İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

dining room   (yemek odası)

The dining room has a folding dividing partition.

The dining room allowed 300 pupils to take meals.

The oil hanging lamp in the dining room is original.

living room   (oturma odası)

The family gathered in the living room peacefully.

The terrace is also the roof of the living room.

It's relaxing, like you're in someone's living room.

make room   (yer açmak)

ET slot to make room for "The Dan Patrick Show".

He landed in 1787 to make room for the new cathedral.

To make room a hull machine-gun is absent.

hotel room   (otel odası)

After the party, they return to Alex's hotel room.

In 2008, the airline sold 400,000 hotel room nights.

They rent out a hotel room to talk out their problems.

room temperature   (oda sıcaklığı)

Point c is at 200 bar and room temperature (300 K).

Chlorine is a yellow-green gas at room temperature.

Stibine decomposes spontaneously at room temperature.

waiting room   (bekleme odası)

It is unstaffed and serves only as a waiting room.

A booking office and waiting room was provided.

locker room   (soyunma odası)

as the All-American ambled toward the locker room.

"There were posters hanging in the locker room.

The main feature of the clubhouse is the team locker room.

dressing room   (giyinme odası)

Chic enters the dressing room, surprising Betty.

The dressing room was silent when he returned.

The dressing room includes paintings by Vasari and Tosini.

engine room   (makine dairesi)

The engine room equipment comprised one 350-h.p.

They had a double bottom below the engine room.

In February 1997 the ship suffered an engine room fire.

control room   (Kontrol odası)

This information is relayed to the control room.

The recording studio has a control room and live area.

This crane is operated from a control room.

reading room   (Okuma odası)

The library has some 30,000 volumes and a reading room.

A reading room was continuing aft on the starboard side.

The library operated as a small reading room at 3448 N.E.

meeting room   (toplantı odası)

They had a meeting room on Waymouth Street.

On the ground floor in the Tower there is small meeting room.

The Hub includes an events hall, meeting room and lounge area.

drawing room   (çizim odası)

Her father was a hairdresser and held a large drawing room.

After breakfast, Margaret and Paul are in the drawing room.

This included renovation of the medieval chapel and drawing room.

emergency room   (Acil servis)

Brian later became an emergency room physician and had saved six lives.

The project also included the first emergency room and an X-ray department.

Kutner and Taub send her to the emergency room so Cameron can deal with her.

no room   (oda yok)

Furthermore, the site offered no room for expansion.

The low level attack left no room for error.

They stop at the inn at the entrance to the city, but it has no room.

conference room   (konferans odası)

In her honor, the hospital named a conference room for her.

Municipal council meetings take place in its conference room.

Browns Hotel has 15 rooms, a conference room, reading room, and bar.

single room   (tek oda)

A single room may thus be considered a dwelling-house.

Built in 1928, the cabin has a single room.

more room   (daha fazla oda)

This gave more room for storage in the interior.

This is because they have more room to grow.

The exit of the bus stop was widened to allow for more room.

small room   (küçük oda)

A small room on the right served as the library.

He lived in a small room built on the terrace of his bungalow.

At first it was only for boys - and consisted of one small room.

boiler room   (Kazan dairesi)

The boiler room contained two 300 hp B.

In the boiler room were two 300-h.p.

He worked and lived in the boiler room of his apartment building.

same room   (aynı oda)

She is joined in the same room by Justin.

At the beginning of the third verse, Keys and Eve are in the same room.

Other times, Wainwright is physically interacting with them within the same room.

operating room   (ameliyathane)

A separate operating room was installed and equipped.

Their hands separate as Charlotte is taken to the operating room.

This unit offers separate dedicated clinic and operating room space.

music room   (müzik odası)

Brad's Day: Brad has a breakdown in the music room.

There is, however, a music room in the annex.

Gillett soon moved into the "music room" (the director's office).

weight room   (ağırlık Odası)

The District provides a weight room for athletes.

(These include a dance/spin class and weight room.)

He credits his improvement to time spent in the weight room.

large room   (geniş oda)

They were imprisoned with other detainees in a large room.

In 1837 a large room was built by the Dugdales of Ivy Bank.

The original structure had one large room with two smaller rooms.

another room   (Başka oda)

Stoneman returns, causing Elsie to be placed in another room.

He then played an online video game with a friend in another room.

Bernadette, who is witnessing from another room admits they have a problem.

back room   (arka oda)

The scene is the back room of a fashion shop.

He is taken into a back room to be searched more thoroughly.

Broken-hearted, Tsū enters the back room to finish her work.

storage room   (depo)

The podlet turned into a storage room.

She enters a storage room nearby and finds Matt inside, all bound and gagged.

