Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

slate roofs   (techos de pizarra)

St Mary's is constructed in stone with slate roofs.

The church is built in stone rubble with slate roofs.

The hamstone building has welsh slate roofs.

flat roofs

Most roofs are pitched; flat roofs are not common.

(Wright designed flat roofs to avoid the "waste" of attics.)

The units are separated by fire brick walls and topped with flat roofs.

gable roofs

Both structures are plastered and have gable roofs.

The frontage has two bays with half-hipped gable roofs.

They are mostly square with gable roofs.

thatched roofs

"P. hastatus" roosts in caves, hollows in trees, termite mounds and thatched roofs.

The wealthy enjoyed indoor plumbing in their stone homes and the poor lived in mud huts with thatched roofs.

The Eloyi villages in the hills are made up of round huts with conical thatched roofs grouped around a central courtyard.