Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

not return   (không trở về)

The team did not return after the 2015–16 season.

Li remained in exile, and did not return to Taiwan.

They did not return to the UK charts until 2000.

return home   (trở về nhà)

The western tribes are satisfied, and return home.

They recover the treasure and return home safely.

In the morning, he advises Larisa to return home.

did not return   (đã không trở về)

The team did not return after the 2015–16 season.

Li remained in exile, and did not return to Taiwan.

They did not return to the UK charts until 2000.

decided to return   (quyết định trở về)

In 2014, she decided to return to Royal Victory HC.

He decided to return to Hungary and finish his studies.

The captain decided to return to Portsmouth.

able to return   (có thể trở lại)

However, she was able to return in nine months.

She was able to return home just twice a year.

In 1949 he was able to return to West Germany.

allowed to return   (được phép trở lại)

The regular violinist was not allowed to return.

He was paroled and allowed to return to Puerto Rico.

By 1942, Yen was allowed to return to Shanghai.

made his return   (đã trở lại)

He made his return to in-ring action on November 1.

On 15 June 2009, Knežević made his return to Livorno.

He made his return in week 7 against the Houston Texans.

upon his return   (khi trở về)

He became ill upon his return to the U.S. and was quarantined.

After the fight, Gary flees but he is arrested upon his return.

He has appeared in a number of dramas and shows upon his return.

punt return   (trả lại)

He registered his third punt return touchdown.

This was Robinson seventh career punt return touchdown.

He broke the ACC record for career punt return yards with 1,271.

return trip   (chuyến trở về)

The former would be eliminated on the return trip.

They began a return trip, traveling northeast.

On the return trip to Singapore, it carried recyclable metals.

forced to return   (buộc phải trở về)

Stockton was forced to return in October via San Diego.

Monks were forced to return to secular life.

Thus Báncsa was forced to return to Rome.

return journey   (hành trình trở về)

The return journey takes around 60 minutes.

He actually spent two months in Rome on his return journey.

During their return journey, they visited the pope in Rome.

kickoff return   (khởi động trở lại)

Kmic also scored an 86-yard kickoff return touchdown.

Terrence Johnson ran an 82-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

He also had 1,067 kickoff return yards and 981 punt return yards.

then return   (Sau đó trở lại)

Billy and Kate then return home with Gizmo.

They fall in love and marry, and then return to Martin’s farm.

If formula_12, then return formula_13.

return leg   (chân trở lại)

Cocu scored the final goal in the return leg.

Tractor won the return leg 1–0 on 2 March 2016 in Abu Dhabi as well.

The return leg in Székesfehérvár saw Videoton beat the English team 1–0.

made a return   (đã trở lại)

In 1996 she made a return, finishing 6th in the 200m.

Bandy is a minor sport, as it has made a return only in 2017.

The game made a return to the free-roaming style of earlier games.

return to work   (quay trở lại với công việc)

Though he recovered, he was not cleared to return to work.

Other union leaders called for teachers to return to work.

Soon I'll return to work on the book.

not to return   (không trở về)

As he leaves, Florence tells him not to return.

While in Prague he received warnings not to return to Germany.

After filming was complete, he chose not to return to the U.S.

return yards   (sân trở về)

He broke the ACC record for career punt return yards with 1,271.

He also had 1,067 kickoff return yards and 981 punt return yards.

unable to return   (không thể trở lại)

However, due to the rain delay he was unable to return.

Stephen is unable to return the earring before Rex returns.

Stirling was unable to return to La Venta until 1942, due to World War II.

brief return   (trả lại ngắn gọn)

She made a brief return to Serie A with Lugo in 1998–99.

She made brief return appearances in 1999, 2002 and 2003.

There is a brief return to the elevated nature in songs nos.

return voyage   (chuyến trở về)

She was on her return voyage from Sierra Leone to London.

On 6 March 1878, she began her return voyage from Bermuda for Portsmouth.

For her return voyage to Britain, "Broxbornebury" passed Saugor on 29 December.

interception return   (đánh chặn trở lại)

Brown's interception return set a Big Ten record.

He also holds the record for most interception return yards with 1,508.

Purdue capped the game with a 41-yard interception return by Markus Bailey.

return match   (trận đấu trở lại)

In the return match in Budapest, Hungary won 7–1.

On the return match, the final result was a 1–1 draw.

On the return match, Ferencváros drew with Malmö (1–1).

saw the return   (thấy sự trở lại)

The first show saw the return of Amy Lamé.

