increased risk   (増大するリスク)

The disease causes an increased risk of bleeding.

People with epilepsy are at an increased risk of death.

INH may be associated with an increased risk of seizures.

high risk   (リスクが高い)

Drained peat is also at very high risk of forest fire.

Some recommend them in those at high risk.

It is therefore considered to be at a high risk of collapse.

risk factors   (危険因子)

Many of these risk factors predict multiple problems.

pessimism) have been found to be risk factors for anxiety.

47% of all Americans have one of these three risk factors.

risk management   (危機管理)

The focus on real-time risk management paid off.

Banks can review their risk management system.

Derivatives can be used either for risk management (i.e.

reduce the risk   (リスクを減らす)

Eating large amounts of fish may also reduce the risk.

Safeguarding devices can be implemented to reduce the risk of injuries.

CHCs may reduce the risk of ovarian, endometrial and colorectal cancer.

higher risk

Maffucci syndrome carries a higher risk for cancer.

For contractors involved in a higher risk trade (e.g.

Shift work is also associated with a higher risk of MI.

increase the risk   (リスクを高める)

Lifestyle factors can increase the risk of hypertension.

Getting vaccinated does not increase the risk of epilepsy.

This can increase the risk of dead zones to occur in the lake.

risk factor   (危険因子)

One risk factor for this is duodenal diverticulum.

Pregnancy itself is not a risk factor for TB.

Gun access is also a major risk factor for youth suicide.

risk of developing

The risk of developing respiratory infections is increased.

Relatives of patients have an increased risk of developing the disease.

Chronic users of paracetamol may have a higher risk of developing blood cancer.

risk assessment   (リスクアセスメント)

tornado climatology, for risk assessment studies.

Outside of athletics, du Preez is a risk assessment analyst.

Outside of his athletic career, Du Preez works in risk assessment as an analyst.

greater risk

A combination of cow- and sickle-hocks poses a greater risk.

There is, however, a greater risk of side effects with their use.

Of the two, Shor's offers the greater risk to current security systems.

increases the risk   (リスクを増大させる)

Swaddling increases the risk for hip dysplasia.

Smoking increases the risk for diabetes by 45%.

Having a female partner increases the risk of BV by 60%.

risk of death   (死の危険)

The risk of death among those infected is about 25%.

There is no risk of death prior to the start of play.

People with epilepsy are at an increased risk of death.

low risk

There are basically four classes, ranging from low risk to high risk.

There is low risk appraisal upside and substantial exploration potential.

As such, estetrol is expected to harbor a low risk for drug interactions.

health risk   (健康上のリスク)

Awareness of a possible health risk with potting mix protected against illness.

The BMI cut-offs are presented with an emphasis on health risk rather than weight.

This implies a great health risk caused by energetic particle radiation for any manned mission to Mars.

significant risk   (重大なリスク)

Falls from heights are a significant risk for panel installers.

Comb renewal and queen problems were identified as significant risk factors.

To this day the lake remains at significant risk of water loss and high salinity.

lower risk

This species is listed as lower risk, near threatened.

It may present a lower risk of inducing seizures than other carbapenems.

People with Down syndrome have a lower risk of hardening of the arteries.

security risk

A state education official accused her of being a poor security risk.

Exposing file system related data to user-space was also seen as a security risk.

cancer risk   (がんのリスク)

This exposure may be associated with a very small increase in cancer risk.

Albiglutide causes immunogenicity in rodents, so its cancer risk could not be assessed.

Therefore controversies on cancer risk at low population levels of dioxins are understandable.

risk of injury

The risk of injury varies with the mode and classification of the dive.

Such storms pose a risk of injury or death to humans and animals in the storm path.

These usually utilize safeguarding devices to protect the operator and reduce risk of injury.

risk of infection   (感染のリスク)

Costs associated with these donations include pain and risk of infection.

As with all surgery, arthroscopic labral reconstruction has a small risk of infection.

BV may increase the risk of infection with or reactivation of human papillomavirus (HPV).

reduces the risk

This markedly reduces the risk of contamination during processing.

Periodic inspection and replacement of grates and screens also reduces the risk.

A permit eases travel and reduces the risk of being turned back at a checkpoint.

no risk

There is no risk of death prior to the start of play.

It poses no risk to the subject.

It has no risk of liver damage.

credit risk

The variance gamma process has been successfully applied in the modeling of credit risk in structural models.

In September, Shanghai Data Exchange released a credit risk profile product that offers a database of 50 million enterprises.

The actual rate that borrowers and lenders receive on the market will depend on (perceived) credit risk, maturity and other factors.

risk reduction   (リスク削減)

They specialize in balance and mobility as a strategy for fall risk reduction.

But if expressed as absolute risk reduction, it is a reduction of just 0.2 percent.

SMAP builds on the heritage and risk reduction activities of NASA's cancelled ESSP Hydros Mission.

reducing the risk

There are numerous proposals aimed at reducing the risk of patent wars.

Small piers offer less resistance to the water flow, thus reducing the risk of undermined foundations.

The bent end of the safety pin increases the force required to remove it, reducing the risk of accidental arming.

financial risk   (財務リスク)

The still-outstanding financial risk cover was sorted out in July 2007.

