Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

very rich   (muy rico)

Similarly, Britannia was also very rich in metals.

Batak burial traditions are very rich and complex.

This region has a very rich cultural tradition.

rich history   (historia rica)

It is an area of rich history from Pictish times onwards.

Southwest has a rich history in athletics.

Shawnee Heights has a rich history of softball excellence.

rich man   (hombre rico)

They oughta get a rich man to vote like that.""

Nur went on to the Middle East and came back a rich man.

Song Jinjian (; 1821–1863), a local rich man, acquired it.

rich and poor   (Rico y pobre)

The theme of the song is the divide between rich and poor.

The gap between rich and poor is going to become colossal.

His rule was criticized for a growing disparity between rich and poor.

rich source   (fuente rica)

This area provides a rich source of examples for design theory.

The flowers are a rich source of pollen and nectar for honeybees.

However, Ido has proven to be a rich source of Esperanto vocabulary.

rich cultural

The village has rich cultural talents in Yakshagana.

This region has a very rich cultural tradition.

It is renowned for its rich cultural heritage.

rich family   (familia rica)

Walpot hailed from a rich family from Mainz.

"The character comes from a rich family and has lived in Singapore.

Fiza belongs to a rich family while Zaid is just a white collar guy.

rich and powerful

He sets out to woo rich and powerful investors by hosting a lavish party.

In return Christ gives him the power of speaking out against the rich and powerful.

Dagmar's clients are mostly rich and powerful men, including senior politicians of the day.

rich variety

The Andalusian wetlands host a rich variety of birds.

There is a rich variety of plants and Costa Rican wildlife.

The waters of the islands support a rich variety of marine life.

rich and famous

The rich and famous spectators often arrive on their boats and the yachts through the harbour.

With generous plots accommodating huge townhouses it has accommodated the rich and famous from its outset.

Instagram and YouTube gives regular people an opportunity to become rich and famous all from inside their home.

rich people

Various dignitaries and rich people lived in Tianjin.

In France, early organised sport was a matter for rich people.

Less controversial are lists of rich people, doctors, or parents.

rich heritage   (herencia rica)

Bengali literature has a rich heritage.

Goa has a rich heritage of Konkani liturgical music and hymns.

The University has a rich heritage in intercollegiate athletics.

rich soil

It has been and still is a farming community with very rich soil.

The Tanum area has a rich soil, and is the site of a number of farms.

With its rich soil, St. Kitts and Nevis grow a wide variety of fresh produce.

rich collection

McGreevy amassed a rich collection of photographs, clippings, and other baseball memorabilia.

The church has a rich collection of icons, some of them predating the existence of the church.

It also features a rich collection of artifacts documenting the everyday life of Alsatian Jews.

rich tradition

Kerala has a rich tradition in Carnatic music.

It has a long and rich tradition in the sport.

Medieval India has a very rich tradition of Insha writing.

particularly rich   (particularmente rico)

Christmas Eve is particularly rich in traditions.

A particularly rich genus in the river basin is the potamid "Sinopotamon".

The grounds of the house were particularly rich in ferns, mosses, liverworts, and lichens.

become rich   (hacérse Rico)

Though clever and wise, he wants to become rich without hard work.

He moved to Alaska in 1909, hoping to become rich off of gold mining.

Omar Faig financed the magazine himself, but becoming the publisher he didn’t become rich.

extremely rich

The collections of Dazhao Temple are extremely rich.

The protein is glutamine extremely rich, and glycine poor.

Gimjeongguk was very poor, but Imjeongguk was extremely rich.

rich girl

This led him to choose a rich girl, completely opposite of what Seetha would have chosen.

A spoilt rich girl flees from her home when her father gets engaged to a woman she hates.

She said the theme of the capsule was "a boujie rich girl enjoying the finer things in life.

rich agricultural

Quail Hollow Park is in a rich agricultural area.

It is a rich agricultural zone producing predominantly corn and soybeans.

The location controls a formerly rich agricultural area and an important trade route.

so rich

His wife Linta is rich and spoiled and loves to brag about how she is so rich.

"We were told that our big brother India is so rich and we are dying of poverty and hunger.

He supplied arms to Mauritius, becoming so rich he could advance large sums to the Spanish government.

rich culture

The region has a rich culture and a strong identity.

Andhra Pradesh has rich culture and heritage.

Villanueva, is well known for its music and rich culture.

between rich

The theme of the song is the divide between rich and poor.

The gap between rich and poor is going to become colossal.

His rule was criticized for a growing disparity between rich and poor.

rich businessman

Babloo is the only son of a rich businessman (Cochin Haneefa).

Bade, a rich businessman worked with his younger brother Chote.

Eventually he became a successful sweet seller and a rich businessman.

get rich

It's the same as playing the lotto, dreaming about nonsense, trying to get rich when you are 80."

However, Wario, wanting to sell the pills to get rich, attempts to steal the Megavitamins, but to no avail.

"The Mr. Universe title was my ticket to America—the land of opportunity, where I could become a star and get rich."

between the rich

The first half of the novel focuses mainly on the comparison between the rich and poor.

Let us reduce the enormous and growing inequality between the rich and poor in our society.

The inverse is also true and this is one factor in the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

rich cultural heritage   (rico patrimonio cultural)

It is renowned for its rich cultural heritage.

His most acclaimed works symbolize the rich cultural heritage and folklore of his land.

Because of its great variety of peoples and languages, Chad possesses a rich cultural heritage.

rich and varied

Holstebro has a rich and varied cultural life.

The music of Central Asia is rich and varied and is appreciated worldwide.

The rich and varied flora and fauna of the bays are a result of this tidal action.

rich diversity

The Park has a very rich diversity of flora and fauna.

New Guinea has a rich diversity of coral life and 1,200 species of fish have been found.

became rich

Soon Jalil became rich, became the owner of lands, ships, mines.

Tobias He became rich from cattle herding and later an orange grove.

Many Islanders became rich without ever setting foot on a sailing vessel.