İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

tax revenue   (vergi geliri)

The income tax revenue comprises different taxes.

In 2010, overall tax revenue was 17.2% of GDP.

In 2010, overall tax revenue as a percentage of GDP was 17.2%.

annual revenue   (yıllık gelir)

The company hits $60 Million annual revenue in 2017.

As of March 2019, Brother's annual revenue was ¥683 billion.

As the brand was rebuilt, its annual revenue fell to $20 million.

revenue division   (gelir bölümü)

It is located in Repalle mandal of Tenali revenue division.

It is located in Gospadu mandal of Tenali revenue division.

It is located in Prathipadu mandal of Guntur revenue division.

revenue service   (gelir Servisi)

Those switches are not currently used in revenue service.

All were scrapped following their removal from revenue service.

Out of service LRVs were also repaired and reentered revenue service.

source of revenue   (Gelir kaynağı)

Patent-licensing is another source of revenue.

Local tourism is also a source of revenue for the Bataks.

The island's edible produce was a growing source of revenue.

total revenue   (toplam gelir)

Its total revenue amounted to 30,000 akce.

The total revenue for the year 1994 was 7.96 billion naira.

The total revenue generated from PSL sales was $273 million.

advertising revenue   (reklam geliri)

NBC reported losing $500,000 in advertising revenue.

and that the network stood to lose up to $1 million in advertising revenue.

The newspaper was unable to attract advertising revenue and folded after a year.

million in revenue

Cellular Sales made $488.5 million in revenue in 2010.

Its first year, the company had $11 million in revenue.

In 2015, Trivago reported more than US$500 million in revenue.

revenue generated

The total revenue generated from PSL sales was $273 million.

Any revenue generated is donated to student-loan programs at Texas A&M.

Operations are funded entirely by revenue generated from sale of services, not from taxes.

generate revenue   (gelir elde etmek)

Clubs generate revenue by cover charges, selling drinks, and other means.

Grand Blanc Community Schools benefits by using their parking lots to generate revenue.

BaaS providers generate revenue from their services in various ways, often using a freemium model.

revenue stamps

One of the earliest uses of revenue stamps was to pay Court Fees.

Revenue stamps of Uruguay Uruguay has issued revenue stamps since 1871.

Governments have sometimes combined the functions of postage and revenue stamps.

gross revenue

It drew a gross revenue of 570,000 United States dollars.

65 on the Am Law 100, an annual ranking of U.S. firms by gross revenue.

According to The "American Lawyer", Cahill's gross revenue was $348.5 million in 2013.

revenue collection

So if the king wanted to ensure smooth revenue collection, he needed gentry co-operation.

Inside a market, both hygiene rules and revenue collection activities have to be enforced.

As the collector he is the chief revenue officer responsible for revenue collection and recovery.

billion in revenue   (milyar gelir)

It ranked third, overall, with $233 billion in revenue.

2.2 billion video gamers generate US$101.1 billion in revenue, excluding hardware costs.

Nearly 5 million visitors come to the area annually, contributing $1.35 billion in revenue.

government revenue   (hükümet geliri)

Taxes form the bulk of government revenue at 30% of GDP.

Chaut was ¼ of the government revenue paid by Mughal Officers.

14% of central government revenue came directly from copper in 2012.

revenue stream   (gelir akışı)

Mobli's main revenue stream was on-site advertising.

This kind of association branding became a new revenue stream.

When Markopolos obtained a copy of Madoff's revenue stream, he spotted problems.

revenue sharing   (gelir paylaşımı)

Selig also introduced revenue sharing.

He is also an official partner in YouTube's revenue sharing program.

Both advertising deals are subject to affiliate marketing revenue sharing.

state revenue   (devlet geliri)

Money collected from the initial 4% GET would remain state revenue.

Delaware's franchise taxes supply about one-fifth of its state revenue.

Investments of $23.3 million yielded a return of $300 million in state revenue.

sources of revenue   (gelir kaynakları)

The main sources of revenue for the autonomous region have been presented as: 1.

In the early 20th century, the Ironton began to seek more diverse sources of revenue.

This change in the sources of revenue consequently leveled the revenue across districts.

revenue block

Keeranur, Vennandur Keeranur is a sub village of No 3 Komarapalayam in Vennandur revenue block in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu.

sales revenue

An "output impact" is the total increase in business sales revenue.

"Return on sales (ROS): Net profit as a percentage of sales revenue".

"Return on sales (ROS)" is net profit as a percentage of sales revenue.

additional revenue

In 2002, Fathom tweaked its business model to generate additional revenue.

The sale of non-television services may provide an additional revenue source.

Cattle production also provides valuable additional revenue for the Conservancy.

revenue growth

The rankings are based on two-year revenue growth rates.

In November 1996, SoftQuad reported substantial revenue growth but also substantial losses.

Both parties benefit from revenue growth in the business; both parties suffer when revenue declines.

revenue streams   (gelir akışları)

By the 1970s, the Northeastern railroad industry was in decline, and M&E looked to alternative revenue streams.

Crane Kenney, the Cubs' president, said that a regional network owned by the Cubs would create additional revenue streams.

JobTeaser used a two-sided market approach by equipping one market for free and getting revenue streams from another market.

more revenue   (daha fazla gelir)

The immediate result is more revenue for the State government.

The yearly exchange of coins also produced more revenue for the royal chamber.

By 2004, tourism was generating more revenue and foreign exchange than bananas and coffee combined.

revenue through

In April, AOL took several steps to expand its ability to generate revenue through online video advertising.

It drives revenue through partnerships with creators, independent filmmakers, and established Hollywood studios.

There they began raising organic vegetables, the enterprise that would become their main source of revenue through the years.

internal revenue

He returned to Los Angeles in 1874 as deputy collector of internal revenue.

He was appointed assessor of internal revenue in March 1867 and served until May 1869.

He was appointed assistant United States internal revenue assessor in 1868, serving until 1872.

revenue per

"ARPU," or average revenue per unit.)

In 1986, Sippl brought Informix public, with 20 million dollars of revenue per year.

Public school revenue per student in North Carolina ranked 43rd in the nation $9,675.

entered revenue

The A300B2 entered revenue service on 23 May 1974 between Paris and London.

The new platform entered service in 1972 when the Ankara suburban entered revenue service.

Restoration was completed in 2011, and the locomotive entered revenue service on November 25, 2011 pulling The North Pole Express.

entered revenue service

The A300B2 entered revenue service on 23 May 1974 between Paris and London.

The new platform entered service in 1972 when the Ankara suburban entered revenue service.

Restoration was completed in 2011, and the locomotive entered revenue service on November 25, 2011 pulling The North Pole Express.

raise revenue   (geliri artırmak)

In 1926–27, greyhound racing was introduced to raise revenue.

Prior to the 20th century, lotteries were used in New York to raise revenue for non-educational needs.

Unable to raise revenue without Parliament and unwilling to convene it, Charles resorted to other means.

lost revenue   (kayıp gelir)

Each claimed lost revenue at the hands of the other.

Department of Public Enterprises Acting Director-General stated that the deal resulted in up to R3 billion in lost revenue for Denel.

Deep linking, on the other hand, has been a magnet for debate because it circumvents the advertising-rich homepage and may lead to lost revenue.

loss of revenue   (Gelir kaybı)

The logic behind the tax was the loss of revenue due to absenteeism.

He denied that the auction was prompted by the loss of revenue from weddings.

With loss of revenue from land tax, the central imperial government relied heavily on salt monopoly.