İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

own right   (kendi hakkı)

The building is also of interest in its own right.

She was also Countess of Boulogne in her own right.

She did not seek election in her own right in 1956.

right hand   (sağ el)

Now, the right hand side is by Pascal's identity.

With his right hand, he makes the sign of blessing.

His right hand shows East and left hand shows West.

right side   (Sağ Taraf)

The badge is worn on the right side of the uniform.

On these models the exhaust is on the right side.

He mainly played many matches as right side back.

right bank   (doğru banka)

The right bank of the river is high, with ravines.

It is located on the right bank of the Maira.

Nová Baňa lies in right bank of Hron river.

right wing   (sağ kanat)

This led to a lot of dismay in right wing Germany.

The pod was carried on the right wing glove pylon.

Sayyed Ahmad commanded the army's right wing.

left and right   (sol ve sağ)

From the main temple the road forks left and right.

He batted left and right and threw right-handed.

To his left and right are two rubber leaves compositions.

right to vote   (oy kullanma hakkı)

Women had the right to vote and stand for elections.

In addition, women still did not have the right to vote.

By 1900 they also lost the right to vote.

right back   (hemen geri)

Mainly a right back, he can also play as a midfielder.

I tried to call you right back... Of course I love you.

It is named in honour of right back Simona Arghir-Sandu.

right flank   (sağ kanat)

He and Grant decided to target Lee's right flank.

Stricker posted them instead on his right flank.

Ingale and Sidhoji Pawar on right flank.

right now   (şimdi)

I'm mirroring something that I'm seeing right now.

Extend her short-term contract right now, Corrie!"

He seems to be more at ease with himself right now.

right arm   (sağ kol)

Males have a hectocotylus on the fourth right arm.

Sullivan's right arm was wrenched in the 15th.

At a very young age, polio left his right arm withered.

left to right

Listening from left to right versus right to left.

An example found at Cerveteri used left to right.

If calculated by hand, should go from left to right.

right up   (hemen yukarı)

This keeps the engines clean right up to the exhaust.

He continued to work right up to the end of his long life.

Many famous ships met their end here right up to the 1950s.

right before   (hemen önce)

The screenplay was completed right before crank-in".

"Zakouma elephants are getting massacred right before our eyes.

It was a community in its own right before the municipal mergers in 1977.

right field

Before this addition, it was over to right field.

Fairview was behind right field, to the west.

He also played four games at right field.

right tributary   (sağ kol)

The Itz is long and a right tributary of the Main.

It is a right tributary of the Berkel near Vreden.

It is a right tributary of the Tauber in Werbach.

right of way

The line was built on private right of way wide.

No additional right of way has been purchased since then.

The railway bought and fenced-off its entire right of way.

right angles   (doğru açılar)

The pickoff roller axes were at right angles.

Its dihedral angles are all right angles.

The slots were at right angles to the direction of movement.

right tackle   (doğru mücadele)

In 2016, he started all 13 games at right tackle.

In 2019, Parker started three games at right tackle.

In 1972, he became the starter at right tackle.

far right   (aşırı sağ)

His tomb is within the far right of the walled enclosure.

He is characterised as representative of Ukraine's far right.

On the far right a column indicates the entrance to Hades' palace.

right away   (derhal)

Settlement did not take place right away, however.

Moore played right away in college as a freshman.

Gluttony What it right away," says Santa Claus.

no right

A gendarme had no right to critique his orders.

There is no right to a 'heckler's veto.'"

Women had no right to choose their own husbands for example.

right leg   (sağ bacak)

Women lift the right leg only slightly off the ground.

He was born without a femur in his right leg.

So my right leg has been acting kinda funny.

right thing   (doğru şey)

I know they’re not doing the right thing for me."

I don't think that's the right thing to do."

He then consults with Holt regarding what's the right thing to do.

right guard   (sağ bekçi)

On October 3, 2019, Jones replaced right guard D.J.

He became the starting right guard on October 14, 2012.

Urbik was slated to start at right guard for them in 2012.

right knee   (sağ diz)

Men bring the right knee forward into a lift.

In 1991, Woods injured his right knee in the preseason.

In the pre-season of 2014–15, Amin injured his right knee.

right eye   (sağ göz)

It was also during this time that he lost sight in his right eye.

At a young age he became blind in his right eye after an infection.

He was the one who attacked Badou, causing him to lose his right eye.

right winger   (sağ kanat oyuncusu)

Todorov plays as a right winger or a right fullback.

He started his career playing as a right winger.

He played right winger or right midfielder.

right time   (doğru zaman)

"There is no time that is not the right time."

He finds the right time and reveals his love.

You came at the right time, and left at the right time."

right foot   (sağ ayak)

There is a fragment from the base with the remains of the right foot.

Gear change is by right foot and the rear brake operated by left foot.

