İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

revenge against   (karşı intikam)

Aadalarasu swears revenge against Nallasivam.

Shankar, angered by this, seeks revenge against Kanagavel.

They were bent on revenge against Lex.

take revenge   (intikam almak)

Kasi is furious and wants to take revenge on Balu.

Puli Dora furiously says that he will take revenge.

Kuppusamy is determined to take revenge on Baasi.

get revenge   (intikam almak)

Sawyer pulled himself to the door, swearing to get revenge.

The old woman decides to get revenge.

She wants to get revenge on the people who foiled her evil plans.

seek revenge   (intikam arayışı)

The crab's offspring seek revenge on the monkey.

Kimberly realises what she must now do to seek revenge on her enemies.

Then, after his release in 1998, he set out to seek revenge by starting a murder series.

seeking revenge   (intikam aramak)

Brokenhearted and seeking revenge, Vivia left home to search for him.

The two men were cellmates in prison, and Levertov is now seeking revenge against Sallas.

It stars Kat de Lieva as a university student seeking revenge against those who beat her.

exact revenge   (kesin intikam)

Years later, she returns to exact revenge on the real killers.

therefore Lantaruban and his friends were eager to exact revenge on the king.

This gives Rodney an idea in order to exact revenge for having his face burned.

seeks revenge   (intikam peşinde)

Glandyth-a-Krae, however, escapes, and seeks revenge.

Shankar, angered by this, seeks revenge against Kanagavel.

She seeks revenge to arrest the murderer.

vows revenge   (intikam yemini eder)

Sienna blames Warren for Nico's death and vows revenge.

Frik vows revenge on Mab and she takes his powers away.

Origille, seeing the corpse of her beloved, vows revenge.

took revenge   (intikam almak)

Emma took revenge by bullying her rival during a meeting.

Mithridates took revenge and inflicted terrible punishments.

But at the second part of the season, CSM took revenge on Baia Mare with 29-23 win in Bucharest.

act of revenge   (intikam eylemi)

Hungarians murdered Kuthen and the Cumans returned to the Balkans in 1241, pillaging Syrmia as an act of revenge.

There he writes the "Liber Pontificalis", a list of the popes, from which he omits Johanna, as a final act of revenge.

It was believed to be an act of revenge by pro-Palestinian militants for Kenya's supporting role in Israel's Operation Entebbe.

taking revenge   (intikam almak)

Jabbar's son Sheru kills Kailash for taking revenge.

I was taking revenge for the people.'

Dhanraj returns for taking revenge.

takes revenge   (intikam alır)

Vijay takes revenge for Sameera and they reconcile.

She becomes a dacoit and takes revenge to her enemies.

Bose resigns from his position and takes revenge on Aatma.

revenge upon   (intikam almak)

He vowed revenge upon her and her family.

They first joined forces to get revenge upon Thor, but were jailed.

He had no respect for Mark Antony, who was scheming to take revenge upon Caesar's murderers.

wants revenge   (intikam istiyor)

Now it is Julio Cesar who wants revenge... and he shows no mercy in getting it.

Elliot blames Roman for his brother's death and warns Nicole that he wants revenge.

Clarissa wants revenge for the disgrace brought onto her family and the downfall of her father, for which she blames James Holden.

sought revenge   (intikam almak istedi)

Wichama sought revenge and drove Pacha Kamaq into the ocean.

After Sneed was released from prison, he sought revenge for his daughter.

The release of the outlaws infuriated the people of Texas, who then sought revenge.

desire for revenge   (intikam arzusu)

Yet her life is still full of hatred and the desire for revenge.

He reunites with Hopkins and informs him of Marshall's desire for revenge.

But his father dies, and Jason turns his desire for revenge against Sunlocks, his father's son of another wife.

swears revenge   (intikam yemin ediyor)

Aadalarasu swears revenge against Nallasivam.

Oldacre swears revenge against Holmes, who serenely dismisses the threats.

His connection to Rukhsaar is also revealed and he swears revenge on Zara and Kabir.