A higher operating margin means that the company has less financial risk.

SPEs are typically used by companies to isolate the firm from financial risk.

risk analysis

Löfstedt teaches risk analysis at King's College London.

Quantitative risk analysis has been applied to IT security in a major US government study in 2000.

He previously worked with the provincial Office of the Fire Commissioner, and was involved in risk analysis and hazard assessment.

not risk

De Sourdis' larger flagship, L'Europe, of 34-guns could not risk entering the shallows.

Political pressure from above to not risk the LPD forced Commodore Clapp to alter this plan.

Nina begs Vladimir to do something, but he cannot risk endangering his part in the next day's operations.

potential risk   (潜在的リスク)

Class I devices present the lowest potential risk and do not require a licence.

There has been little talk of the potential risk of increased promiscuity ("z'nut").

This can potentially exaggerate the relation between a potential risk factor and the disease.

risk of losing

When Peter returned to Cyprus he was in risk of losing his throne.

However, a large calorie deficit will also create the risk of losing muscle tissue.

There was more risk of losing them and if the rubber ring was too tight, it would constrict the penis.

great risk   (大きなリスク)

Similar to many other Western African languages, Bade is a vulnerable language at great risk of extinction.

"Jack" Beverlin, who prevented the collapse and explosion of an Atlas rocket at great risk to their own lives.

Many of those fly ash basins were unlined and also were are great risk of spilling and flooding from nearby rivers and lakes.

risk of extinction   (絶滅の危険)

These fish are all vulnerable or at the risk of extinction.

The species faces a high risk of extinction in the near future.

The event may put a species at risk of extinction or upset an ecosystem.

rather than risk

Investigators believed that he would inform on suppliers rather than risk ruining a successful music career.

After consultations with his doctors the decision was made for McAllister to retire rather than risk long-term damage to his body.

This convinced Brueys that rather than risk an evening battle in confined waters, the British were planning to wait for the following day.

increasing the risk

Closing an abscess immediately after draining it appears to speed healing without increasing the risk of recurrence.

Stewardship may reduce the length of stay by an average of slightly over 1 day while not increasing the risk of death.

Alcoholism can have adverse effects on mental health, causing psychiatric disorders and increasing the risk of suicide.

risk associated

Transmission from other hosts would tend to overestimate the infestation risk associated with nits.

The primary risk associated with eggs is food-borne illness caused by "Salmonella enteritidis" bacteria.

Moving from a country of high sanitation to a country of low sanitation reduces the risk associated with the disease.

risk losing

Some owners risk losing their hotels if Melchiorri's innovations don't work.

In addition, units who move constantly lose organization and risk losing supply, so poorly executed attempts to blitzkrieg can be stopped.

England failed to win any series during the 1960s, a period dominated by draws as teams found it more prudent to save face than risk losing.

relative risk   (相対危険度)

Values of AF close to 1 indicate that both the relative risk is high, and that the risk factor is prevalent.

Three statistical terms rely on EER for their calculation: absolute risk reduction, relative risk reduction and number needed to treat.

Another criticism is that outcomes are presented in terms of relative risk reduction to exaggerate the apparent benefits of the treatment.

highest risk

African-Americans have the highest risk of mortality due to cancer.

Several tornadoes, including some strong (EF2+) ones, were expected in the highest risk area.

West Virginia is the state with the highest risk that a motorist will hit a deer whilst driving.

reduced risk

Laparoscopic surgery has a reduced risk for creating adhesions.

Benefits include reduced risk and improved efficiency of operation.

In addition, best practices reduced risk by 71% compared to other software implementations.

serious risk

There was the serious risk of both footpads (i.e.

It has been documented that the practice poses a serious risk of spreading herpes to the infant.

The United States' Environmental Protection Agency states that all forms of arsenic are a serious risk to human health.

personal risk

The nature of the work placed him at considerable personal risk.

Dr. Sarma, at personal risk, helped save a lot of flood victims during the floods in Warangal.

It uses alternative pedagogical tools to work with youth who are marginalized or at social or personal risk.

risk of cancer   (がんのリスク)

Although cancer syndromes exhibit an increased risk of cancer, the risk varies.

The germline mutations are carried through generations and increase the risk of cancer.

Exposure to PFAS can affect the immune system, increase cholesterol and increase the risk of cancer.

run the risk   (危険を冒します)

Deep emotional relationships run the risk of deep emotional pain.

So much so, in fact, that many Megamarketers run the risk of being perceived in a more negative light

However, sandbaggers run the risk of beating their dial-in time, thus disqualifying them from the race.

risk assessments   (リスク評価)

These made it difficult to make accurate risk assessments of the securities.

EERI performs risk assessments on earthquake potential sites around the world.

There can be risk assessments at each of the various stages of a robot’s development.

reduce risk   (リスクを減らす)

CFDs cannot be used to reduce risk in the way that options can.

This could include long-term contracts to reduce risk on either side.

The company also began to take over and control its hotel restaurants to reduce risk.

risk of flooding

The brook's flow is now much reduced and the risk of flooding has declined.

