Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

revolt against   (revuelta contra)

The DPA led the revolt against this".

A revolt against the Athenians in 411 BC was put down by force.

The war was followed by a failed revolt against the Carthaginian Empire.

slave revolt   (revuelta de esclavos)

This was the South's nightmare: a slave revolt supported by the North.

The "Creole" case has been described as the "most successful slave revolt in U.S. history".

As the daughter of a former plantation owner, she is furious about being murdered during a slave revolt in 1733.

open revolt   (revuelta abierta)

Were he unable to pay for his enlarged army, there would likely be civil conflict, potentially open revolt.

The simmering tension finally broke into open revolt due to the actions of the tyrant of Miletus, Aristagoras.

Resentment of the Company exploded in open revolt in 1749 headed by Canarian immigrant Juan Francisco de León.

led a revolt   (lideró una revuelta)

In May–June 2004 Mutebusi led a revolt against his superiors from Kinshasa in South Kivu.

This was the moment when the Babylonian ruler, Nabopolassar, led a revolt against Assyrian rule.

After Oirat nobel Amursana's request to be declared Dzungar khan went unanswered, he led a revolt against the Qing.

revolt led   (revuelta dirigida)

The Somali government supported the Bale revolt led by Waqo Gutu that began in 1962.

Two days later, 3 October 1918, the forces of the Arab revolt led by Prince Faysal also entered Damascus.

When Morgan needs help to put down an employee revolt led by Lester, a visibly gleeful Casey remarks, "Insurgents?

peasant revolt   (revuelta campesina)

It revolves around a peasant revolt of 1672, in the time of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

The "judike" (King) Barisone III of Torres was assassinated at Sorso during a peasant revolt in 1236.

Medieval documents testify to a long series of uprisings, culminating in the Tolmin peasant revolt of 1713.

during the revolt

In 1834, a battle took place here, during the revolt of that year.

It was the location of the battle of Decimomannu during the revolt of Hampsicora.

They are all set during the revolt and revolve around existent, as opposed to fictional, characters.

revolt broke

The revolt broke out on 3 February 1079.

Greek discontent grew until a revolt broke out in Athens in September 1843.

A revolt broke out in 1772, marked by the murder of General von Traubenberg.