   (サッカーからの引退)

Frazier tweeted his retirement from football in May of 2019.

That same day Franklin announced his retirement from football.

Jenkins announced his retirement from football on July 20, 2011.

until retirement

He held this position until retirement 1990.

He taught at the College of Sion where he stayed until retirement.

Together they ran a coffee shop in the Diarama complex until retirement.

mandatory retirement age   (定年退職年齢)

He reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 in June 2011.

Bierlein reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 in 2019.

He reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 on May 13, 2011.

following his retirement

Laursen returned to Denmark following his retirement, settling in Vedbæk.

The band was founded in 1992 following his retirement from full-time teaching.

He joined the firm following his retirement from football, becoming a director.

announcing his retirement   (彼の引退を発表)

He died a week after announcing his retirement from "60 Minutes."

He played 31 games at Vale Park in the 1997–98 season, before announcing his retirement.

Marve only played in 3 games during the 2015 season before announcing his retirement mid-season.

retirement from international   (国際からの退職)

He announced his retirement from international football on 25 March 2019.

Eto'o announced his retirement from international football in August 2014.

In August 2018, Ćorluka confirmed his retirement from international football.

retirement from politics   (政治からの引退)

After his retirement from politics, Everett returned to the law.

Brown served as party leader until 13 April 2012, when he announced his retirement from politics.

Since then, he was elected local representative five times until his retirement from politics in 2014.

upon his retirement

He disbanded the company upon his retirement in 1985.

Macherot ended the series upon his retirement in 1990.

He filed for bankruptcy upon his retirement.

retirement community   (退職コミュニティ)

It was founded in the 1960s as a retirement community.

Like most of the Okanagan, Olalla is a retirement community.

Hughes moved to a retirement community in Glendale, Arizona, where he died.

retirement benefits

He worked as a retirement benefits consultant in multiple companies.

Volcott will occasionally worry about how a given situation with them might jeopardize his retirement benefits.

Forty thousand protesters gathered and sparked a movement to stop roll backs in health and retirement benefits.

before retirement

This was his last case before retirement on 17th November 2019.

Lonhro returned home to Sydney for his last two races before retirement.

Brooks' final album before retirement, "Scarecrow", was released on November 13, 2001.

retirement from racing   (レースからの引退)

Following his retirement from racing, Lord was a noted show-jumper.

A few days later, Saint Are's retirement from racing was announced.

After his retirement from racing Mr Jinks stood as a breeding stallion.

forced into retirement   (引退を余儀なくされた)

Both he and Senna were forced into retirement.

Rupp was forced into retirement in March 1972, at the age of 70.

He was recalled back to Japan in late-1939 and forced into retirement.

lived in retirement

As a widow, she lived in retirement in the Palatine castle in Neuburg.

He lived in retirement until his death at Oak Lawn in Prince George's County.

In that year he returned to France and lived in retirement until the Bourbon Restoration.

retirement from active   (アクティブからの引退)

He left the sumo world upon retirement from active competition in May 1991.

He left the sumo world upon retirement from active competition in May 1972.

He left the sumo world upon retirement from active competition in May 1967.

official retirement

She announced her official retirement in July 2018.

McKinley's official retirement date was November 1, 2012.

His official retirement wasn't confirmed until the following year.

retirement he became

In retirement he became the owner of a café.

After retirement he became an office worker.

In retirement he became a Director of Rolls Royce Limited.

retirement due

For most American workers, retirement due to old age was not a realistic option.

In 2006, Monchik was forced into retirement due to a back injury diagnosed as spondylolisthesis.

In October 2012, Yoko Bito, who was seen as a future "ace" prospect, announced her retirement due to lower back and neck injuries.

till his retirement

Bühler remained at Hamburg till his retirement in 1991.

He stayed at the university till his retirement in 1978.

Soon after that he took over as head chef and stayed till his retirement in 1988.

retirement ceremony

Her retirement ceremony took place on June 14.

During his retirement ceremony, Drake received his third Legion of Merit.

This was the first public retirement ceremony ever held for a Packers player.

upon retirement

He left the sumo world upon retirement in May 1990.

He left the sumo world upon retirement in May 1977.

He left the sumo world upon retirement in May 1968.

retirement from competitive   (競争からの引退)

He announced his retirement from competitive skating on 19 April 2007.

Fisher announced her retirement from competitive swimming in November 2018.

On April 25, 2006, Goebel announced his retirement from competitive skating.

forced his retirement

Failing health forced his retirement from leadership on 28 May 1930.

Schmidt's worsening health forced his retirement from the Academy in early 1937.

Ill-health forced his retirement in 1912, and he moved to Newton Abbot, in Devon.

retirement plans

For instance, women must be afforded the same hiring, job training, promotion opportunities and retirement plans as men.

Her policy columns have addressed matters of top concern to citizens, including investor protection, health insurance, Social Security, and the sufficiency of retirement plans.

Symetra Symetra is a United States-based family of companies providing retirement plans, employee benefits, annuities and life insurance through independent distributors nationwide.

retirement match

Her retirement match drew 1,415 fans to Korakuen Hall.

He defeated Steve Williams in his first defense on March 1, which was the retirement match of referee Joe Higuchi.

On December 31, Narumiya defeated former training partner and longtime stablemate Meari Naito in her retirement match.

upon the retirement

Bidois contested the National Party selection for upon the retirement of Maurice Williamson, but failed to win the candidacy.

Wright took over as leader of the UVF Mid-Ulster Brigade during the early 1990s upon the retirement of Brigadier Robin Jackson.

In 1860, upon the retirement of his father, Oliver became the senior partner of the bank, which was then renamed as Heywood Brothers & Co.