His right leg is bent, with his right foot just touching his left heel.

right to use   (kullanma hakkı)

A landowner who has their property border a river has a right to use that land.

By 1830 the right to use Polish in courts and institutions was no longer respected.

the right to use it for one home premiership fixture against Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

right and left

Right and left - see "changes of right and left."

He played many matches as right and left side back.

He batted right and left and threw right-handed.

right shoulder   (sağ omuz)

I received a wound in my right shoulder.

It is worn on the right shoulder.

But he was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma in his right shoulder joint.

right next   (Hemen yanındaki)

Little does she know Hunter Scott is right next to her.

then jumps into bed right next to Porky and states, "I'll wait!"

A Coles supermarket is built right next to the city-bound platform.

right through   (tam içinden)

The blade slices right through the performer's body.

His first pitch went right through the boards.

This eventually eroded right through to create an arch.

right end

Druze, who was known as "Tarzan", was the right end.

Towards the right end they pass over a curved wooden bridge.

Alzado started at right end opposite future Hall of Fame inductee Howie Long.

all right   (tamam)

It's probably not a great film, but it's all right.

It is all right to supplement the works of God.

If this makes me a keyboard warrior, that is all right.

right hand side

Now, the right hand side is by Pascal's identity.

But then with all terms on the right hand side in .

Trail 6 is located on the right hand side of the road.

left or right

It can be a result of left or right brain damage.

Either the left or right hand can be dominant.

The player controls Sonic by tilting the device left or right.

right halfback

By his sophomore year in 1892, he was the captain and right halfback.

McAfee was selected as the right halfback on the 1942 All-Navy All-America football team.

After the war, he returned to Indiana and played part of the 1946 season at right halfback.

right corner

“Le8banedre3 leis” is seen in the lower right corner with blue beads.

The poem in the upper right corner was added in 1759 by the Qianlong Emperor.

A corner of Vermeer’s The Music Lesson can be seen in the upper right corner.

constitutional right   (Anayasal hak)

The court judged that it was the shop owners constitutional right to forgo service to someone.

The project works to ensure the right of litigation as a constitutional right, and to enhance the rule of law.

Albania is a secular state without an official religion, with the freedom of religion being a constitutional right.

legal right

"There was no legal right to search," she said.

They have no legal right to enter a house until they win the house at auction.

However, until a husband was found, the king had the legal right to Eleanor's lands.

human right

He also was insistent on education as a human right.

However, it has also been argued that such close monitoring breaches the human right to privacy.

GNI esteems freedom of expression and privacy each as a "human right and guarantor of human dignity".

right angle   (dik açı)

If and form a right angle, one has This is the Pythagorean theorem.

This right angle forces the steps into a shape resembling a staircase.

Sometimes a right kite is defined as a kite with at least one right angle.

right fielder

He began the season as Toronto's starting right fielder.

Hunter was the new starting right fielder for the season.

Tommy Thevenow followed with a two-run single to right fielder Ruth.

right to freedom

In the ICCPR, the right to freedom of expression is not an absolute right.

He attacked Tony Blair and the BBC, and defended the BNP's right to freedom of speech.

Notable cases: Article 9 provides a right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

granted the right   (hakkı verdi)

Unions were granted the right to freely organize.

He was granted the right to appeal, but no appeal was filed.

In 1648, other imperial estates ("Reichsstände") were granted the right of coinage.

exclusive right   (özel hak)

In 1879, Williamson acquired a one-year exclusive right to perform "H.M.S.

The right of use can be granted as a non-exclusive right or an exclusive right of use.

For instance, modification (derivative works) is not an exclusive right of mask work owners.

given the right   (doğru verilen)

The female members are also given the right of share to the property in the HUF.

Afterwards, they were then also given the right to start the midweek lottery draws.

Contrary to all precedent a "Foreign Affairs", Maxwell was not given the right to reply.

right direction   (doğru yön)

The jumper may also not be facing the right direction.

I think he pushed me in the right direction.

Yet optimism remains that the continent is heading in the right direction.

right to left

Listening from left to right versus right to left.

From right to left, they were commanded by Brig.

It is written from right to left in horizontal lines.

won the right

But the team won the right to compete in the NBB 2011-2012.

Curaçao won the right to represent the federation in Belarus.

On 28 September 2016 Lee won the right to have a judicial review.

right place   (Doğru yer)

"I was asked to help bring Persiba to the right place.

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time."

We just happened to be in the right place at the right time."

lower right

There is a cane field in the background.” Signed lower right.

Issuing from lower right is a yellow hemisphere grid lined black.

“Le8banedre3 leis” is seen in the lower right corner with blue beads.

right to privacy   (Gizlilik hakkı)

The government protects their right to privacy.

The right to privacy is a highly developed area of law in Europe.

