Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

lead roles   (roles principales)

The lead roles were performed by Rider and Shiloh.

The film stars himself and Namitha in lead roles.

The film features Prabhu and Urvashi in lead roles.

supporting roles

Shashikumar and Tara are in the supporting roles.

Komal, Asha Latha, Sharan appear in supporting roles.

He moved on to supporting roles in the 2000s.

leading roles   (roles principales)

Hollywood stars often had leading roles in episodes.

She was very successful in many leading roles.

It stars Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen in leading roles.

gender roles   (roles de genero)

Chandler holds to a complementarian view of gender roles.

Socialized gender roles affect females' access to education.

She plays with gender roles and questions the term of identity.

roles include

His film roles include Jagger in "Yossi & Jagger".

His other film roles include "Who Done It?"

Other common roles include spies, porters, or minesweepers.

film roles   (papeles de cine)

His film roles include Jagger in "Yossi & Jagger".

It was the first of numerous film roles for Debbouze.

His other film roles include "Who Done It?"

other roles   (otros roles)

He played mostly military, police and other roles.

Freeze than about all of his other roles combined.

Lugosi did attempt to break type by auditioning for other roles.

small roles

Pinal participated in small roles in several more films.

The makers cast thirty three comedians in the film to play small roles.

She was noticed by AB Production, which led to small roles on television.

important roles

These cilia play important roles in mechanosensation.

In this system, their maternal uncles had important roles.

Villach has several important roles within the Infineon Group.

minor roles

Otxoa begun in minor roles in several TV-Series.

She played minor roles in New York, New York.

As a newcomer, he was only given minor roles.

various roles

Prior to Salesforce, he held various roles at PeopleSoft.

It is the direction in which various roles in the game proceed.

He also played various roles in the sketch show "Man Stroke Woman".

television roles

Merle Jääger has also appeared in a number of television roles.

He appeared in a few television roles and movies up until 1966.

Sackler-Berner has had television roles on "Law & Order" and "".

leadership roles   (roles de liderazgo)

Black leaders lobbied to secure leadership roles.

Adult white men held the major leadership roles in all the camps.

Males are also associated with taking leadership roles in the workplace.

different roles

Flags can play many different roles in religion.

Moen has been part of Larvik HK in different roles since 1997.

She performed in a number of different roles throughout her career.

roles included

Other roles included Alexis in "The Sorcerer", Ralph Rackstraw in "H.M.S.

His film roles included "The Eye of the Storm", "The First To Go," and "Labor Pains" .

His film roles included "Nobody Waved Good-bye", "The Young Ones", "Why Rock the Boat?

recurring roles   (roles recurrentes)

In 2014, Frye started to receive more recurring roles.

Kiesche has had recurring roles in "Monk", "Breaking Bad" and "Lights Out".

In the 1996-1997 season, she had recurring roles on both "" and in "Melrose Place".

roles in films

In 2002, Hadley had roles in films "Infested" and "Dead Above Ground".

Late in his life, McGhee appeared in small roles in films and on television.

He is also known for leading roles in films like "Glory" (1989), "Hot Shots!"

guest roles

In the latter two, he also had guest roles.

Laurence began her career with guest roles on television series.

She acted frequently in television guest roles throughout the 1960s.

starring roles   (papeles protagonistas)

His work in Broadway theatre includes starring roles in "Guys and Dolls" and "Man of La Mancha".

Chaplin began by playing a series of minor parts, eventually progressing to starring roles in 1909.

On September 12, 2018, it was reported that James Marsden and Ed Asner had been cast in starring roles.

roles such

There are also non-executive roles such as Captain of Coxes and Vice Captains.

Some inflammatory cytokines have additional roles such as acting as growth factors.

During the 1990s, Vijayakumar was frequently seen in father roles such as "Nattamai" and "Baasha".

major roles   (papeles principales)

In 2013 she performed her first major roles.

She later had major roles in a number of independent movies.

Throughout her career she danced the major roles of the classical repertoire.

acting roles

Most of his acting roles in various movies are uncredited.

