İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

main road   (ana yol)

Pennsylvania Route 68 is the main road in Eidenau.

Anzac Drive is a main road just outside Kalgoorlie.

This is the main road of northeastern Gibraltar.

road between   (arasındaki yol)

Namchi lies off the road between Melli and Jorethang.

Kuloy is served by a road between Konosha and Kizema.

It lies on the B1229 road between Speeton and Flamborough.

road race   (yol yarışı)

The road race events were held in Antwerp, Belgium.

He won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games road race.

The women’s road race competed in a field of 33 athletes.

along the road   (yol boyunca)

Each year over 25,000 bikers cycle along the road.

The airstrip is along the road south of the village

A memorial slab remembers the event along the road.

road network   (karayolu ağı)

There is access of road network in all area of VDC.

Andorra has a road network of , of which is unpaved.

The road network in the Czech Republic is long.

road through   (yol boyunca)

The major road through Stroud is the Bucketts Way.

The main road through Prachinburi is Route 319.

Total length of the road through Croatia is .

new road   (yeni yol)

A new road was put in that connects Columbia St.

A new road was built and named "Tømmerløypet."

The construction of the new road is scheduled for 2019.

access road   (giriş yolu)

Along the main access road there is also a Zoo.

Connaught Road West is the major access road.

It is in elevation and can be reached via an access road.

toll road   (paralı yol)

At one time this was a railway-operated toll road.

This toll road will end in Madyopuro, Kedungkandang.

The toll road was completed in 2004 built by PT.

road trip   (yol gezisi)

The two bond as brothers during the road trip.

The closed out the road trip with three in Kansas City.

The Sox went on a lengthy, 10-game road trip.

road bicycle   (yol bisikleti)

Andrea Elle Andrea Elle (born 1940) is a former East German road bicycle racer.

The village of Palù di Giovo is home to several professional road bicycle racers:

Apple Team Apple Team () is a professional road bicycle racing team from Kazakhstan.

road passes   (yol geçişleri)

The R425 regional road passes through the village.

Just west of Portage, the road passes under I-94.

The road passes through the following places:

road racing   (yol yarışı)

His grandson Marcus Fåglum also became a leading road racing cyclist.

For many, the Isle carries the title "road racing capital of the world".

Carr left the dirt tracks to go road racing for two years (1996 and 1997).

road bridge   (yol köprüsü)

It covers the west approach to the Wreigh Burn road bridge.

In 1994 the station was resited to remove a low road bridge.

Designing a road bridge over the Boyne was not an easy task.

road continues   (yol devam ediyor)

The road continues south into Buescher State Park.

South of Frenchtown, the road continues as Route 29.

The road continues through wooded mountains with a few homes.

road leading   (yol liderliği)

8 of the Roman road leading from Milan to Monza.

The town was built on the main road leading from Vilnius to Minsk.

As a result, there is a road leading up to the summit from Minions.

professional road   (profesyonel yol)

He then became a professional road racer, but with little success.

He was the first Manxman ever win the British professional road race title.

Wolfshohl became a professional road racer in 1960 by the Rapha-Gitane team.

road traffic   (yol trafiği)

He died in a road traffic accident in Belfast in 1930.

energy supply, agriculture, road traffic.

Trains, contrary to tram and road traffic, run on the left.

off the road   (yol dışı)

Namchi lies off the road between Melli and Jorethang.

A woman died after her vehicle was swept off the road.

Meade runs Gruen off the road but crashes his aircraft.

across the road   (yolun karşısı)

Ash swerves across the road in front of them while texting.

It is across the road from the former Woolsheds Methodist Church.

The only Zoo in Lithuania is located across the road from Ąžuolynas.

major road   (ana yol)

The major road through Stroud is the Bucketts Way.

Ludlam Road is a major road through the area.

A major road border crossing into Albania is located here.

ring road   (Çevre yolu)

Another ring road is under consideration.

These two bridges are part of the ring road around Bordeaux.

There is a ring road called the "Rocade" which is often very busy.

road construction   (yol inşaatı)

The state has been a pioneer in road construction.

