armed robbery   (武装強盗)

He was first imprisoned in 1930 at 15 years old for armed robbery.

Following his acquittal for armed robbery, he did not return to Florida.

The first set of fingerprints were for a suspect arrested for armed robbery.

bank robbery   (銀行強盗)

They met after a bank robbery in Missouri in 1866.

He was imprisoned again after a bank robbery at Thirukkovil.

His father served 20 years in federal prison for bank robbery.

attempted robbery   (強盗未遂)

After an investigation, the police charged Lee with, "inter alia", attempted robbery and malicious wounding.

For several years in a row, Allen introduced a bill that would add murder in commission of an attempted robbery to the list.

The alleged conspiracy occurred in January 2006, when both brothers were in jail on charges related to the attempted robbery.

during a robbery   (強盗の間)

In November 2000, drummer Marcelo Yuka was shot during a robbery.

His son, also named Julio Rivera, was murdered during a robbery in Lima.

Three of the "Jewel Garnitures" were removed during a robbery on 25 November 2019.