İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

main roads   (ana yollar)

The main roads generally radiate from Barcelona.

PR 1 also includes most main roads in the two parks.

All main roads and almost all regional roads are paved.

buildings or roads   (binalar veya yollar)

Of the rest of the land, or 8.9% is settled (buildings or roads).

Of the rest of the land, or 21.6% is settled (buildings or roads).

Of the rest of the land, 6.8% is settled (buildings or roads) and 9.0% is unproductive land.

local roads   (yerel yollar)

The least known are the so-called local roads.

About half of the connecting and local roads are paved.

Speed limit ranges from for local roads to on primary roads.

major roads   (önemli yollar)

There are six major roads in and out of the city.

The station is accessible from several major roads.

The following major roads cross over the creek:

public roads   (halka açık yollar)

there are of public roads, of which are paved.

Teeboy is traversed by minor public roads and rural lanes.

Leitra is traversed by minor public roads and rural lanes.

roads leading

The roads leading north and west were choked with fugitives.

The toppled trees covered busy roads leading to severe traffic jams.

Police patrols were also deployed on major roads leading to Yerevan.

access roads   (erişim yolları)

Most access roads are in poor condition.

Exploitation has been hampered by insecurity and access roads.

In 2017 an application was made to alter the access roads to the house.

paved roads   (taşla döşenmiş yollar)

The country would reach 200,000 km of paved roads in 2000.

The Bahamas contains about of paved roads.

There are no paved roads to the beach.

county roads   (ilçe yolları)

Secondary routes are known as county roads.

The village sits at the junction of Norwegian county roads 805 and 921.

Many smaller communities are only connected to this network via county roads.

new roads

Many new roads were built, and old roads were quickly repaired.

He had new roads built and pushed to keep roads in good condition.

In particular, outstanding new roads and city gates were completed.

toll roads   (paralı yollar)

Purwakarta can be accessed through toll roads.

The FTE owns and maintains of toll roads.

For information on toll roads, see List of Mexican autopistas.

roads and bridges   (yollar ve köprüler)

This practice of avoiding roads and bridges with tolls is known as "shunpiking".

Various other small streets, roads and bridges have been named after Savjibhai Korat

To slow the march of the Allied armies, the Germans blew up buildings, roads and bridges.

state roads   (devlet yolları)

This count does not include provincial and state roads.

Between its termini, SR 247 intersects with no state roads other than former ones.

The state roads are supplemented by of county-maintained highways, which carry unsigned county route designations.

dirt roads   (toprak yollar)

The more remote beaches can only be reached via dirt roads.

It is relatively inaccessible, requiring a drive of about over dirt roads.

It is accessible by surfaced roads, and dirt roads lead round the reservoir.

arterial roads   (arter yolları)

However, such arterial roads often experience traffic congestion as the city grows.

Pellegrini is also one of Rosario's arterial roads and one of its primary accesses from the west.

Gangtok is a linear city that has developed along the arterial roads, especially National Highway 31A.

other roads   (diğer yollar)

The name rhymes with the names of two other roads.

Several other roads were blocked by fallen trees.

Several other roads were washed out.

network of roads   (karayolu ağı)

Expressways in China are a fairly recent addition to a complex network of roads.

The settlement included a network of roads centred on a T-shaped main thoroughfare.

The NHS is a network of roads important to the country's defense, economy and mobility.

no roads

The basin has no permanent inhabitants, and no roads.

There were no roads, and the nearest bus was on Shmuel Hanavi.

There were no roads and weather conditions were generally bad.

roads within

The main roads within the village are the Prinsenbaan and the Kerkstraat.

The Detroit salt mine run by the Detroit Salt Company has over of roads within.

In 1930, the concept of specific regulation for roads within built-up areas appears.

rural roads   (kırsal yollar)

It has some at-grade intersections with rural roads.

Almost all the rural roads are paved.

The motorway is a dual carriageway with 4 lanes and has some at-grade intersections with rural roads.

roads through

The roads through Bent Mountain are also historic.

The A22 and A23 are the major trunk roads through Croydon.

It is the second longest of the roads through the Highlands of Iceland.

several roads

The hamlet also has several roads with bike paths or lanes.

Additionally, rainfall amounts ranging from left several roads impassable.

Earnhardt has several roads named after him, including a street in his hometown Kannapolis.

roads connecting

There are pitch roads connecting the different places of the village.

The park is relatively remote, with only a few roads connecting towns.

It lies on the fork of roads connecting Senec with Trnava and Senec with Modra and Pezinok.

secondary roads

Tricycles serve most secondary roads and city communities.

This program designates "backcountry byways" along secondary roads.

There are 129 national secondary roads, numbered between 100 and 257.

national roads   (ulusal yollar)

Cape Town is the origin of three national roads.

Of the national roads, 36% is asphalted.

The village is near the junction of Estonian national roads T12 and T13.

many roads

Bergen Peninsula has many roads and highways.

Scenic Drive Scenic Drive is the name of many roads including:

Seven boats were damaged, and many roads on the island were flooded.

construction of roads

Public investment was also minimal, particularly the construction of roads.

Rail companies accused the government of favouring road haulage through the subsidised construction of roads.

Tukdoji Maharaj was involved in social reforms in the rural regions of Maharashtra, including construction of roads.

minor roads

Torrewa is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.

Moneynure is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.

Drumlaydan is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.

such as roads

The Spanish built infrastructures such as roads and ports, as well as schools and hospitals.

Hiking and other ecotourism is possible here but infrastructure such as roads, security and signs are minimal.

List of public signage typefaces This is a list of typefaces used for signage in public areas, such as roads and airports.

roads around   (etraftaki yollar)

County Routes 3 and 520 also serve as major roads around Wickatunk.

