Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

riot police   (la policía antidisturbios)

Five riot police were killed.

Sometimes riot police or other forms of law enforcement become involved.

Young demonstrators clashed with riot police and attacked government property.

riot control   (control de disturbios)

Riot helmets are worn for riot control.

This launcher can also be used to launch tear-gas and riot control grenades.

The training was specifically designed for public order and riot control services.

race riot   (disturbio racial)

The hotel was destroyed in the Tulsa race riot.

Following an 1856 Nashville race riot, whites tightened controls on free Negroes in the area.

He later worked with NAACP Civil Rights lawyer Scipio Jones in the aftermath of the 1919 Elaine race riot.

riot broke   (disturbio estalló)

In July 23, 1882, the riot broke out in Uigeumbu.

In July 1863, when a draft riot broke out in Boston, they were sent to restore order.

On October 10, a riot broke out that left three policeman and several strikes injured.

riot gear   (antidisturbios)

The police intervened in riot gear to contain the protest.

It was executed by over 1,000 ICE police, in some cases backed by local police with riot gear.

A large group of policemen arrived in riot gear, wearing helmets and carrying batons and shields.