The Chu River posed a risk of flooding for settlements located in the Chu Valley.

Its aim was to reduce the risk of flooding and to re-route the international border which ran along the old course of the Rhine.

minimize the risk   (リスクを最小限に抑える)

Training is used to minimize the risk of such outcomes.

The currency basket peg is commonly used to minimize the risk of currency fluctuations.

Patients were also divided up to minimize the risk of spreading illnesses to other patients.

without risk

Radiosurgery is itself not without risk.

Although serious adverse effects are rare, acupuncture is not without risk.

Because they are unmanned weapons, missiles allow for attacks on heavily defended targets without risk to human pilots.

risk of heart   (心の危険)

It is for this reason that extreme caution should be taken with those who may be at risk of heart disease.

The hospital warns that this oil has been strongly correlated with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Vegetarians have a lower risk of heart disease, possibly due to their greater consumption of fruits and vegetables.

risk of severe   (重度のリスク)

Palivizumab is used to reduce the risk of respiratory syncytial virus in children at increased risk of severe disease.

On April 8, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) first introduced a risk of severe weather in their day 6 outlook, valid on April 13.

A moderate risk of severe weather was issued by the SPC for August 24, with a significant threat for tornadoes, some of which could be strong.

most at risk   (最も危険にさらされている)

Children living in tropical American countries are most at risk.

Private-dug–well waters are most at risk for containing inorganic arsenic.

The North American porcupine is most at risk from the fisher ("Martes pennanti").

decrease the risk   (リスクを減らす)

They do decrease the risk of having a further myocardial infarction.

It may also decrease the risk of certain types of cancer, particularly colorectal cancer.

They did so to decrease the risk of excessive deer populations causing damage to the vegetation.

less risk   (リスクが少ない)

They also pose less risk of being contaminated.

Later studies however showed that although older people had less risk of developing cancer, the risk was not zero.

The extent of negotiation depends on the partner's involvement, for example, less risk behavior the less negotiation needed.

level of risk

This level of risk is called the "significance".

The mode and techniques chosen must also allow the dive to be done at an acceptable level of risk.

This "abnormal" extra return above the market's return at a given level of risk is what is called the alpha.

fire risk   (火災リスク)

Because of the potential fire risk, the kitchen was a separate building.

There are varied opinions over CSST's fire risk and it has been involved in litigation.

Such doors pose a substantial fire risk to occupants of occupied buildings when they are locked.

own risk

The roadies get an envelope saying "open at your own risk".

She also stated that people should listen at their own risk.

The batter-runner himself may attempt to advance beyond first base, at his own risk.

risk of cardiovascular   (心血管のリスク)

They are often recommended in those at an elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A diet high in fruits and vegetables decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Numerous studies have also found that consumption of "trans" fats increases risk of cardiovascular disease.

risk due

Children of war rape are also at risk due to neglect by traumatized mothers unable to provide sufficient care.

The expansion in the fall was considered a risk due to the increased costs of events run at that time of the year.

Human life is another risk due to bushmeat being eaten when it is known to be a non dietary supplement of solid food.

risk of having

This risk of having a wrong prediction is greater.

Cocaine use also increases the risk of having a heart attack.

They do decrease the risk of having a further myocardial infarction.

risk for developing

Children exposed to violence are also at risk for developing mental and physical health problems.

Women taking part in these sports may be at an increased risk for developing female athlete triad.

Exposure to 1 sievert is associated with a 5 percent increase in risk for developing fatal cancer.

willing to risk   (喜んでリスクを負う)

Bomber Command, however, was still willing to risk aircraft to attack targets in daylight on occasion.

The other part of his solution was to insure the ships of grain merchants who were willing to risk travelling to Egypt in the off-season.

After considering their options, Picard returns to the planet's surface and announces that he is willing to risk the wrath of the entity.

risk of becoming

Therefore, acitretin is generally not recommended for women of child-bearing age with a risk of becoming pregnant.

This choked developments GEnie could have made, but didn't dare deploy at the risk of becoming even more "too successful."

Drake chose to ignore them, alleging unfavorable winds and too much risk of becoming embayed by the Spaniards in the Bay of Biscay.

avoid the risk   (リスクを避ける)

To avoid the risk of injection site reactions, melarsoprol must be given slowly.

He decided to defeat them all separately to avoid the risk of being defeated by a large unified Persian army.

Britain acquired them by default when she bought "Constitución" in 1903 to avoid the risk of the ship being acquired by Russia.

pose a risk   (リスクをもたらす)

Such storms pose a risk of injury or death to humans and animals in the storm path.

High levels of NHN can be highly toxic to water ecosystems and pose a risk to the biota within these streams.

They also pose a risk to drivers, with around 6,000 traffic collisions involving red deer taking place each year.

flood risk   (洪水リスク)

It has been cited as a main contributor to the high flood risk in central and low-lying areas of Belfast.

The reservoir is used for hydropower, recreation, flood risk management, water quality, irrigation, and as a fish and wildlife habitat.

This should also help the local population as the flood risk will decrease as a result of allowing flooding further upstream and in fields adjacent to the river.