before returning   (返回之前)

50" on 18 July, before returning to Midway Island.

He retired in 1862 before returning to England.

He spent 18 months there before returning to Singapore.

returning home

He died in Omaha, Nebraska while returning home.

Crowther was returning home when the crash occurred.

Upon returning home, Tony gets a lucky break.

upon returning

However upon returning to Paradise Island, the Gods of Mt.

She won her medal upon returning to competition from a -year absence from the sport.

The band holidayed in Thailand and decided to take a break upon returning to England.

not be returning

News" that she would not be returning for season two.

As he left Los Angeles, he expressed a premonition that he would not be returning.

On the same day, Aron revealed that he would not be returning for the second series.

years before returning

Lodge lived in Italy for 13 years before returning to the UK.

Leonardi lived in Los Angeles for 10 years before returning to Italy.

He lived and worked in Munich for 4 years before returning to Warsaw.

before returning home

Fanshawe died in June 1666, shortly before returning home.

Then he went on to Balliol College, Oxford before returning home in 1764.

He then spent a few weeks at his diplomatic post in Beijing before returning home.

until returning

She remained in the fight until returning to Subic Bay on the 23rd.

He was a plasterer, until returning to acting full-time with "Emmerdale".

She remained on station until returning home in January 1889 for a lengthy refit.

returning officer

The returning officer broke the tie in Patterson's favour.

The returning officer would declare the candidate with the most votes to be elected.

The elections were conducted in each electoral district by a local returning officer.

not returning

When he then attempted to telephone her in Bristol, Asher rejected him by not returning his calls.

Ultimately, Birmingham were relegated from the Premier League with Dunn still not returning to fitness.

Luna was reported missing a day earlier by his family after not returning from covering a road accident.

then returning

The departure was confused, with some ships setting off early and then returning to Cadiz.

Blast doors are designed to absorb the shock wave of a nuclear blast, bending and then returning to their original shape.

SWCC had a practice of exchanging clock movements rather than servicing a movement and then returning it to the same clock.

when returning

Women would also sing when returning pearl ships were sighted.

They are seen together as an official couple when returning to the Ryvius.

One day, when returning from a hunting trip, he gets hurt and is cared for by Hannah.

only returning

Therefore, Theresa spent ten years in exile, only returning in 1715.

FaZe Clan, MIBR, and Natus Vincere were the only returning Legends at this Major.

Conlan won despite only returning to training two weeks prior following an injury.

eventually returning

In 2010, the storyline "" saw Bruce travel through history, eventually returning to the present day.

From Philadelphia she continued on to New York City, eventually returning to Philadelphia on December 28.

From 1970, he took a leave of absence from the Menlo Park seminary, eventually returning to his studies in 1988.

returning to work

Jones had actually quit animation before returning to work on "Gremlins 2: The New Batch".

Her doctor ordered her to return to Los Angeles by train to get some rest before returning to work.

Lunch was served at 11:20 am, followed by a 30-minute rest in the cell, before returning to work until 16:15.

soldiers returning

program was given to injured Canadian soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Forces Fund, which focuses on helping injured soldiers returning home from abroad.

Many of the early members were Czech-American soldiers returning from World War II.

finally returning

She moved all around the country before finally returning to her native Gombe State.

After the Japanese surrender she was based at Batavia, before finally returning to the Netherlands in April 1946.

Two issues later, the book shrank to 36 pages, before finally returning to 52 pages after the war, with #17 (Winter 1945).

later returning

He left Savannah for Boston and became a chaplain in the Union Army, later returning to his home district.

He left UCF after being caught taking (though later returning) a bike on campus the summer after his freshman year.

That year he staged his first one-man show for Henri Bendel, later returning to London to show his first collection.

returning veterans

After the war, many of the homes were sold to returning veterans.

Many of the returning veterans found employment other than the farming they had left behind.

Grant began his career by "building housing for returning veterans" with his father's company, Samuel Greenberg & Co..

returning from injury

Upon returning from injury Assaidi scored in a 4–1 win against Fulham on 3 May 2014.

He made some appearances near the end of the 2010–11 season after returning from injury.

After returning from injury, he appeared in a convincing win over Valencia, scoring two goals.

season before returning

They took a leave of absence from the WMBL for the 2008 season before returning in 2009 under their current name.

He stayed in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the 1980 North American Soccer League season before returning to England with Blackburn Rovers and then ended his playing career with York City.

After two seasons with Stockport he was released and subsequently joined Darlington where he stayed for the 2008–09 season before returning to Stockport at the start of 2009–10.

instead of returning

The state of Arizona sought disgorgement instead of returning funds to consumers.

Some Australians later joined local South African irregular units, instead of returning home after discharge.

He had given a loan of 10 crores to Damania and his friends but they killed him instead of returning the loan.

returning to play

Porto B for training so that he could prepare for his returning to play in V-League.

He made three further appearances for the county in that season, before returning to play for it after World War I.

After leaving Cardiff he had a short spell with Hong Kong side Happy Valley, before returning to play for Leyton Orient in 1982–83.