across the river   (川を横切る)

In 1874, the "Hope" bridge was built across the river.

His men swam across the river and destroyed the enemy.

The Federals retreated across the river during the night.

along the river   (川に沿って)

Flooding along the river has been a major problem.

The area along the river was forested at that time.

Fishing and camping are popular along the river.

river flows   (川の流れ)

The river flows through a steep forested valley.

Near Veratto, Tidone river flows into Po river.

The Jona river flows through the municipality.

river valley   (River Valley)

The town is situated in the Hron river valley.

A backswamp lies lower than the rest of the river valley.

The river valley is home to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

small river   (小さな川)

The village is built along the small river Råelva.

It crosses the valley of the small river Weihe.

It is assumed that the small river is Dusa.

river valleys

The habitat consists of slopes in steep river valleys.

It tends to grow in river valleys and meadows.

Alluvial soils of river valleys are ideal for banana growing.

river basin   (河川流域)

Water quality is variable in the river basin.

Gundla Brahmeswara Sanctuary is located in the river basin.

Each river basin has for the most part it own sets of darters.

near the river   (川の近く)

They place the statue near the river.

It was built near the river Nemunas.

It is located near the river Linde and a recreational bicycle path.

river bank

The river bank in this location has a sharp incline.

Pépel and the baron discuss life along the river bank.

He attempted to set down on a river bank, but his jet exploded on impact.

cross the river   (川を渡る)

High School students must cross the river to Cobram.

Ewell's brigades were hurried forward to cross the river.

It the N-110 and the AP-51 cross the river over concrete bridges.

river near   (近くの川)

It flows into the Morava river near Hanušovice town.

A once well-used ford crossed the river near Golant.

Death Railway crosses the river near Anankwin village.

crossed the river   (川を渡った)

For millennia, travelers crossed the river by ferry.

A once well-used ford crossed the river near Golant.

By Allah, none crossed the river with him, but a believer."

up the river

The steamer proceeded up the river.

He managed to get as far as the Enfield rapids, about 60 miles up the river.

USS Plymouth was employed sailing up the river Potomac, with Lieutenant Tilley.

down the river   (川を下る)

Lower down the river supplies the Dikgatlhong Dam.

Her blouse got stuck on her way down the river to, also, end her life.

Grazing land was not available further down the river for some decades.

river banks

Traditionally, they live in long houses on river banks.

It habitat includes cracks, river banks and clayish soil.

Typical habitat for it is on river banks and forest edges.

river system

The Tonlé Sap lake and - river system occupies the lowest area.

The river system is about long.

The government of Japan classifies it as a second-class river system.

river bed   (河床)

The reserve is also in place to protect the original river bed.

It had a height of above the river bed, with a depth of foundation.

Omuramba Ovambo The Omuramba Ovambo is an omuramba (dry river bed) in Namibia.

main river   (本川)

The area's main river is the Cuautitlán River.

The main river through the district is the Lam Takhong.

The Dharoi dam is located on the main river.

river crossing   (河川横断)

The river crossing is done over a metallic bridge.

The river crossing over the Turunchuk River was here.

A river crossing here once linked Mobile and Baldwin counties.

river systems

The Environment Agency measure water quality of the river systems in England.

Dam removal has led to the restoration of many river systems in the Pacific Northwest.

As such, it forms a unique natural canal between the Orinoco and Amazon river systems.

crossing the river

It means "crossing the river to the west".

Opening fire from the village, it made crossing the river hazardous.

Seeing the ease of crossing the river, he assumed the Confederates were retreating.

river flows through

The river flows through a steep forested valley.

The Jona river flows through the municipality.

It is an earthen dam that plugs the river flows through.

river mouth   (河口)

The river mouth is about northeast of Seward.

In one river mouth, many boats were damaged.

This puts the river mouth on what is now the site of piazza Municipio.

river water

That year, all the river water was diverted at San Acacia.

The dam diverts river water into the Socorro Main Canal operated by the MRGCD.

It had an innovative sluice gate that directed river water into the system’s Main Canal.

major river   (大河)

Kalu River was a major river for this transportation.

Another major river, the Paraná, has its source in Brazil.