Her first acting roles were at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

Her acting roles after 1956 were few, and she retired in 1974.

reprise their roles

The staff and cast are returning to reprise their roles.

The main cast of "" was attached to reprise their roles.

Muthuraman and Murthy reprise their roles from the play.

variety of roles

"He earned a variety of roles on television.

But if you can play in a variety of roles, it widens your options".

Modern artillery is used in a variety of roles, depending on its type.

pivotal roles   (roles fundamentales)

It stars Jugal Hansraj and Tina Rana in pivotal roles.

It stars Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia in pivotal roles.

It stars Raj Babbar, Tarun Arora and Sheen in pivotal roles.

main roles   (roles principales)

Ylenia Mahnič in Tine Ugrin starring in main roles.

General Washington assumed five main roles during the war.

played the main roles in the movie.

roles including

He has acted in roles including "Takers", "Spy Next Door" and television spots such as Arrested Development.

Richard Emory would act in a variety of movie roles including adventures, comedies, science fiction, Westerns and even musicals.

Many major Pakistani stars and artists played guest roles including the great comedians like Lehri, Moin Akhtar and Mahmood Ali.

roles in several

Otxoa begun in minor roles in several TV-Series.

Pinal participated in small roles in several more films.

She played roles in several films.

key roles

Other key roles went to Robert Stack, Leif Ericson and Jon Hall.

During his time in the former INS, Torres played several key roles.

They have had key roles both before and after its independence in 1810.

character roles

She has since appeared in a large number of character roles.

Later, he switched to character roles.

Eventually he moved on to playing character roles in both TV and film.

many roles

She has been given many roles and TV appearances.

He played many roles in about 100 films.

(GLP-1 has many roles in the human body.

reprised their roles

The staff and cast reprised their roles from the anime.

Ramya Krishnan and Nasser reprised their roles in this film.

The series' cast members reprised their roles from the first film.

prominent roles

He has acted in prominent roles in major films set during wartime.

Several squeaky toys play prominent roles in Pixar's "Toy Story" movies.

Her most prominent roles have been on Canal 13 series, including ' and '.

several roles

He performed several roles in both television and film.

She served in several roles during the entire First World War.

RuPaul plays several roles in the show: host, coach, and judge.

roles and music

Jamuna in the lead roles and music composed by Susarla Dakshinamurthi.

After 1910, Terriss concentrated on comedy roles and music hall tours.

It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Savitri in the lead roles and music composed by Ghantasala.

reprising their roles

Maltby directed with Chase and Gets reprising their roles.

The cast features Vijayakumar and Raghuvaran reprising their roles from the original.

Eight Bit will still animate the series, with the staff and cast members reprising their roles.

notable roles

"Game Informer" identified Rikku as one of Strong's most notable roles.

Gibson also appeared in other notable roles in "Black Christmas" (1974), "Outrageous!"

Her other notable roles include Julia in "Just Love Me" (2006) and Joanna in "Expecting Love" (2008).

roles within

Villach has several important roles within the Infineon Group.

A number of adhesion GPCRs may have important roles within the immune system.

The essay was influential in defining political parties and their roles within government.

roles in television

She has also played roles in television, film and on stage.

He is best known for dubbing into Bulgarian roles in television series.

She has played supporting roles in television dramas "Second 20s", "" and "Misty".

title roles   (roles de título)

Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev danced the title roles.

The title roles in Auber's "Haydée", and in Halévy's "Charles VI" dir.

Starting in 1912 she also played in silent films, initially in title roles.

roles during

General Washington assumed five main roles during the war.

Stone's roles during the 1950s extended to television as well.

She served in several roles during the entire First World War.

multiple roles

In many cases, blues artists take on multiple roles.

The shoot was rough with many taking multiple roles on the production.

Hybrid classes are those which can perform multiple roles or have abilities of various types.

female roles   (roles femeninos)

Meanwhile, the Vichy regime promoted a highly traditional model of female roles.

As with Noh and kabuki, all kyōgen actors, including those in female roles, are men.

