İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

rivers and streams   (nehirler ve akarsular)

A number of lesser rivers and streams also flow to the sea.

They often end up in ocean waters through rivers and streams.

It occurs in lowland reservoirs and slow flowing rivers and streams.

major rivers   (büyük nehirler)

North Bihar is a playfield of eight major rivers.

Several major rivers flow directly to the Aegean Sea.

There are a number of major rivers within the British Isles.

rivers or lakes   (nehirler veya göller)

There are no rivers or lakes on either atoll.

Around the City there are waters, rivers or lakes, along with the city wall.

Despite being on the lake, the borders of the municipality do not include any rivers or lakes.

either rivers   (her iki nehir)

Of the rest of the land, or 5.7% is settled (buildings or roads), or 1.1% is either rivers or lakes.

Of the rest of the land, or 86.4% is settled (buildings or roads), or 6.1% is either rivers or lakes.

Of the rest of the land, or 10.0% is settled (buildings or roads), or 0.8% is either rivers or lakes.

main rivers   (ana nehirler)

The main rivers are the Zadorra River and Bayas River.

The main rivers in the state itself are the Spree and the Havel.

The main rivers are the Un and Yam.

rivers and lakes   (nehirler ve göller)

Early plans included the use of real water in scale rivers and lakes.

It is found in a diversity of habitats, including both rivers and lakes.

Its rivers and lakes are home to several species of fish and crustaceans.

streams and rivers   (akarsu ve nehirler)

Ghana is drained by a large number of streams and rivers.

The rice is cultivated in the flooded zones between streams and rivers.

Numerous streams and rivers overflowed their banks, resulting in extensive flood damage.

between the rivers

In fact, the name Ağva means "between the rivers".

It occupies a spur between the rivers Aso and Tenna.

Metz is located between the rivers Moselle and Seille.

lakes and rivers   (göller ve nehirler)

Others are based on the state's lakes and rivers.

As lakes and rivers become more acidic biodiversity is reduced.

Ferry service over inland lakes and rivers is provided by the provincial government.

small rivers

Several small rivers feed into the bay through the town of Tralee.

Including small rivers, a total of 10 rivers flow through the city.

From the north flow the Sestra River, Porvoo, Vantaa and several other small rivers.

other rivers   (diğer nehirler)

It is fed by the Khuiten River from the east and other rivers from the north.

In subsequent years, gharials were also released into five other rivers in the country.

The epithet "Kamniški" differentiates the river from many other rivers named "Bistrica".

rivers flow

Several major rivers flow directly to the Aegean Sea.

All of these rivers flow into the Amazon River.

large rivers

It contains both large rivers, the Aare and the Reuss.

Cuban gar spawn seasonally in the floodplains of large rivers.

They generally live in large rivers, with mud, sand or silt bottoms.

many rivers

Here are the sources of many rivers.

The city is embellished with many rivers and 600 tile-roofs houses.

Each region incorporates watersheds from many rivers of similar clime.

rivers flowing

The major rivers flowing to the sea at the coast are the Lodma and the Zolotitsa.

Major rivers flowing from the Rocky Mountains offer hydroelectric power resources.

The other Bulgarian rivers flowing directly to the Aegean are the Struma and the Mesta.

forests and rivers

The government has designated several regions as Ecologically Critical Areas, including wetlands, forests and rivers.

Because of this, New Brunswickers tend to attribute their cultural heritage less with the sea and more with their forests and rivers.

The town of Okunezato was based on the real-life town Karuizawa; Kanazawa had wanted to set a game in the actual Karuizawa, but was asked to make it a fictitious place, so he took artistic liberties with the location and changed it to a crescent-shaped town surrounded by forests and rivers; some specific areas remained largely unchanged, such as Okunezato's main street, based on the Old Karuizawa Ginza Avenue.

several rivers

It is a wetland that is drained by several rivers.

As a result of the rainfall, several rivers in the state experienced flooding.

Bogarra is situated in a fertile valley containing several rivers and many fields.

along rivers

It can occur both along rivers and at the coast.

It lived in old-growth forests along rivers and in swamps.

It is commonly found along rivers.

along the rivers

Their villages are situated in the warmer areas below 700 metres elevation, near and along the rivers.

It prefers moist undergrowth, woodlands, hedgerows and banks along the rivers at an altitude of above sea level.

Fluvial sands and rubble together with deluvial sediments of clay and sand origin lie along the rivers and creeks.

following rivers

Ulfe Ulfe may refer to the following rivers in Hesse, Germany:

Pietrosu Pietrosu (meaning "rocky") may refer to several places in Romania: and to a village in Moldova: and three mountain peaks in Romania: and the following rivers in Romania:

Kleine Röder Kleine Röder is the name of the following rivers in Germany: <onlyinclude>* Kleine Röder (Große Röder), right tributary of the Große Röder near Cunnersdorf, municipality of Ottendorf-Okrilla, county of Bautzen, Saxony

important rivers

Other important rivers include the Sillo, Bodíón, Zaos, and Godolid rivers.

This rain-fed river is long and is one of the most important rivers in the district.

The two most important rivers of the region are the Main and its primary tributary, the Regnitz.

rivers such

Other rivers such as the Danube have major tributaries flowing into them that originate in the Alps.

Keeping rivers such as the Merrimack in Concord open and free flowing was the objective of the new NHWF.

There it would be diverted to the headwaters of rivers such as the Colorado River and the Yellowstone River.

near rivers   (nehirlerin yakınında)

Many villages were built near rivers or along the coast.

They are generally found near rivers or over floodplains.

they prefer to live in forest near rivers and lakes, were moisture is higher.

intermittent rivers   (aralıklı nehirler)

In the Costa, the external coast has mostly intermittent rivers that are fed by constant rains from December through May and become empty riverbeds during the dry season.

In the Costa region, the Costa Externa has mostly intermittent rivers that are fed by constant rains from December through May and become empty riverbeds during the dry season.

rivers that flow

Both valleys derive their names from the rivers that flow through them.

Andalusia has rivers that flow into both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

It is located between two rivers that flow into the Black Drin river, at the foot of Mount Korab.

list of rivers

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