İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

before retiring   (emekli olmadan önce)

He spent a season with Mumbai City before retiring.

where he spent one season with them before retiring.

Hesketh worked as a salesman before retiring in 2006.

until retiring   (emekli olana kadar)

He remained in the Senate until retiring in 1964.

Schrödinger stayed in Dublin until retiring in 1955.

He held the post until retiring in June 2011.

retiring from football   (futboldan emekli)

He was briefly a manager after retiring from football.

After retiring from football Sivell became a fishmonger.

After retiring from football, Golic pursued an acting career.

retiring from playing   (oynamaktan çekilmek)

After retiring from playing he coached in Indonesia.

After retiring from playing, Olmstead attempted coaching.

After retiring from playing, Redpath took on coaching roles.

retiring from professional   (profesyonelden emekli)

Since retiring from professional rugby, Commins has worked in real estate.

After retiring from professional football he later became a police officer.

He spent one season with the Rockets before retiring from professional football.

years before retiring

Whyte served for 30 years before retiring, reaching the rank of lieutenant.

He led the school's athletics for six years before retiring in August 1994.

He continued in business for a few more years before retiring to his Falls Township farm.

retiring from competitions   (yarışmalardan çekilmek)

After retiring from competitions she worked as gymnastics coach.

After retiring from competitions, Ter-Ovanesyan became a national coach.

After retiring from competitions she coached athletics in Kiev, Ukraine.

retiring from politics   (siyasetten emekli olmak)

After retiring from politics, he operated a consulting business.

After retiring from politics in 1975, he moved to North Battleford.

After retiring from politics in 1986, he established a consulting business.

finally retiring   (sonunda emekli)

He came on a free transfer and signed a 1,5 year contract, finally retiring at the end of 2016.

In 1736 he moved into a house in Arundel Street with friend Robert Tracy, finally retiring in his eighties.

He then joined Pencoyd Steel and Forge Corp. as executive metallurgical engineer, finally retiring in 1964, aged 77.

retiring from competition   (rekabetten çekilmek)

After retiring from competition, he toured with Stars on Ice.

After retiring from competition, Tkachenko became a skating coach.

After retiring from competition, Liebers became a dentist based in Berlin.

retiring from baseball   (beyzboldan emekli)

After retiring from baseball, Groth returned to his hometown of Beaver Falls.

After retiring from baseball, Tepedino served as a firefighter for the New York City Fire Patrol.

After retiring from baseball in 2004, Reed enrolled at Texas Tech University, where he played college football.

retiring from active   (aktif durumdan emekli)

After retiring from active football, Vonk became a youth coach for PSV.

After retiring from active play, Borck settled in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States in 1949.

After retiring from active play in January 2013, he was named a scout by the Los Angeles Dodgers for the season.

retiring due

This was also Nathan Astle's last match, retiring due to poor form.

From 1945-1948, he commanded the Ural Military District, retiring due to illness.

He last played for Exeter City in League One, before retiring due to injury in 2010.