He had been with the Kirloskar Natak Company where he usually performed female roles.

significant roles   (roles significativos)

He played significant roles in "Idiot", "Venky" and "Darling".

The various sorts of algae play significant roles in aquatic ecology.

Other museums also play significant roles in the tourism and economy of the Dayton area.

dual roles

It has 2000 VFX shots including the dual roles of Rajinikanth.

In 2015, she played dual roles in the melodrama, "I Have a Lover".

There are actors who straddle the dual roles of acting and directing.

played roles

She has played roles in both Spanish and Catalan.

He also played roles in "Annorikal" and "Classmates".

She has also played roles in television, film and on stage.

number of roles   (cantidad de roles)

He took on a number of roles in the party and government.

During his later years, Lord Cledwyn took on a number of roles in Welsh public life.

The most notable was Ed Philip who served in Bob Rae's cabinet in a number of roles from 1990 to 1995.

respective roles   (roles respectivos)

Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprise their respective roles.

The network personally chose Rivera and Trillo to their respective roles.

All four ships continued to serve in these respective roles for at least another dozen years.

stage roles

She then landed a number of stage roles with touring companies.

Eric Linden played in a few stage roles and then served in the Second World War.

From 1929 to 1931, he appeared in stage roles in off-Broadway productions but found little success.

roles on television

"He earned a variety of roles on television.

Laurence began her career with guest roles on television series.

In addition, she has appeared in numerous other roles on television.

roles in many

Dolman has held producer roles in many of the feature films she has worked on.

AC-III occurs widely in eukaryotes and has important roles in many human tissues.

Sankar began his career as a lead actor in the film Venal Kinavukal and has played important roles in many films.

play supporting roles   (desempeñar papeles secundarios)

Indrans and Lena were chosen to play supporting roles in the movie.

He would also play supporting roles in various television series of the same period.

P. L. Narayana, Prasad Babu, Sumithra, Devilalitha, and Brahmanandam play supporting roles.

playing supporting roles

He made a career mostly out of playing supporting roles in films and television series.

After doing a few sitcoms, Kim built her resume further by playing supporting roles on television.

Bentley Mitchum and Jyothika play the lead roles with Anupam Kher, and Nassar playing supporting roles.

roles along

These imported ceramics played important symbolic roles along the Swahili Coast.

Roma Asrani and Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi play the lead roles along with Mammootty.

It features RJ Rohitt and Kavya Gowda in the lead roles along with V. Ravichandran in the lead antagonist role.

played supporting roles

Kovai Sarala, Sathyan, Ilavarasu, Manobala played supporting roles.

He mainly played supporting roles, often somewhat pompous characters.

She has played supporting roles in television dramas "Second 20s", "" and "Misty".

film roles include   (los papeles de la película incluyen)

His film roles include Jagger in "Yossi & Jagger".

His other film roles include "Who Done It?"

Her film roles include "Alice's Restaurant" (1969) and "Reds" (1981).

social roles   (roles sociales)

This is a black and white, self-portrait series meant to depict women and their social roles in Nigerian culture.

The role uniform person is able to handle only a few social roles at best and is often said to be socially inept.

Cultural universals include behaviors related to language, cognition, social roles, gender roles, and technology.

roles in various

Most of his acting roles in various movies are uncredited.

Tathoi has also performed versatile roles in various Bengali movies and telefilms.

He would also play supporting roles in various television series of the same period.

both roles

She played both roles opposite Poitier.

Claudius Aurelius Aristobulus, but confirmed him in both roles.

The symposium concluded that both roles were valid for the ACLU.

cameo roles

Most of his film work has been in small, cameo roles, for example:

In subsequent comic books, Willam makes cameo roles, still lamenting about the sailboat.

In addition, the "World's Fair" cars have made cameo roles in various TV shows and movies.

lead roles along   (papeles principales a lo largo)

Roma Asrani and Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi play the lead roles along with Mammootty.

It features RJ Rohitt and Kavya Gowda in the lead roles along with V. Ravichandran in the lead antagonist role.