The 1986 season saw the return of Bobby Cox as general manager.

It also saw the return of many prominent players from military service.

never to return   (Không bao giờ trở lại)

Most of the families settled elsewhere never to return.

He settled in London, never to return to North America.

Chihui left the household, never to return.

only to return   (chỉ để trở về)

Jones then sailed to Boston only to return two months later.

Lü Bu left for Yuan Shao not long after, only to return in 193.

After the end of revolution he left the army, only to return in 1897.

return to form   (trở lại hình thức)

Most reviewers believed it was a return to form for the band.

It's a breathtaking blockbuster, and a welcome return to form."

A return to form then saw United seal the league title with two games still to play.

never return   (không bao giờ trở lại)

Chiang Kai-shek would never return to the mainland.

He orders the Molluscari to leave the planet and never return.

She would never return home again.

rate of return   (tỷ lệ lợi nhuận)

The fund eventually had a 20% internal rate of return.

The return on equity (ROE) ratio is a measure of the rate of return to stockholders.

However, these results remain in contexts where money is not dominated as a rate of return.

return fire   (lửa trở lại)

Roberts continued to return fire until his rifle was empty.

In the return fire Allende's son and several rebel soldiers were killed.

Artillery Regiment could return fire, which he did resolutely but with little effect.

decides to return   (quyết định trở lại)

Palach decides to return to Czechoslovakia.

Nancy decides to return there the next day.

Dejected, he decides to return to Samarpur.

tax return   (khai thuế)

As of 2013, it has an income tax return of ₱8 million.

In 1954, the tax return deadline was changed to April 15 from March 15.

During the campaign, Corzine refused to release his income tax return records.

did return   (đã trở lại)

The Ottomans did return in 1478 to conquer Shkodra.

He did return partway through that game, replacing Chris Simms.

He never did return to Palestine.

wanted to return   (muốn trở về)

Soon after, Bender changed his mind and wanted to return to MMA.

The generals wanted to return home to the King, but Bensurdatu was firm.

In the band's opinion they had always wanted to return to their hardcore punk roots.

refused to return   (từ chối trở về)

The Emperor arrested him and refused to return for a year.

She returned to Mexico shortly afterward and refused to return to Toronto.

President Li refused to return to his post, leaving it in the hands of Feng Guozhang.

failed to return   (không trở lại)

One aircraft failed to return.

Günther Lützow, who failed to return from this mission, led the flight of four.

In 2003, Vikernes failed to return to Tønsberg prison after being given a short leave.

order to return   (để trở về)

He rushes off in order to return Stella's earring.

Carbo resigned in February 2006, in order to return full-time to Diamond Club Ministry.

After the battle, Menéndez admitted to becoming a privateer in order to return to Spain.

return on investment   (hoàn lại vốn đầu tư)

They were also guaranteed a 6% or, later, 7.5% return on investment each year.

The goal of management was to optimize the project portfolio for return on investment.

iii) Does this action bring an acceptable financial, ecological and/or social return on investment?.

return a single   (trả lại một)

It is mandated to return a single member to the Assembly under the first-past-the-post voting system.

does not return   (không trở về)

When he does not return, Sam and her boyfriend follow.

Then formula_5, which does not return an integer result.

One evening his sister does not return home from college.

ordered to return   (ra lệnh trở về)

They agree to the terms and are ordered to return the stolen items.

She remained inactive until on 8 May 1918, when she was ordered to return to Sault Ste.

At 06:35 on 16 December, the destroyers and three light cruisers were ordered to return to Germany.

later return   (trở về sau)

It was later return anonymously post commencement.

Upset, Doll runs from the factory, only to later return.

Swift would later return as Superintendent from 1812–1814.

mandated to return   (bắt buộc phải trở về)

It is mandated to return a single member to the Assembly under the first-past-the-post voting system.

agreed to return   (đồng ý trở lại)

The center agreed to return the transparencies, but they were lost.

However, Kornheiser agreed to return to the station, now known as WWWT, beginning January 21, 2008.

In January 2016, he agreed to return in Romania to play for Petrolul Ploiești until the end of the season.

marked the return   (đánh dấu sự trở lại)

The album marked the return of Tim Palmer as producer.

The 2008 general elections marked the return of the leftists.

The elections marked the return of the Peoples Party to power.

expected to return   (dự kiến sẽ trở lại)

He was briefly expected to return in April 2016 at UFC 197.

A world she never expected to return to.