Thus, the MCC would not complete road construction.

The earthwork was destroyed in the 1880s by road construction.

road connecting   (yol bağlantısı)

It is situated on the road connecting Dikili to Çandarlı.

The road connecting Kamnik and Gornji Grad traverses the pass.

The main road connecting Sanandaj to Hamedan crosses the mountains.

road running   (yol koşusu)

He began to change his focus to road running in 2007.

He began to focus on the 10,000 metres and road running in 2007.

He set a national record in 25 km road running (1:15:02 ) in 2010.

road runs   (yol koşusu)

The A390 road runs through the north of the parish.

The road runs through a fairly rural area in Birkenes.

The A258 Sandwich to Dover road runs through the parish.

pit road   (çukur yolu)

The Beneficiary will regain his lap once pit road opens.

Johnson led 40 laps, then came to pit road for green-flag pit stops.

During a caution, Matt Kenseth beat Busch off pit road to take the lead.

down the road   (yolun aşağısı)

They gallop down the road alongside the track and then swerve across it.

There is also a smaller beach located down the road from MacDonald Beach.

And who knows, maybe it has a few surprises up its sleeve down the road."

national road   (Ulusal yol)

It is connected by the SS 87 Sannitica national road.

In 2012, Lander won the Danish national road race championship.

Kusztor won the 2010 and 2012 national road cycling championships.

state road   (devlet yolu)

The route is the only signed four-digit state road in Florida.

The Franjo Tuđman Bridge spans it, carrying the D8 state road.

The state road L 394 links Gomaringen east-bound to Reutlingen.

road transport   (karayolu taşımacılığı)

The Town has all types of road transport system.

There is no Government road transport services.

It has good road transport links with easy access to both the A49 and A5.

road cycling   (yol bisikleti)

The championship consisted of a road cycling road race event.

Kusztor won the 2010 and 2012 national road cycling championships.

Bell represented New Zealand internationally in road cycling from 1973 to 1980.

dirt road   (toprak yol)

A dirt road travels from Mantua, Utah to Inspiration Point.

Residents used a detour on a dirt road.

He even tried driving a car along the dirt road beside the ranch.

road bicycle racer   (yol bisiklet yarışçısı)

Andrea Elle Andrea Elle (born 1940) is a former East German road bicycle racer.

Renate Damm Renate Damm (11 January 1947 - 27 June 2012) was a German road bicycle racer.

André Korff André Korff (born June 16, 1973 in Erfurt) is a German professional road bicycle racer.

road crosses   (yol haçlar)

The road crosses the Gaularfjellet mountains.

The road crosses Route 137 after .

The R693 road crosses the barony.

trunk road   (anayol)

The village is on the course of the A30 trunk road.

In the town of Makambako paved trunk road T6 branches off.

The A30 trunk road passes south of Hayle.

road course   (yol rotası)

There is a oval, and several road course configurations.

One form involves the race vehicles on an outdoor dirt road course.

She is married to fellow South African and road course architect, Alan Wilson.

paved road   (asfalt yol)

A paved road reaches the top of the volcano.

It not only has a Co-Op, but also a section of paved road.

It is the highest paved road in Malaysia.

county road   (ilçe yolu)

This county road designation lasted until 1993.

Lake Road, a paved county road, runs along the southwest shore.

Among these roads, Sussex (county road) 236 is among the most problematic.

road and rail   (karayolu ve demiryolu)

The route is shared between road and rail traffic.

Chenglapattu is well connected by road and rail.

Sheoraphuli is well connected by road and rail.

road accident   (yol kazası)

He had a road accident at the age of sixteen years.

He died in a road accident in Pune on 22 July 1995.

Kulothungan died in a road accident on 28 July 2018.

regional road   (bölgesel yol)

The R425 regional road passes through the village.

It is on the R207 regional road east of Lough Allen.

The main road is the R498 regional road from Nenagh to Thurles.

professional road bicycle   (profesyonel yol bisikleti)

The village of Palù di Giovo is home to several professional road bicycle racers:

Apple Team Apple Team () is a professional road bicycle racing team from Kazakhstan.