Also, employees who work in religious-run institutions enjoy a right to privacy.

right turn   (sağa dönüş)

It's a short exit with a hard right turn leading to a stop sign.

Hook turns were originally the standard right turn in Australia.

This is nowadays the standard type of right turn manoeuvre at a four-way intersection.

right way   (doğru yol)

"It's not enough for someone to vote the right way.

Kerala shows the right way in this regard also.

The Divinity has projected man showing him the right way to go.

top right

Select the little note at top right to settle parameters 3.

The top right has a golden lion for the Spanish kingdom of León.

The 1979 AC/DC album "Highway to Hell" is seen at the top right of the cover.

not right   (doğru değil)

Let's just say things were not right."

Something is not right there.

Gene recognizes Willoughby's name and suspects that something is not right.

upper right

Insignia on Shield: Portcullis is upper right.

Their lineage relationships are shown in the figure in the upper right.

The poem in the upper right corner was added in 1759 by the Qianlong Emperor.

extreme right   (aşırı sağ)

However he stressed that the party was not part of the extreme right.

He sat with the extreme right.

On the extreme right were the château, garden, and orchard of Hougoumont.

just the right   (sadece doğru)

Delvy could see a music trend coming and capture it at just the right time.

It's never great singing but his deadpan Welsh-American accent gives it just the right edge.

The b&w photos complement the text very well and many add just the right background for the poems.

right to life   (Hayat hakkı)

The 1983 Eight Amendment granted the full right to life, and personhood, to any "unborn".

Under the heading "Life", the section states, in full, ""Everyone has the right to life.""

But later, the scope of the "right to life" expanded to recognize the "legal value of sensations."

right down   (sağ aşağı)

"Once it got to 3–1, I threw it right down the middle.

The mummy is also a method of ridicule here, right down to its name, Allamistakeo.

For example, the letter A is worth 1 point, B is worth 2, C worth 3, right down to Z which is worth 26.

right to represent

Curaçao won the right to represent the federation in Belarus.

She won the title, and received the right to represent the state at Miss USA.

She earned the right to represent Indonesia at the Miss World 2018 pageant in China.

right shows

The figure on the right shows a weak 2-coloring of a graph.

The diagram to the right shows the effects of depreciation.

The table at the right shows two possibilities for 2-by-2 matrices.

right to choose   (seçme hakkı)

Women had no right to choose their own husbands for example.

The woman has the right to choose any of the men or to reject them all.

We believe all students have the right to choose who their representatives are”.

right to play   (oynama hakkı)

They earned the right to play in the 2015 CAF Super Cup.

1 seed, for the right to play for the national championship.

A champion defeated in a match had a right to play a rematch a year later.

right in front   (tam önünde)

Alexander bunted right in front of the plate.

Then I saw right in front of me a cluster of saving clouds.

It is located outside of the northern medina's fences right in front of Bab Jebli.

earned the right

They earned the right to play in the 2015 CAF Super Cup.

Esat Hilmi Bayindir earned the right to go.

Dybo is declared the winner, and has earned the right to rule.

right across   (tam karşısında)

It can be seen right across the Upper Hutt Valley.

Maya lives right across from Govindan Kutty's house.

Gen. Isaac R. Trimble's brigade on the right across the Port Republic Road, Brig.

fundamental right   (temel hak)

Journalists can face violence and intimidation for exercising their fundamental right to freedom of expression.

This provides a legal justification through which to consider the right to privacy as a fundamental right of the individual.

It also ruled that Panta, as a member of a "gender and sexual minority", is entitled to the fundamental right to live a life with dignity without discrimination under the Constitution of Nepal.

right to make   (yapma hakkı)

The right to make a plea in mitigation is absolute.

Any debtor owning property has the common law right to make an assignment.

Rodin willed to the French state his studio and the right to make casts from his plasters.

including the right

His practice focused on the civil rights including the right to free speech.

The women's rights movement, including the right to higher education, was still at an early stage in 1847.

It was not until the American Revolutionary War that Jews gained legal rights, including the right to vote.

right and wrong

He taught me right and wrong.

First, the distinction between right and wrong is highly context-dependent.

For example, "Is it ever possible to have secure knowledge of what is right and wrong?"

right half

Henry played at right half back on the Dublin senior football team.

Thus we can differentiate which photons hit the left or right half of the detector.

The right half forward's main opposing player is the left half back and vice versa.

right whales   (sağ balinalar)

Some even chased right whales on passage through the strait.

A breeding pair of pygmy right whales were retained in a netted area.

Bowhead whales are comparable in size to the three species of right whales.

located right   (doğru yer)

It is located right at the Greek-Albanian border.

The Comrades Social Club is located right beside the ground.

The Takamatsu Bus station is also located right next to Maritime Plaza.

bottom right   (sağ alt)

His portrait is nested among the clergy at the bottom right.