14) did not clarify who they expected to return and ranked Michigan.

managed to return   (quản lý để trở lại)

Two managed to return home, while the others were soon captured.

He never managed to return to "jūryō" and retired from active competition in March 1994.

She managed to return to Newport News, Virginia, with her cargo, 10,000 tons of coal, intact.

immediate return   (trở về ngay lập tức)

The damage caused forced an immediate return to base.

If these conditions were broken, then the arts owner The Art Fund could ask for their immediate return.

They lost to local rivals Aston Villa on penalties in the play-offs semi-final on 14 May, failing to make an immediate return to the Premier league.

upon their return   (khi họ trở về)

The Arnolds received a joyful welcome from the Chinese Christians upon their return.

These young men and women… can become ambassadors for Australia upon their return home.

The crew members were named "Time" magazine's "Men of the Year" for 1968 upon their return.

return to power   (trở lại quyền lực)

The core of Reactor 4 was repaired but this reactor did not return to power after the repair.

In 1427, he attempted to return to power, and ran into a new dispute with the cathedral chapter.

With Macdonald's return to power on 16 October 1878, a more aggressive construction policy was adopted.

return to normal   (trở lại bình thường)

They return to normal if either player loses a life.

Serotonin levels typically return to normal within 24–48 hours.

These temporary boosts return to normal after a level is beaten.

desire to return   (mong muốn trở lại)

With The Weeknd in the song expressing a desire to return to the former.

In November 2010, Rösler expressed his desire to return to the Premier League as a manager.

He expressed his desire to return to his country, after having some personal problems in Spain.

no return   (không trở lại)

This is the path of no return, i.e.

Time goes by and she gets one postcard with no return address, then nothing more.

This time there would be no return, and Devereux never again played senior cricket.

attempted to return   (đã cố gắng để trở lại)

He attempted to return to the game, but was unable to continue.

The Sangu people repeatedly attempted to return to Utengule but failed.

When he attempted to return to Afghanistan, he had little support from the people.

safe return   (trở về an toàn)

The deal is simple: Wallace's silence for Esther's safe return.

They attributed her safe return to the discovery of the Jews' plot.

On 7 August, Sharp's uncle, David Sharp, made a televised plea for her safe return.

plans to return   (kế hoạch trở lại)

Afterward, they make their plans to return to Africa.

While in his late fifties, Bloch had plans to return to physics.

Odona now plans to return to Gideon to supply the virus herself.

return from injury   (trở lại sau chấn thương)

He parted ways with the Phoenix on December 6, 2019, following Wesley's return from injury.

Head coach Jimmy Johnson named Thomas the starting middle linebacker upon his return from injury.

Also in October, Gilberto ceded the Brazilian captaincy to Lúcio upon his compatriot's return from injury.

attempt to return   (cố gắng trở lại)

Elsewhere, the Justice League attempt to return to Earth.

Dickey opposed Ross in 2002 in an attempt to return to his seat, but he was defeated, 60-40 percent.

Thomson proceeded to lay off 80% of the workforce in an attempt to return the company to profitability.

asked to return   (yêu cầu trở lại)

They were never asked to return.

The band had to re-group again and John Glascock was asked to return.

Matthews was subsequently asked to return, but declined due to fear of typecasting.

return to school   (trở lại trường học)

When she was ready to return to school, her mother had expended her savings.

He hired an agent, making him ineligible to return to school prior to the draft.

Despite this speculation, Jones decided to return to school for his junior season.

upon her return   (khi cô ấy trở về)

Kirkwood described Theresa upon her return as "renewed and reinvigorated".

Kimberly appears different upon her return: stronger, angrier and determined.

She left the police force upon her return to full-time competition at the end of 2017.

kick return   (đá trở lại)

He had a 24-yard kick return in the 24–6 victory.

On November 28, 2010, James posted 150 kick return yards and 29 punt return yards.

His career kickoff return yardage and combined kick return yardage remain SEC records.

eventually return   (cuối cùng trở lại)

They eventually return the rest of the treasure to the box.

So-hwi hopes that Jun-mo may eventually return her feelings.

The Olympians eventually return to Earth ("Wonder Woman" (vol.

make a return   (trở lại)

Cycling will also make a return during these Games.

Once you have made a gift, he is obliged to make a return gift.

Mocioni was still pressed by his friends to make a return to politics.

chose to return   (chọn trở về)

Most of Iosepa's residents chose to return to Hawaii.

Only a handful chose to return to Edineț.

