rivalry between   (間の競争)

The rivalry between the two schools dates back to 1913.

The rivalry between both sets of fans remains very strong.

football rivalry   (サッカーの競争)

More recently, the song became associated with the Michigan–Ohio State football rivalry.

The rivalry with Singapore FA was a football rivalry that occurred between 1921 till 1994.

On November 24, in the annual Michigan–Ohio State football rivalry game, Michigan (ranked No.

rivalry game   (ライバルゲーム)

10) met in their annual rivalry game to determine the Big Ten championship.

The Hawkeyes spoiled the Gophers' homecoming in this high-scoring rivalry game.

Cal and Stanford traditional rivalry game - the Big Game, became a rugby match.

intense rivalry   (激しい競争)

normally share an intense rivalry.

As early as the 60s, a fierce and intense rivalry grew up between Partizan and Red Star.

With Crusaders election to the Irish League in 1949, the intense rivalry gradually faded away.

fierce rivalry   (激しい競争)

The Minotaurs have a fierce rivalry with Paradise Honors High School.

Essendon also has a fierce rivalry with Hawthorn stemming from the 1980s.

The Hong Kong press frequently reported a fierce rivalry between Tam and fellow singer Leslie Cheung.

bitter rivalry   (苦い競争)

Two civil wars resulted from bitter rivalry between the Conservative and Liberal parties.

The bitter rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers has been going on since the 1970s.

There were accusations of dirty play and unprofessionalism, that added fuel to an already bitter rivalry.

friendly rivalry

The two men enjoyed a friendly rivalry, and kept the dialog going within the movement.

The game was planned to be released around the same time as "Polda 2" and there was a friendly rivalry between the two titles.

Although the two clubs are in different conferences, Cleveland has a friendly rivalry with fellow Ohioan NPSL club FC Columbus.

sibling rivalry   (兄弟の競争)

He was also spurred on by sibling rivalry with his elder brother.

He credits sibling rivalry with sparking his initial fascination with cartooning.

The film evolves into an exploration of family, sibling rivalry, coming out, and reconciling with the past.

football rivalry between

Bills–Patriots rivalry The Bills–Patriots rivalry is a professional American football rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots.

LSU–Texas A&M football rivalry The LSU–Texas A&M football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the LSU Tigers and Texas A&M Aggies.

Brown–Rhode Island football rivalry The Brown–Rhode Island football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Brown Bears and Rhode Island Rams.