West of Lake Chad is the basin of the Niger, the third major river of Africa.

river between

On State Highway 52, a bridge crosses the river between Ajaraka and Dadhiya.

The bridge crosses the river between LaSalle and Oglesby, at river mile 225.8.

The competitors reached an agreement to split the traffic on the Kootenay river between them.

crosses the river

The Thames Path crosses the river at this point.

It crosses the river and goes to the left bank.

longest river

The Euphrates is the longest river of Western Asia.

The Vltava is the country's longest river, at 430 km.

It is the third longest river in the state.

river rises   (川が上がる)

The river rises northwest of Halle (Westf.)

The Jona river rises near the municipality.

The river rises in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

river runs

The river runs in narrow, deep and steep valleys.

The river runs generally from north-west to south-east.

The White Drin river runs through the canyon.

above the river

At Óbidos, a bluff above the river is backed by low hills.

The bridge span over the arch above the river was tested first.

It had a height of above the river bed, with a depth of foundation.

river passes

Valapattanam river passes through this village.

The river passes Rio Nido and Guerneville.

The Dulnain river passes close to Bogroy.

river port   (河川港)

The combinat operates its own freight river port.

Seville has Spain's only commercial river port.

It spans between Lesnaya Street and Samara river port.

largest river

Gabon's largest river is the Ogooué which is long.

With a length of , it is the largest river in the region.

Mzymta is the largest river in Russia emptying into the Black Sea.

river basins   (河川流域)

They do not occur naturally in the Fraser and Columbia river basins.

The site is on the important route between Váh and Nitra river basins.

This causes problems when there are cities and contaminants in river basins.

river then

The river then takes on the outflow of Gull Lake.

The river then turns south and enters Mackinac County.

The river then flows shrubland.

long river   (長い川)

Arc (Provence) The Arc is an long river in Southern France.

The long river flows through the city of Townsville and empties into the Coral Sea.

Nishiki River The is a 110 km long river, the longest in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

river forms

The river forms much of the boundary between the Flores and Soriano Departments.

In the city center, the river forms two lakes, both prominent features in Hamburg's cityscape.

The river forms south of the city of Camagüey, at the confluence of Río Tínima and Río Hatibonico.

river channel

The glacial river channel is not abandoned.

The river channel existed until at least 1690, when it is shown on a map of Cork.

As the slope of the river channel decreases, it becomes unstable for two reasons.

river flowing

The biggest river flowing into the Sea is the Indus River.

It is an ephemeral river flowing in Zimbabwe and Botswana.

At , the Severn is the longest river flowing through England.

river located

Negukthlik River Negukthlik River is a river located in Alaska.

The "Aal" is a small river located only within the town's territory.

Yagüez River The Yagüez River () is a river located in western Puerto Rico.

nearby river

The nearby river Åelva is a very good salmon river.

A nearby river is named the Caraguatá River.

It is named for the nearby river Dinkel.

river crossings   (川の交差点)

The original bridge was constructed in 1859, one of the few river crossings on the Belfast and County Down Railway.

Its failure to capture the river crossings at the River Merderet resulted in a delay in sealing off the Cotentin Peninsula.

According to a 2004 study, 150,000 jobs and $13 billion in annual production depend on the river crossings connecting Detroit to Windsor.

river descends

The river descends over its course.

river flow

When sediment laden river flow reaches a dam's reservoir, the water slows down as it pools.

Deforestation in the catchment area has led to increase in the silt content of the river flow.

Along with raising the salmon, scientists work to manipulate river flow to encourage more salmon to return.

bank of river

It is on the bank of river Krishna.

Gupteshwar Temple is located along the bank of river Brahmaputra.

Situated at the bank of river Ganga waterway is being seen as a good transportation perspective.

up river

When filled, the reservoir will have backwater reach of about up river.

"Sachem" transferred the officers to "Richmond" and then headed back up river.

She then had to retreat up river back to Wilmington, where her crew burned her.

river begins

The river begins on Mt.

The river begins in the Charente department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

The river begins at the confluence of the North Fork Tolt and South Fork Tolt rivers.

river traffic

Its capture would disrupt commercial river traffic.

There is some river traffic on the Niger and Milo rivers.

between the river

A dismantled railway line runs between the river and the A70 for the remaining of its course.