The project never materialised and Anne chose to return to Thorp Green.

s return   (sự trở lại)

The two, hostile, become friendlier upon Flora’s return.

Upon Touko’s return, the two reconcile, and Yuu openly reciprocates Touko’s feelings for the first time.

Five hours after the battle started, the cannon fire announcing Shivaj’s return to Vishalgadh was heard.

return flight   (chuyến bay trở về)

Her return flight left Sydney eight days later.

On the return flight, the aircraft is falling to pieces.

His return flight from Bojnik to Bari marked the end of the Operation Ratweek.

return to base   (trở về căn cứ)

The damage caused forced an immediate return to base.

On his return to base Dorehill was forced to make a crash-landing.

5 Group RAF failed when the Master Bomber had to return to base and his deputies were shot down en route.

return specialist   (chuyên gia trở về)

He was a halfback, defensive back, and return specialist.

He was a running back and return specialist for the Cardinals from 1981 to 1989.

During the 2006 season, return specialist Devin Hester set several kick return records.

permitted to return   (được phép trở lại)

In 1960 Lacasa was permitted to return to Spain.

They then were permitted to return to their homes, taking with them their personal property.

The Saiō was permitted to return to Kyoto only on the provision of a close relative's death.

opted to return   (đã chọn để trở lại)

He declared for the 2017 NBA draft but opted to return to Arizona.

Ultimately 10,116 men opted to return home, of whom only 2,809 re-enlisted.

Lonergan himself considered retirement following the surgery, but opted to return.

following his return   (sau khi anh ấy trở về)

He died six months following his return on 21 February 1711.

On 11 August 2017, following his return from loan at Dijon, he was released from his contract.

In August 1982 he joined Bruce Rioch's Torquay United on non-contract terms following his return to the UK.

intended to return   (dự định trở lại)

The pilot intended to return directly o his base to obtain help.

They intended to return the Banathy boys to their parents within a year.

By 2016 he was recovering from the surgery and said that he intended to return to music.

planned to return   (dự định trở lại)

Norman planned to return to Palestine following his military discharge.

They planned to return to Stars on Ice for their fourth season with the tour.

He planned to return to Flamingo Las Vegas on February 6, 2016 to perform his show.

tried to return   (đã cố gắng trở lại)

Bilyk twice tried to return to his native city, but failed.

Sasuke tried to return to the ring but Liger knocked him down on the apron with a kick.

In 2004, INDOT tried to return SR 933 to the local communities but they did not accept.

when they return   (khi họ trở về)

They assist her to her house, but when they return they're cut off by a parade.

This cultural disconnect can cause awkwardness when they return to their passport country.

Joanna suspects Michael is having an affair and confronts him about it when they return home.

until his return   (cho đến khi anh ấy trở lại)

Mitch Boggs replaced Motte as closer until his return.

His executive officer, Louis H. Carpenter assumed temporary command until his return.

He then joined Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata where he played until his return to Boca Juniors in 1983.

right of return   (quyền trở lại)

The citizenship of Armenia is acquired: It includes the right of return for members of the Armenian diaspora.

Resolutions endorsing a Palestinian right of return also passed the PC(USA) General Assembly in 2003 and 2004.

A former Moderator of the General Assembly, Dr. Fahed Abu-Akel, has long endorsed a Palestinian "right of return".

first return   (trở về đầu tiên)

In 1947, he made his first return to Europe since the end of the war.

In 538 BC, the famous Edict of Cyrus was released, and the first return took place under Sheshbazzar.

The other teams promoted are Santo André (first return since 1984) and Avaí (first return since 1979).

return to port   (trở về cảng)

Even so, Somerville did not immediately withdraw or return to port.

Stilk agreed and on return to port, Myrick refused to pay him the extra wages.

Royal Caribbean initiated a deep-cleaning of the vessel after its return to port.

return from exile   (trở về từ lưu vong)

The return from exile is the theological premise of the prophet's visions in chapters 1–6.

Later, the two brothers return from exile with a large army when Vortigern's power has faded.

After his return from exile, he established a socialist reading groups in his township, Evaton.

return to play   (trở lại chơi)

The Yankees goalkeeper, Johnny Reder, would later return to play for the Boston Red Sox.

On 18 November, it was confirmed that Puppy would return to play at Download Festival in 2020.

During this time he said that if his AFL career was over he would return to play Gaelic football with Laois.

marked a return   (đánh dấu sự trở lại)

It marked a return of "Call of the West" producer Richard Mazda.