The film stars Pooja Umashankar and Jackson Anthony in lead roles along with Ravindra Randeniya and Veena Jayakody.

play important roles   (desempeñar papeles importantes)

These cilia play important roles in mechanosensation.

Two Polish friends in Paris were also to play important roles in Chopin's life there.

Chhabi Biswas, Pahari Sanyal and Nitish Mukherjee also play important roles in the movie.

new roles

However, he continued to tackle new roles.

I'm looking forward to new roles."

Meanwhile, Holt and Gina adjust to their new roles in the PR department.

support roles   (roles de apoyo)

He played many support roles on TV and in film.

Cummings returned to films with support roles in "My Geisha" (1962), written by Krasna.

Seniors who will be graduating from high school can apply to work at the camp in support roles.

dramatic roles

In the 2010s, Carell received attention for more dramatic roles.

In his stage career, Hitchcock went back and forth between dramatic roles and ones in comic opera.

After this, "she taught and coached many singers in New York and appeared in many 'spoken' dramatic roles on the stage."

such roles

The pay for such roles was generally $10/hour.

"Ingénue" may also refer to a new young actress or one typecast in such roles.

In such roles, Hammond-Stroud sang "with a strong, agreeable tone" and "brought the words vividly to life."

secondary roles

He later played secondary roles in several other formative American noirs.

He appeared in secondary roles in several silent films and began directing film shorts in 1926.

He tried out as an actor between 1965 and 1967, holding several secondary roles in cinema and television.

principal roles

Lois McDonall has performed over 40 principal roles.

Coleman's mother was a London-born lyric soprano who later sang principal roles with the Dresden opera.

"Citizen Kane" was a rare film in that its principal roles were played by actors new to motion pictures.

included roles

Paleta's career has included roles in several telenovelas, most notably "La usurpadora" (1998).

Her other subsequent film roles included roles in "Unbeatable Harold" and "When the Nines Roll Over".

His early work included roles in productions of "Prince of Morocco", "Merchant of Venice", and "Pinocchio".

roles and responsibilities

Confused roles and responsibilities also contribute to a blame culture.

The Northern Command’s roles and responsibilities include the following, as of 2003:

(Chapter III of the Convention outlines the roles and responsibilities of this authority.)

traditional gender roles

In the short story "The Matter of Seggri", by Ursula Le Guin, traditional gender roles are completely swapped.

The book deals with a reversal of the traditional gender roles, and describes a society of "dominant women and submissive men."

); Meera Nanda further cautions that this may in fact trap women within "traditional gender roles and help justify patriarchy".

played important roles

Ahom queens ("Kunworis") played important roles in the matter of state.

The following persons played important roles in the creation of law in the State of Missouri.

Sound recording and the telephone played important roles in a global transformation of society.

numerous roles

Carbohydrates perform numerous roles in living organisms.

In 2014 Bipasha Basu was seen on numerous roles in different types of movies.

Lau made his film debut in 1986 and since then has been cast in numerous roles.

administrative roles

Throughout the decade, she held various administrative roles at Wyndham's Theatres Ltd.

From 1963 he began taking on various senior administrative roles at St Andrews University.

Some members were hired to handle some of the more administrative roles of the organization.

roles have included

His television roles have included Jake, the no-legged boyfriend in NBC's "My Name Is Earl".

Arfwedson's television roles have included parts in "" and "Agatha Christie's Marple: Murder Is Easy".

Some of her most notable roles have included "Little Britain" and the 2011 series of "The Royal Bodyguard".

comic roles

She was more familiar for stereo comic roles.

He was well known for his unique voice and comic roles.

He acted in comic roles in more than 100 films and on television.

roles played

The film has no male actors, with all roles played by females.

Similar mutations in other species provide insight into the roles played by the "PMEL17" gene.

An example is the which reprises the theme of 'The King drinks' with the human roles played by monkeys.

movie roles

Jonathan Lord gains the power to transform into his movie roles, effectively "acting" them in the real world.

