later revealed   (後で明らかに)

Amber again later revealed she was pregnant again.

This element was later revealed to be the splitter.

This was later revealed to be due to Paquin's pregnancy.

not revealed   (明らかにされていない)

However, they have not revealed any plans yet.

The effect of Augie's death was not revealed.

It is not revealed as to who is Muslim and who is Hindu.

then revealed   (その後明らかにした)

It is then revealed that Abha is an impostor.

Vanessa is then revealed as a traitor and a member of the Society.

Shortly thereafter, it is then revealed that he had poor SAT scores.

eventually revealed

This May is eventually revealed to have symbiotic powers.

The real killer was eventually revealed to be Scotty Baldwin.

Media eventually revealed Lori Drew's name and published her photograph.

never revealed

However, he has never revealed the secret to his invention.

He never revealed his identity until the day he was caught.

The reasons underlying Speed's departure were never revealed.

first revealed

was first revealed by Atari at the Games Convention 2008.

Sivan first revealed the song in an interview with Popjustice.

Marshmello first revealed the collaboration on August 11, 2017.

revealed during

"Toukiden" was revealed during Sony's TGS 2012 keynote.

it was revealed during the Medinan phase of Muhammad's prophethood.

"Bayonetta 2" was revealed during a Nintendo Direct on September 13, 2012.

investigation revealed   (調査が明らかに)

The investigation revealed that the activists were beaten and shot to death.

The investigation revealed government waste of over 2 trillion yen per year.

A post-flight investigation revealed the engine was one cycle away from catastrophic failure.

revealed through

Speculation about anything which God has not revealed through his Word is not warranted.

Prior to the album release, three songs were revealed through the release of their music video.

His mother is a piano teacher, revealed through Minami's conversation with Kahoko in the anime.

soon revealed

It is soon revealed Marion is responsible for all this.

But that promise of freedom is soon revealed as an illusion.

Robot soon revealed himself as a living creature to the Guardians of the Globe.

revealed when   (明らかにしたとき)

The song was first revealed when Mendes unveiled the album's track listing.

Benny's full name is revealed when Marnie travels back in time to visit Splendora Cromwell.

Its earlier history was revealed when a necropolis from Phoenician-Punic times was found in 1879–80.

study revealed

However, a large-scale study revealed 62 interactions, most of which were new.

However, a 2006 study revealed a different protective mechanism for stress conditioning.

78% of the respondents in the study revealed that they check their email on their phone.

revealed how

The series has not revealed how much of a relationship Bryce had with Chuck's family or other friends.

In November 2009, the Sunday Independent revealed how Catriona Ceitin exposed the top-up granted to Mr Molloy.

It is not revealed how close they were as sisters, and their mother seems to have only performed her exorcisms on Kayako.

finally revealed   (最終的に明らかにした)

finally revealed (or have you guessed it - them - yet?).

It is finally revealed that Subbu had planned the whole thing.

The killer is finally revealed.

publicly revealed

Before 2001, each year's longlist of nominees was not publicly revealed.

The ship was carrying war munitions, although this was not publicly revealed at the time.

Announcing the release of this album on Instagram, she also publicly revealed her pregnancy.

revealed plans

Sawyer revealed plans for a new record in summer 2018.

Lanning revealed plans for expansion packs to accompany "New 'n' Tasty!"

In 2019 Toyota revealed plans to introduce an EV HiLux within six years.

band revealed

With the announcement the band revealed the album's artwork and track listing.

The song was confirmed when the band revealed the album's track list the day after.

In addition, they band revealed that their next album would be released in the fall.

analysis revealed

Forensic analysis revealed stomach contents of unhusked millet and blackberries.

A 2004 DNA analysis revealed that Y chromosomes, tracing male descent, are 87% Scandinavian.

The soil analysis revealed a high content of sand & clay hindering the growth of agricultural crops.

revealed later

As revealed later by the police, the fluid was not acid, it was a non-corrosive substance.

It is revealed later that Tyrone was cheating on her with Tia, a girl from his old neighborhood.

It is revealed later, in the fourth series' finale, that George is the only surviving member of the group.

revealed no

X-rays and MRIs revealed no fractures in the ankle.

To date, routine monitoring of drug safety has revealed no major safety issues.

Further investigation revealed no mines in the area, or indeed in any part of the convoy's eventual path.

revealed the existence

Research conducted in the 20th century also revealed the existence of folk songs in English (e.g.

In 1998 a video camera lowered down a borehole revealed the existence of a further chamber, branded "Seventh Heaven".

Additionally, the works of tornado expert Thomas P. Grazulis revealed the existence of several dozen more between 1880 and 1995.

officially revealed

Concrete evidence was never officially revealed against him, nor his company.

The "Reignited Trilogy" was officially revealed a few days later on April 5, 2018.

In 1017, Hamza officially revealed the Druze faith and began to preach the Unitarian doctrine.

revealed the presence

Her husband's exhumed body revealed the presence of arsenic.

Archaeology has revealed the presence of three legions at the battle.

The post-mortem revealed the presence of clonazepam in the body of the dead girl.

only revealed   (明らかにしただけ)

He is only revealed as the Emperor in the final episode.

Bonset, which was only revealed after his death in 1931.

He only revealed his marriage to the press in early 2011.

revealed via

The official cover was revealed via Instagram on August 13, 2012.

Boyle revealed via his Twitter account that he votes for the Scottish Green Party.

West revealed via Twitter that the former was originally slated to appear on "Kids See Ghosts".

revealed the album

Cole revealed the album's cover art on April 18, 2018.

On the same day, ASAP Rocky revealed the album's artwork.

With the announcement the band revealed the album's artwork and track listing.

subsequently revealed

It was subsequently revealed that Marie Larisch had acted as go-between for Rudolph and Marie Vetsera.

It is subsequently revealed that her intent all along was to use the encounter as a way to become pregnant.

It was subsequently revealed that only five Ju 86P aircraft had been built and they had only flown 12 sorties.

report revealed   (報告書が明らかに)

A 2001 report revealed that at least seven of the colleges' namesakes were slave owners.

A leaked report revealed that Saad al-Hilli may have had access to bank accounts belonging to Saddam Hussein.

The same report revealed that Brazil's military regime secretly exported eight tons of uranium to Iraq in 1981.