André Korff André Korff (born June 16, 1973 in Erfurt) is a German professional road bicycle racer.

local road   (yerel yol)

It brought a local road across Sand Creek.

The village is easily accessible by local road and rail networks.

It brings a local road over Oak Creek near McLaughlin, South Dakota.

road system   (yol sistemi)

The coastal main road system is not continuous.

Internally, the road system is in a very bad condition.

The spread was probably aided by the efficient Inca road system.

gravel road   (çakıl taşlı yol)

A gravel road extends along the top of the dam.

Anne, where it is a gravel road.

Tit-Ary on the other side of the river has a gravel road from Yakutsk.

road was built   (yol inşa edildi)

A new road was built and named "Tømmerløypet."

The road was built between 1956 and 1963.

The road was built from 1925 to 1932.

road safety   (yol güvenliği)

Their disregard of road safety puts every other driver at risk.

The wheels were enclosed in fairings, initially as a road safety measure.

The IAM's objective is to increase road safety by improving driving standards.

old road   (eski yol)

Today modern highways follow the route of the old road.

The halt is accessible via a series of steps to the old road below.

The shrine stands along the old road from Godič to Brezje nad Kamnikom.

arterial road   (anayol)

109 Street is an arterial road in central Edmonton.

105 Street is an arterial road in Downtown Edmonton.

99 Street is a major arterial road in south Edmonton.

road heads   (yol başlıkları)

The road heads through wooded areas with some farm fields and homes.

Now the road heads towards Goshen passing through Benton on the way.

The road heads through more rural areas before crossing into Freeburg.

road near   (yakın yol)

And the beginning area of the road near Sanam Luang.

Jalan Jim Quee, a road near Bukit Chagar, is named after him.

Today these trees still flank the park road near the campground.

road games   (yol oyunları)

They played seven road games in 11 days.

Two were pitched in road games.

In select road games, the Falcons wear black pants with white jerseys.

road access   (karayolu erişimi)

The Great Western Highway is the main road access route.

Sauraha has good road access for private-rental vehicles.

The museum has no road access, and is best reached by boat.

first road   (ilk yol)

The first road in Alaska was built on Woody Island.

It was the Cowboys’ first road playoff win in over a decade.

The Ksyrium wheelset was the first road to utilise this "fore" feature.

road signs   (yol işaretleri)

The player can also use detached road signs as weapons.

Expressway road signs are white on blue.

Road signs in Saudi Arabia These road signs are used in Saudi Arabia.

road passes through   (yol geçiyor)

The R425 regional road passes through the village.

The road passes through the following places:

The road passes through Durham Bridge, Nashwaak and Manzer.

road junction   (kavşak)

The road junction outside is known as Bank junction.

Phase 1 took its shape from the curve of the road junction.

It gives a diagrammatic representation of the road junction.

public road   (Halk yolu)

There is an unusual tidal ford on a minor public road.

There is a bund on the east of the north-south public road.

Prospect is traversed by minor public road and rural lanes.

road then   (o zaman yol)

The road then turns into Norwegian County Road 91.

The road then runs concurrent with Route 94 for .

The road then goes into a flyover, passing over Cheung Sha Wan.

road becomes   (yol olur)

At its northern end the road becomes Brecknock Road.

The southward continuation of the road becomes NY 270.

Upon entering Cuernavaca, the road becomes divided Free State Road.

road was extended   (yol uzatıldı)

By 1966, the road was extended to Americus.

On June 1, 1965 the road was extended north 0.7 mile to IH 40.

By 1999, the road was extended to its current southern terminus.

road connects   (yol bağlanır)

An east–west road connects Libreville and Mékambo.

Another road connects it with Gujranwala via Kalaskay.

The 36 km road connects Pulchowk, Naryanghat and Mugling.

road surface   (yol yüzeyi)

Each approach is long with a concrete road surface.

The typically muddy road surface caught out several drivers.

The road surface was laid and the tunnel opened for traffic in 1999.

road racing cyclist   (yol yarış bisikletçi)

His grandson Marcus Fåglum also became a leading road racing cyclist.