Hardikar's notable movie roles were in the 1979 Marathi political drama movie "Sinhasan" directed by Jabbar Patel.

In one of her few movie roles, Zabelle appeared in the silent film "The Red Widow" (1916) opposite male lead John Barrymore.

roles in such

After roles in such Canadian features as "Outrageous!"

He has performed in character roles in such blockbuster films as "Speed", "Twister" and "Varsity Blues".

Handl had minor roles in such landmark films as "Night Train to Munich", "Spellbound" and "Brief Encounter".

roles throughout

She performed in a number of different roles throughout her career.

She acted frequently in television guest roles throughout the 1960s.

Epper alternated between stunt working and acting roles throughout his career.

comedy roles

Prudhviraj is mostly suitable for comedy roles.

She also acted in K. Vishwanath films in comedy roles.

He was best known for his comedy roles.

traditional roles

Still, the traditional roles of the tribes remain important socially in these areas.

A proper education for women was one that reinforced traditional roles for women of being a homemaker and mother.

By accepting traditional roles, Japanese motherhood is glorified and a one-size-fits-all approach is used to address issues.

smaller roles

He also had smaller roles on several other soap operas.

The British actors in smaller roles handle the material better .

Notable smaller roles were played by Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair, Adoor Bhavani, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, and Bharath Gopi.

played the roles

He played the roles of both the antagonist and protagonist.

She also played the roles of Rina Sakai in "Sakura Trick" and Tanako Kujirai in "Magimoji Rurumo".

In 1895, Evett next played the roles of Bertuccio in "Mirette", Count Vazquez (and sometimes Pedro Gomez) in "The Chieftain", Mr.

roles in both

She has played roles in both Spanish and Catalan.

He performed several roles in both television and film.

Eventually he moved on to playing character roles in both TV and film.

similar roles

Elves are also prominent, in similar roles, in contemporary Icelandic literature.

The formula is not novel, with action queen Malashri having portrayed similar roles earlier.

The Douglas kindred of southern Scotland and the Albany Stewarts had similar roles as Donald.

played leading roles

Several members have played leading roles in politics for many generations.

She played leading roles in original productions of many plays in the 1860s.

He played leading roles in several TV series for several TV channels in the Middle East.

roles in film   (papeles en el cine)

On the suggestion of Bruce Weber, he began taking acting classes and took on roles in film and theater.

Robert Hays Robert Hays (born July 24, 1947) is an American actor, best known for his roles in film as pilot Ted Striker in "Airplane!"

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Stewart took to the stage in the 1950s, appearing in Shakespeare and in West End drama, then gained screen roles in film and on television.

roles in movies

Thorpe helped Thourlby land several roles in movies before his Marlboro campaign.

After 1951, she took on supporting roles in movies, including musicals and comedies.

He has also had acting roles in movies such as "Set It Off", "The Wash" and "Training Day".

management roles

She graduated in 2009 and worked at PepsiCo in management roles across New England.

At Purina, he moved through various management roles, finally becoming the President and CEO:

The more experience obtained, the more independence and leadership or management roles these chemists may perform in those organizations.

played key roles

In 1973 and 1975, she played key roles in France's legalization of contraception and abortion.

Not less but more some leaders have played key roles to shift this VDC from the previous location i.e.

The corps fought in all the engagements of the campaign, and at Reasca and New Hope Church they played key roles.

play roles   (jugar roles)

He went on to play roles in "Running in Traffic" and "Nina's Heavenly Delights".

Alanine transaminases play roles in gluconeogenesis and amino acid metabolism in many tissues including skeletal muscle, kidney, and liver.

Similarly, actors play roles regardless of age – an old man may play the role of Tarō kaja opposite a young man playing master, for instance.

comedic roles

He later joined the Papaioannou troupe, before moving to more comedic roles.

Elwes continued working steadily, varying between dramatic roles, as in the Oscar-winning "Glory" (1989), and comedic roles, as in "Hot Shots!"

After noticing her spark in playing comedic roles, director Jandhyala offered her a meatier role in "Rendu Jella Sita", which turned her career.