Suppose then, that the first player takes only the bottom right hand square.

At the bottom right is the inscription "NAFEA Faa ipoipo" ("When will you marry").

right behind   (hemen arkasında)

The Council Chamber of County Hall is preserved right behind glass doors.

She is unaware that Sonny is right behind her, and he lifts the heeled shoe.

The transmitter was on a cabinet right behind the turntables, made by Granger.

right handed   (sağlak)

She bats right handed and bowls right-arm off break.

Listed at , , he batted and threw right handed.

She bats right handed and bowls right-arm medium-fast.

right to hold

In return for this service, people subject to it gained the right to hold land.

A market is mentioned in 1374, and the right to hold markets is confirmed in 1400.

The local nobility had the right to hold the low court in only about one fifth of the territory.

find the right   (doğruyu bul)

He has gone to great lengths to find the right kind of studio production.

They can also have difficulty trying to find the right words to make a sentence.

Sarah is doubtful, but when she tries to find the right dress, Ellie's prediction is justified.

right to free   (serbest bırakma hakkı)

But part of the ACLU supported Ford's right to free speech.

Three major newspapers supported Bryant's right to free speech.

They also demanded the confirmation of the serfs' right to free movement.

s right   (doğru)

First is the child’s right to education on the basis equal opportunity (article 28).

"My pieces always have melody and form and a rhythm that’s right there for you," she says.

At the end of the round, Gutknecht’s right eye was badly swollen and almost completely shut.

right hemisphere   (sağ yarıküre)

A very small number of people can experience aphasia after damage to the right hemisphere only.

Tapping is assumed to trigger the rhythmic component of speaking to utilize the right hemisphere.

However, left-handed individuals are more likely to have a dominance of language in the right hemisphere.

women the right   (kadınlar haklı)

Turkey gave women the right to vote in 1930 for municipal elections.

In 1896, Utah became the third state in the U.S. to grant women the right to vote.

It was the first Arab country in the Persian Gulf to allow women the right to vote.

s right   (haklı)

First is the child’s right to education on the basis equal opportunity (article 28).

"My pieces always have melody and form and a rhythm that’s right there for you," she says.

At the end of the round, Gutknecht’s right eye was badly swollen and almost completely shut.

things right

She also says that one day, he'll set things right.

Vowing revenge, Clay forms an outfit of vigilantes to set things right.

"Filmfare" gave it four out of five stars: ""YPD2" gets two things right.

right onto

Continue on Meridian Road and turn right onto Groh Road.

SR 101 ends its concurrency with SR 269 by turning right onto Main Street.

The infantry continued to Asbury Chapel and right onto a cross road to reach Gooney Manor Road.

right to participate   (katılma hakkı)

He also renounced the right to participate in Austrian affairs of state.

For this reason, Brahmins have a right to participate in the court of justice.

Twelve teams accepted the invitation within the deadline and got the right to participate.

right to take

God gave you life, it ain't your right to take that.

They belong to me, and (Aeroplan) has no right to take them away from me."

The monarchy was restricted, and all citizens were to have the right to take part in the legislative process.

turns right

Then, turns right to Rue Jacques-le-Ber.

At 40 Avenue NW, 106 Street turns right and resumes as 106 Street.

Route B19 turns right (east) onto the Barossa Valley Way in the centre of the town.

starting right

He became the starting right guard on October 14, 2012.

He began the season as Toronto's starting right fielder.

Hunter was the new starting right fielder for the season.

right to host

The right to host such a game would be determined by a random draw.

The top seed earned a first round by and the right to host the event.

right when   (tam zamanında)

His description was proven right when Rachel was found in Silverton.

Soon after the patient began to lean toward the right when standing or walking.

And right when he was ready to finish, he would add his sweetener: he liked to use honey.

right to work   (doğru iş)

Article 32 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea reads: Every citizen has the right to work.

The second was held on 8 December on a popular initiative on the "right to work", and was also rejected.

The refugees had no right to work in Egypt and were provided with food rations and minimal amounts of cash aid.

hockey right

Marc Wieser Marc Wieser (born 13 October 1987) is a Swiss professional ice hockey right wing who is currently playing for HC Davos of the National League (NL).

Jonas Bergqvist Jonas Pär Bergqvist (born 26 September 1962 in Hässleholm, Sweden) is a retired Swedish ice hockey right winger, who twice won an Olympic medal in his career.

Oleksandr Materukhin Oleksandr Materukhin (born 17 October 1981) is a Ukrainian-Belarusian professional ice hockey right winger currently playing for HC Yugra in the Supreme Hockey League (VHL).

turn right

Continue on Meridian Road and turn right onto Groh Road.

Turn left towards Chinmaya School and turn right by Asha Lata Kendra.

At State Route PR-143 hikers turn right to continue South on Trail #9.