After two espionage films, the plot marked a return to the murder-thriller genre.

The record marked a return to shorter songs for Tracy, seeing as on "New Beginning" they had been somewhat longer.

return when   (trở về khi)

She did not return when performances resumed May 12.

Christine’s memories return when she sees Adam.

(Example: "Rango say him return when sun high over teepee.

return again   (trở lại lần nữa)

It did not return again until 1930, this time as "Napaimut."

In October 1912 Adbhutananda left Balaram's hose for Varnasi, never to return again.

However, the latter did return again in Britain in 2008: "Eighties look is all the ra-rave".

announced the return   (tuyên bố trở lại)

In May 2016, Marvel announced the return of Marvel NOW!

In January 2017, Mad Angel Entertainment announced the return of Mr.

At SDCC 2015, Hasbro announced the return of comic packs with two waves revealed.

saw a return   (đã thấy sự trở lại)

The 1919–20 saw a return to an all-Ireland league.

The 1980s saw a return to the form of glory days past.

1976 saw a return of the same starting eight in the field.

scheduled to return   (dự kiến trở lại)

In 2010 the musical was scheduled to return to Stockholm and the Stockholm Stadsteater.

He was scheduled to return to Rochester for the 1981 season, but lung cancer forced him to give up the job.

The tax break was scheduled to return for assessment year 2006, payable in 2007. , the state's unemployment rate was 4.2%.

s return   (sự trở lại)

The two, hostile, become friendlier upon Flora’s return.

Upon Touko’s return, the two reconcile, and Yuu openly reciprocates Touko’s feelings for the first time.

Five hours after the battle started, the cannon fire announcing Shivaj’s return to Vishalgadh was heard.

return to action   (trở lại hành động)

On 20 November 2019, he suffered a torn muscle fibre and will return to action after a period of two months.

On December 8, 2017, Wilder was ringside when Ortiz made his return to action and knocked out Daniel Martz in the 2nd round.

He marked his return to action in a 3–1 win over Derby County reserves on 8 September 2009, playing for 30 minutes as a substitute.

return fixture   (trả lại lịch thi đấu)

He persuaded the Kent committee to cancel the return fixture.

In the return fixture a year later, Dickov scored his first international goal in a 3–1 win.

A return fixture was organised by representatives of Scottish football teams on 30 November 1872.

upon return   (khi trở về)

A US$250 deposit is required which is refunded upon return from the trip.

However, he gradually lost the trust of Kublai Khan upon return, and died in 1293.

He felt the need to return in 1898 and was immediately arrested once again upon return.

return touchdown   (chạm trở lại)

Kmic also scored an 86-yard kickoff return touchdown.

He registered his third punt return touchdown.

This was Robinson seventh career punt return touchdown.

return visit   (Chuyến viếng thăm trở lại)

On a return visit to Britain he met his future wife, whom he married in 1949.

In 2007, Feng Yan made a return visit to her characters from the Three Gorges reservoir.

They do not bother to do any work and discover Bill has died when they make a return visit.

began to return   (bắt đầu trở lại)

But he also began to return to the Channel coast, seen from both sides, and in new ways.

The colony disappeared following the arrival of rats but the shearwaters began to return in the 1960s.

Following the Battle of Trevilian Station, Sheridan's cavalry began to return on June 13 from their unsuccessful raid.

want to return   (muốn trở về)

He calls the Driscolls and tells them they just want to return Savannah.

In 1799 Anna left Russia for medical treatment and didn't want to return.

Boas then no longer worked at the museum, but the museum did not want to return the bones.

set to return   (thiết lập để trở lại)

Park is set to return as Woo in the Disney+ series, "WandaVision" (2020).

In 2018, Lee is set to return to the small screen in Korea, starring in SBS' drama "Good Witch".

With Spikes' return, the entire two-deep of the Gators defense was set to return for the 2009 season.

attempts to return   (cố gắng trở lại)

When Brody attempts to return the bag, Scarlett knocks him out and ties him up.

She gives him her handbag so he will leave, but Brody feels guilty about his actions and attempts to return it.

Beigong Boyu took Bian Zhang and Han Sui, another Han official, hostage and stopped all attempts to return them.

return to service   (trở lại dịch vụ)

The rebuilt ship, named "Maersk Halifax" is expected to return to service by the end of the year 2019.

It is part of the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, with a mission to certify aircraft as worthy to return to service.

There was speculation that she would return to service with the company during the annual drydocking periods to serve as a relief vessel, but this never happened.