Koster's family on his father's side had lived between the river Reest and the Dedemsvaart canal since the 19th century.

Its stone was used mostly to build statues and buildings between the river delta and the southern regions of the kingdom.

river delta   (デルタ川)

The original sediments were deposited in a river delta approximately 70 million years ago.

Here the river slows considerably, dropping sediment that might otherwise form a river delta.

About 50 million years ago a river delta existed there, and much grit and sand were deposited.

down river   (川を下る)

Miguel escapes, and Nicole and George flee down river on a boat.

On the night of 17 January 1815 they moved down river from Whampoa.

Coming down river Miller charged 50 cents a bushel to carry out the farmers' wheat.

river that flows

Øverlandselva Øverlandselva is a river that flows through Bærum, Norway.

River Alt The River Alt is an urban river that flows across Merseyside in England.

Tahan River The Tahan River () is a river that flows through Taman Negara in Malaysia.

large river

River Slaney The River Slaney () is a large river in the southeast of Ireland.

They are endemic to Brazil, occurring in large river channels in the Amazon River basin.

"S. nattereri" is restricted to large river channels in the lowlands of the Amazon basin.

river below

They successfully shot Diana, but she managed to escape by jumping to the river below.

The women took their children and threw themselves into the flames or the river below.

The lower part of the river below the "Goat Pond" is marked as Goat Creek on topographic maps.

river itself

Rainbow Lake is a widening of the river itself.

It seems clear, however, that the river itself was named after the tidal crossing.

Skyscrapers tower, and the river itself is covered in pipes, canals, and fishermen.

when the river   (川が)

However, when the river silted up the Khmers abandoned the area.

After that, when the river has calmed down people found bones of drowned diggers in Kostela.

Within the gorge are a number of waterfalls, audible from outside the caves when the river is high.

river enters

The Spiliakos river enters the sea at Kolymvari.

From Andhra Pradesh State, The river enters Bellary district.

The river enters a forested, hilly area between Connecticut Route 118 and Thomaston.

lower river

The lower river is navigated year-around with canoes.

Only of the lower river are navigable for oceangoing ships.

"Kuling" was sold to China Merchants Steam Navigation Company for lower river service.

river through

The main river through the district is the Lam Takhong.

The highway runs to the northeast away from the river through forests.

The A70 road follows the river through Douglasdale, and on to the Clyde.

perennial river

Cordeaux River The Cordeaux River, a perennial river of the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment, is located in the Southern Highlands and Macarthur regions of New South Wales, Australia.

Thomson River (Queensland) The Thomson River is a perennial river that forms part of the Lake Eyre Basin, situated in the central west and western regions of Queensland, Australia.

Mooney Mooney Creek The Mooney Mooney Creek, a perennial river that is part of the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment, is located in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia.

river originates

Godavari river originates from this place.

The river originates from the Lesser Slave Lake at the town of Slave Lake.

The river originates in the Bolshoye Porzhenskoye Lake and flows into Kenozero Lake.

river turns

After being crossed by U.S. Route 101 the river turns northeast.

For the highway follows adjacent to the Deep River, before the river turns due south.

Near Longview, Washington and the Cowlitz River confluence, the river turns west again.

river otter   (カワウソ)

The North American river otter is sexually dimorphic.

An adult North American river otter can weigh between .

An adult North American river otter has a total of 36 teeth.

river continues

The river continues west until its mouth at the head of the Simadal Fjord.

The river continues meandering its way across open farmland towards Brimpton Common.

The river continues through the Lower Gorge to the Indian border at an elevation of .

important river

The Alster is Hamburg's second most important river.

It is an important river for whitewater kayaking and rafting.

It is the most important river of central Italy after the Tiber.

river was named

The river was named by John Palliser in 1858 after a Cree.

It is thought that the river was named in 1887 by the surveyor C W Nyulasy.

The river was named after the Director of a Victorian Squatting Company T.A.

river during

The Federals retreated across the river during the night.

Five children died in a mishap along the river during a church outing.

She commanded her own vessels and traded along the river during her career.

banks of river

The village is located on the banks of river Yamuna.

This temple is situated on the banks of river Cooum at Koyambedu.