Iris Slappendel Iris Slappendel (born 18 February 1985) is a Dutch former road racing cyclist.

Steve Joughin Steve Joughin (born 23 June 1959) is a former professional Manx road racing cyclist.

connected by road   (karayolu ile bağlı)

Chenglapattu is well connected by road and rail.

Sheoraphuli is well connected by road and rail.

Varavoor is well connected by road and rail.

individual road   (bireysel yol)

In 1956, he finished in 22nd place in the individual road race.

The Men's individual road race HC C event took place on September 14.

The Men's individual road race HC B event took place on September 14.

road cyclist   (yol bisikletçisi)

She is the elder sister of track and road cyclist Fernando Gaviria.

His younger brother Giovanni Dalla Bona was also a professional road cyclist.

The "frazione" of San Nicolò Po was the birthplace of road cyclist Learco Guerra.

individual road race   (bireysel yol yarışı)

In 1956, he finished in 22nd place in the individual road race.

The Men's individual road race HC C event took place on September 14.

The Men's individual road race HC B event took place on September 14.

road game   (yol oyunu)

4 position in the polls prior to their road game at Houston.

5 in the Coaches Poll) and set up an important road game against No.

In their third game, the Baby Tide lost their second road game of the season at Ole Miss 15–13.

road linking   (yol bağlantısı)

A minor road linking Kirtlington with Chesterton uses its course.

Avoca lies on the R752 regional road linking Rathnew with Woodenbridge.

This is greatly facilitated by the asphalted road linking the two cities.

road along   (yol boyunca)

A road along the west coast of the island connects the two.

The Swiss Confederacy constructed a road along the Rhine to Sargans in 1491/2.

There is a road along the lake which gives the complete and close view of the lake.

undivided road   (bölünmemiş yol)

The route narrows to a four-lane undivided road as it continues north.

Here, PA 48 becomes an undivided road as it comes to an intersection with PA 130.

PA 10 is mostly a two-lane undivided road that serves Chester, Lancaster, and Berks counties.

road turns   (yol dönüşleri)

The road turns near a ridge and terminates near buildings.

At Barbu, the road turns north into the Barbudalen valley.

The road turns to the northeast and runs through residential areas.

road win   (yol kazanmak)

MSU pulled out the tough road win 67–59.

Ended L.A.'s 15-game road win streak.

He recorded his second during a Week 7 road win over the Chicago Bears.

main road through   (ana yol)

The main road through Prachinburi is Route 319.

The main road through the town is Phahonyothin Road (Highway 1).

The post box was located about 200 yards from her home on the main road through Ansley Common.

only road   (sadece yol)

The only road approached the city from the east.

The bridge over the spillway is the only road access to the turbine hall.

They sing that this is the only road they will ever travel in their lives.

road against   (karşı yol)

9), and it sole loss was on the road against Washington.

The Rebels trailed on the road against Baylor 24–21 with ten seconds left.

The 23-point victory marked the largest ever by Michigan on the road against Indiana.

road races   (yol yarışları)

She began competing in European road races in 2000.

In total he won 140 road races and 110 cyclo-cross races.

In 2008-2009 Colclough rode road races with Team Halfords Bikehut.

road vehicles   (yol araçları)

To carry road vehicles, flat wagons were attached.

Of the total greenhouse gas emissions from transport, over 85% are due to CO emissions from road vehicles.

Despite this, the station retains the post box, which is now cleared by Post Office staff in road vehicles.

road enters   (yol girer)

At Bull Mountain Road, the road enters a forest.

The main road enters the town from the north through a thin pass.

Just before junction 3 with Albrighton the road enters Shropshire.

road building   (yol yapımı)

This is usually connected to construction work and road building.

Much of the sandstone not suitable for this was used in road building.

While the road building went on, Washington pressed Tanacharison for more Indian support.

minor road   (küçük yol)

A minor road linking Kirtlington with Chesterton uses its course.

Ravenglass is connected by a minor road to the nearby A595 trunk road.

