Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

rolled up   (enrollada)

The King's line was steadily rolled up from left to right.

The body is rolled up into pandanus mat.

They can be imagined as a rolled up sheet of h-boron nitride.

rolled off   (salió de)

The name had simply rolled off his typewriter.

The first ute rolled off the Ford production lines in 1934.

In August 2014 the first TL50 rolled off the production line.

rolled back   (retrotraído)

As a result, the collectivization process was rolled back.

He also rolled back Pottruck's fee hikes.

The bridge was then reassembled and rolled back over the river.

rolled down   (rodaron por)

The soil cracks or breaks up as it is rolled down to this diameter.

jib rolled down to storm size.

As the disk rolled down the corridor, players would throw wooden shafts at it.

then rolled

Walter then rolled up Punk, who reversed it to pin Walter for the win.

The strips were twisted and then rolled into the round shape we call wire.

The mixture is then rolled into small balls, and coated with rice powder/flour.