It is situated on banks of river Penna which is passing through the town.

overlooking the river

The main cave is near the top of a cliff overlooking the river.

The six terraces now serve as event space overlooking the river.

At the north portal, overlooking the river, a safety railing has been built across the tunnel.

local river

They struck coinage with depictions of the local river god.

In 1963, they were renamed Dvina Vitebsk after local river.

Tilottama Municipality is named after the local river Tilottama.

around the river   (川の周り)

The area around the river still floods frequently.

The region around the river used to be swampy.

The traditional owners of the areas around the river are the Wurla.

follows the river

The road roughly follows the river Nidelva the whole way.

The Forestry Trunk Road follows the river for much of its course.

The A70 road follows the river through Douglasdale, and on to the Clyde.

river passes through

Valapattanam river passes through this village.

The river passes through the city of Tirana, only a few kilometers from its southern end.

Finally, the river passes through the city of Ebetsu before it flows into the Ishikari River.

river level

The typical river level range where it joins the River Aire is between and .

The river level at Thames Ditton was the highest since recording began in 2003.

The place contains four floors, and under the first floor, there is a river level.

river otters

On the coast, harbour seals and river otters are common.

North American river otters often reside in beaver ponds.

North American river otters are polygynous.

river channels

They are endemic to Brazil, occurring in large river channels in the Amazon River basin.

"S. nattereri" is restricted to large river channels in the lowlands of the Amazon basin.

Eventually the former hill became lower than the river channels which once flowed around it.

river is long   (川は長い)

The river is long, and it has a drainage basin of .

The river is long and has a drainage basin of .

The river is long and has a cumulative drainage area of .

river mile

The bridge crosses the river between LaSalle and Oglesby, at river mile 225.8.

It joins the Deschutes River at river mile 83.7 (134.7 km upstream from the mouth of the Deschutes).

Creation of Lake Shafer began in 1922 with the construction of the Norway Dam at river mile 30.2 above the confluence of the Wabash River.

river runs through

The White Drin river runs through the canyon.

Sutlej river runs through it.

A tributary to the Malski (Sadinski) Lom river runs through the village.

upper river

Zambia and Namibia both have plans to expand irrigation in the upper river basin.

Steamers came late to the upper river, the section stretching from Yichang to Chongqing.

Flow on the upper river is measured by a gauging station at Partney Mill, consisting of a Crump weir with a crest.

river in northern

Fan (river) The Fan is a river in northern Albania.

Jamni River Jamni River is a river in northern India.

Mantua River The Mantua River is a river in northern Cuba.

river called

This village is surrounded by river called Bhandiya.

She helped in reviving a biologically dead river called Pasig.

The valley has a river called Vaca.

river flows generally

The river flows generally eastward, with occasional diagonals southeast or northeast.

The river flows generally westwards before draining into Cardigan Bay at Aberystwyth where it shares the harbour with the River Rheidol.

From there the river flows generally north, past Harpster and Stites, before reaching its mouth on the Clearwater at Kooskia, at an elevation of .

towards the river

The abutments are decorated with the coat of arms of Leeds looking towards the river.

The locations are listed in order as one goes down the Hooghly River towards the river's mouth.

Most of the vineyards are planted on a plateau with a southern aspect facing towards the river.

short river

Mistaya River The Mistaya River is a short river in western Alberta, Canada.

The narrows between the second and third lakes is a short river with a sandy channel.

Licauquén River Licauquén River a short river or "riachuelo" south of Lebu and west of Cañete.

river beds

The Yemen monitor often lives close to shallow water or in dry river beds.

Still to this day, drained bits of ancient river beds can be found throughout the village.

The west flank of the Bhagirathi is a lateritic tract intersected by numerous bils and old river beds.

river transport

They relied heavily on river transport.

Captain Armstrong supervised British river transport in the Middle East, on the Nile and Tigris river.

Instead, Armstrong supervised British river transport in the Middle East, on the Nile and Tigris rivers.

great river   (大河)

In 1542 Jean Allefonsce reported that he had coasted south from Newfoundland and had discovered a great river.

The Caribbean region merges next to and is connected with the Andean highlands through the two great river valleys.

In particularly hard times, they migrate beyond their home range to the great river valleys in the south of the country.