The next bridge is Clough's Bridge, carrying a minor road over the main channel.

road infrastructure   (yol altyapısı)

A road infrastructure project is planned on part of the mountain.

Dachau has a well-developed road infrastructure for regional transportation.

This is especially true in Guyana, where the road infrastructure is poorly advanced.

road towards   (doğru giden yol)

Not far along the road towards Ruthven Barracks is the small privately owned Speyside Distillery.

Soon afterwards, a trap pulls out of the stable yard and goes along the road towards Chesterfield.

Expansion of the road towards Cameroon through Pala and Léré is reportedly in the preparatory stages.

stretch of road   (yol kenarı)

The Plenty Road car park is a 11km stretch of road.

Between 1962 and 1965, minor rerouting work was done on the stretch of road.

On average, approximately 18,500 vehicles travel the 1.8 mile stretch of road a day.

road tunnel   (karayolu tüneli)

At , the tunnel was the longest road tunnel in North America until 2007.

The Mount Erlang Tunnel is a road tunnel that was dug through Mount Erlang.

The route was replaced by the long Lærdal Tunnel—the world's longest road tunnel.

wagon road   (vagon yolu)

The former wagon road is still in use as Wagon Train Trail.

U.S. Route 20 closely follows the original route of the wagon road.

He helped constructed a wagon road for the United States government.

road conditions   (yol koşulları)

The monitor can also be programmed with modern applications, such as weather and road conditions.

Driving time is approximately 4-5 hrs on average in good weather and when road conditions are good.

Heavy rain hit Córdoba in the days leading up to the rally, making the road conditions very difficult.

coastal road   (sahil yolu)

Queensway is the most important coastal road in Gibraltar.

A coastal road connects Kerevat to Rabaul in the north-east.

Sir Herbert Miles Road is an eastern coastal road of Gibraltar.

road north   (kuzey yolu)

Tarapur is located 3.3 km by road north of Jawad.

Hotavlje primarily lies along the road north to Kopačnica.

The village lies close to the A689 road north of Alston, Cumbria.

road curves   (yol eğrileri)

The road curves west into the city and becomes east–west Ash Avenue.

The road curves northwest and intersects 5th Street at a traffic light.

The road curves northeast and runs through a mix of farmland and woodland.

approach road   (yaklaşma yolu)

It is at on the approach road to Turkish motor way .

But there is no proper approach road to this station.

Israel also constructed an approach road and a ski lift.

motorcycle road   (Motosiklet yolu)

Tony Rutter Tony Rutter (born 24 September 1941) is a British former professional motorcycle road racer.

He has also competed as a motorcycle road racer at the national level and was a motorcycle land speed world record holder.

Juan Borja (motorcyclist) Juan Bautista Borja (born February 3, 1970), is a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer from Spain.

road map   (yol haritası)

The Florida State Road Department rendered Eugene on a 1936 road map.

For a road map see multimap.

On Dec 22 2009, the team outlined the road map for the game in the year ahead.

road car   (yol arabası)

It is based upon the Citroën C3 road car and is built to R5 regulations.

A high-performance road car like the Enzo Ferrari only achieves around 1g.

The "BMW M" division released its first road car, a mid-engine supercar, in 1978.

road links   (yol bağlantıları)

There are four or five other road links to Kashmir and Ladakh.

Internationally, Canada has road links with both the lower 48 US states and Alaska.

This road links many major highways in the country, forming the backbone of the road network in Mexico.

road that runs   (çalışan yol)

There's a little road that runs round the back of the ground.

Connel lies on the A85 trunk road that runs between Oban and Perth.

It is easily visible from the SS6 road that runs from Canelli to Asti.

road racer   (yol yarışçısı)

John Newbold (disambiguation) John Newbold was a road racer.

He then became a professional road racer, but with little success.

Wolfshohl became a professional road racer in 1960 by the Rapha-Gitane team.

up the road   (yolun üstüne)

Moments later a second tank came up the road.

Not round the corner, or up the road.

However, people who hike up the road are not guaranteed a bus ride down.