Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

later reversed   (luego invertido)

This action was later reversed.

(The Depo-Provera aspect of the sentence was later reversed on appeal.)

The decision was later reversed on appeal, reinstating his silver medal.

decision was reversed   (la decisión fue revocada)

The suspension decision was reversed that night.

However this decision was reversed by the Court of Appeal.

The decision was reversed by the IWF after four days of blocking.

reversed the decision   (revocó la decisión)

The Supreme Court reversed the decision of the High Court.

He would have reversed the decision of the Court of Claims.

The Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Fifth Circuit.

reversed course

The unknown ship reversed course and attempts to contact her failed.

The aircraft reversed course and came up the ship's port side, with No.

The government ultimately reversed course, and instead backed Cullen's motion for the composition of the committee.

reversed its decision   (revocó su decisión)

Within days, the council reversed its decision under immense public pressure and scrutiny.

After the continued protests and demonstrations, the court reversed its decision to transfer the custody of the girl to the mother.

On February 11, 2011, the administration reversed its decision on rugby and two other sports, and rugby was continued as a varsity sport.

then reversed

The footage was then reversed during editing.

This process was then reversed, and the assistant released unharmed.

Nicholas tolerated Uvarov's achievements until 1848, then reversed his innovations.