The bypass involves a new bridge over the Neman river and new bypass roads around the towns.

The rural roads around Gangtok are maintained by the Border Roads Organisation, a division of the Indian army.

municipal roads

The total length of the road network is 1,650 km, of which 1,113 km national roads and 537 km municipal roads.

Historically, local communications is a successor term for the former obecní silnice (municipal roads) and obecní cesty (municipal ways).

Most of these follow county or municipal roads within the province that are not (currently) provincially controlled (though many were former provincial highways).

all roads

He soon finds that all roads now have police blockades.

Almost all roads end in Way, as likely observed in above paragraphs.

Their total length is 16,489 km (or 28% of all roads), 67% of them are paved.

frontage roads

It is not clear when these frontage roads received the MD 908 designation.

The frontage roads on either side of the U.S. Highway were constructed in the early 1950s.

Today, some segments of the original highway remain as side and frontage roads for the current highway.

build roads

John also tries to build roads between the cities.

Our engineers will build roads, bridges, airstrips and camps for UNTAG.

It is also authorised to build roads within its limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction.

forest roads

Some forest roads serve the upper part of this valley.

Cottage roads comprise about as much and forest roads about .

The valley of this river is served by a few branches of forest roads.

gravel roads

Dub is located along gravel roads, east of Marked Tree.

The event was based in Concepción and ran on gravel roads.

The Village is hugely rural and connected mostly with gravel roads.

service roads

However, these service roads were removed in September 2017.

The service roads merge into the expressway north of 26th Avenue (exit 6B).

Between 1952 and 1954, of service roads were constructed parallel to US 50.

roads between

John also tries to build roads between the cities.

There are no roads between settlements, only within them and around them.

It is one of few link roads between the Konkan and Ghatmaatha in Maharashtra.

roads and highways

Bergen Peninsula has many roads and highways.

Equatorial Guinea's roads and highways are underdeveloped, but improving.

The rainfall led to flooding and mudslides, which blocked roads and highways.

roads were built

In the 1850s, about 500 miles of plank roads were built.

Later, when the roads were built, the bridge was demolished.

Many new roads were built, and old roads were quickly repaired.

country roads   (köy yolları)

Now, it is not unusual to see sheep wandering along the country roads.

Restrict speeds nationwide on the highways to 120 km/h and country roads to 80 km/h.

Thanks to its winding country roads, the Black Forest is a popular destination for motorcyclists.

logging roads   (tomruk yolları)

More than of logging roads were constructed across the drainage.

Beyond maintained trails, old logging roads can be used to explore the area.

unpaved roads

The roads in the area are a mix of both paved and unpaved roads.

Miles of unpaved roads composed of gravel, dirt, and sand traverse all areas of the forest.

Under certain weather conditions these unpaved roads might require special attention while riding over.

existing roads

Hiking, biking and horseback riding are encouraged on existing roads and trails.

Towards the end of 1946, most of existing roads of Sundargarh District were constructed.

A second option called for a further expansion to the bus system, with improvements to existing roads.

roads include

Major roads include State Route 306 and State Route 87.

Lower Templestowe's main roads include High Street, Lynwood Parade, Thompsons Road, Manningham Road and Williamsons Road.

Major east-west roads include (from north to south) Clint Moore Road, Yamato Road (NW 51st St.), Glades Road, Palmetto Park Road, and SW 18th Street.

building roads

The farmers also paid Maori to assist in building roads to help economic development.

A settlement must first be built before a player can switch from building roads to building ships, or vice versa.

Instead, they did unskilled construction labor, building roads and recreational facilities in state and national parks.

important roads

Later, small auctions were created at other important roads, such as the Jan le Griepweg and the G.J.

Its most important roads are the M-600, which connects El Escorial with Navalcarnero, and the M-510, which runs from Galapagar to Chapinería.

The most important roads in Jahrom are: Jahrom Airport, established in 1969, has weekly flights to Tehran Mehrabad Airport and Mashhad Airport.

roads and railways

Launches, junks, or barges transport passengers, rice, and other food in the absence of roads and railways.

The water channels, and the roads and railways built for legal forestry, opened up the region to illegal forestry.

The transport network is built out of a complex array of old and modern roads and railways throughout the city and county.

along the roads

pa (+D) ceļiem "(along the roads)".

The name of the hamlet would seem to originate in the practice of placing of stone crosses along the roads of the Fylde.

This included the lakes and green areas surrounding them, and renovating the buildings along the roads surrounding the lake.

approach roads   (yaklaşma yolları)

The IDOT estimates that it would cost $173 million to construct a replacement bridge and approach roads.

However, a large system of approach roads, including two smaller toll bridges, was built on the Isle of Wight County side.

Bergen and Essex have requested that the bridge be re-built by the NJDOT and are acquiring land for a widening of right-of way along approach roads to it.

good roads

There are good roads up to a height of around 3700 meters.

The village is well connected with good roads, and is only 3 km from the bus stand of Naraingarh.

Patients with more serious health conditions are transported to Araxá, which is connected by good roads.

few roads

Local flooding occurred, with a few roads inundated in Wimberley.

A few roads in Wimberley were temporarily closed due to flooding.

The park is relatively remote, with only a few roads connecting towns.

trunk roads

The A22 and A23 are the major trunk roads through Croydon.

As of April 2015, out of a total of of roads in Wales, are trunk roads.

Indeed, trunk roads begin on the parvis of Notre-Dame of Paris at Kilometre Zero.

along roads

In 2019, MaineDOT began signing emergency routes along roads near I-295.

In cities, it can be seen in the eaves of buildings, along roads and alleys, near gardens and parks, in parking lots.

Later, Rammasun brought the average monthly rainfall in only two days in portions of Primorsky Krai, causing flooding along roads and riverways.