İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

later revived   (sonra canlandı)

All of the games were later revived in the "Avernum" series.

It was later revived for Sky from 2003.

She is later revived after Will captures the escaping parasite.

revived again   (tekrar canlandı)

It was revived again in 1717–1718 and 1732–1733.

The post was revived again from 1864 to 1911.

The idea was revived again in the beginning of the 1970s.

briefly revived   (kısaca yeniden canlandı)

It was briefly revived from the bankrupt estate between 1960 and 1963.

The label was later briefly revived by the Leas in 1987-88 after RCA dropped Slade.

Carl Pilat's 1913 plan for the park was briefly revived in 1930, but not developed.

play was revived   (oyun canlandı)

The play was revived in 2006 at the Comedy Theatre.

In 1985, the play was revived in Los Angeles.

The play was revived in 2017.

revived series

It is the fourth from the current revived series, but sixth overall.

Gaman was announced as a new professional skater for the revived series in 2018.

Melody Le Moal from France was announced as a new professional skater for the revived series in 2018.

revived interest

This revived interest in the search for singular solutions.

This play revived interest in the life and ideals of Dara Shikoh.

The modern Olympic movement revived interest in amateur sports, and amateur boxing became an Olympic sport in 1908.

revived when   (ne zaman canlanır)

In 2008, Lyons Maid was revived when R&R Ice Cream decided to restore the brand.

He collapses, but is revived when Jesus of Nazareth (Claude Heater) gives him water.

The monsters were revived when the snow melted, and eventually relocated to Monster Island, as seen via stock footage in "Godzilla vs. Gigan".

name was revived

Its Greek name was revived during the Renaissance.

After closing in 1910 the name was revived in 1927 before being acquired by Broadway Brewery (Shifnal) in 1934.

The team name was revived by a later team in the Eastern Ontario Senior Hockey League from 2003 to 2006, known as the Belleville Macs.