He attempts to make a battle plan in the storage room, but he is unable to concentrate.

sitting room   (oturma odası)

The main house contained a dining room, sitting room, and four bedrooms.

There was a great hallway with a sitting room and dining room on the left.

The marble hall is used as a sitting room which has an 18th-century fireplace.

each room   (her oda)

In each room there is a window, a niche and a chimney.

Previously each room had a specific purpose.

There are private baths in each room.

common room   (ortak oda)

This was a common room, warmed by flues beneath the floor.

Above the common room was the dormitory.

Facilities provided include a common room, a study room, etc.

little room   (küçük oda)

The supply plan was simple, but finely tuned, with little room for error.

Peak demand stood at 350 megawatts, leaving very little room for flexibility.

Gordon's orders, by his own request, were unequivocal and left little room for misinterpretation.

dark room   (karanlık oda)

They enter a large dark room where the Pagemaster awaits them.

This fish can be viewed with a red light in a dark room if needed to.

They drag Stella into a dark room, where she encounters Sarah's ghost.

room and board   (oda ve yemek masası)

However, residents are required to pay for room and board.

During the late 19th century, weekly rates averaged $4.50 for room and board.

In exchange for his services, the Pembrokes provide Charles with room and board.

main room   (ana oda)

The main room served as a living room, dining room and bedroom.

A ramp joins the main room to the platform area and the sanctum.

This was the main room for receptions, banquets and entertainment.

standing room   (bekleme odası)

The maximum capacity of the stadium with standing room is 105,000.

It can seat 8,000 people with standing room for an additional 2,000.

It seats about 1,750 for hockey with a standing room capacity of over 2,000.

enters the room   (odaya girer)

As Betty and Johnny discuss this, a servant enters the room.

Maya then enters the room with a hunky prince(Arunoday Singh).

She is just about to beat Nora up when a scared Kayla enters the room.

enough room   (yeterli oda)

The pressure sphere provided just enough room for two people.

They didn't have enough room there, so Dad and Cal slept in jail.

outside the doors or back at their transporters because there simply was not enough room.

throne room   (taht odası)

It has replaced the throne room in importance and use.

Hector & Andromache's bedroom balcony overlooks the throne room.

The throne room, like the rest of the palace, is open to the public.

billiard room   (Bilardo salonu)

Cammell added a grand dining room, a billiard room, orangery and colonnade.

In addition to the auditorium, the building also contained a gymnasium, bowling alley, and billiard room.

The ground floor incorporated space for six shops and the basement included a billiard room and barber shop.

tea room   (çay odası)

The "street"-levels host a tea room and an arcade.

One day she waits at the tea room and he doesn't show up.

It features a rare breeds centre and tea room for visitors.

motel room   (Motel odası)

A few days later Haggard wrote the song alone in a motel room in Dallas.

Nowell was found dead at 11:30 a.m. in a motel room after a night of partying.

After a moment of screaming for her mother to wake up, she leaves the motel room.

hospital room   (hastane odası)

Suddenly everyone bursts into the hospital room.

Perry said, "As soon as I walked out of the hospital room, I lost it.

In the hospital room, Luisa sees the news of Zé's release on television.

leaves the room   (odadan ayrıldı)

He then leaves the room as Masters cowers in a corner.

Finally, she slaps him and he leaves the room.

Instead of reciprocating the favour, he wipes his ear and leaves the room.

reception room   (resepsiyon)

The palace's main reception room was the large salon on the second floor.

Ōkubo, however, refused to comply and hung a copy of the photograph in the reception room of the Home Ministry.

On the west are the major constructions including the family hall for worshiping Buddha, theater and the south reception room.

room when   (oda ne zaman)

She even hid Rambo in a room when he was fired by her husband.

You should have seen our living room when "The Jeffersons" went to Hawaii.

Suitsupply was founded in 2000 out of Fokke de Jong’s dorm room when he was 26.

around the room   (Odanın etrafında)

He flies around the room and comes back to the bar.

Candles flicker around her, as she begins to wander around the room.

Blood stains were in evidence all around the room, and there was a bloody butcher's knife near the body.

next room   (yandaki oda)

She defeats the lamp and finds a key in the next room.

The next room on the circuit is a small room which leads into the Large Ballroom.

Seon-woo wakes up next to her dead body, and in the next room finds the husband also dead.

dorm room   (yurt odası)

There is one wheelchair-accessible dorm room available.

The girls may go out and spend the money on decorations for their dorm room.

While in school, he worked as a promoter to radio stations from his dorm room.

front room   (ön oda)

The left front room was the parlor, with the dining room behind it.

He converted the front room of his home into a school room for this purpose.

However, the original log house is only the front room of the modern-day house.

secret room   (gizli oda)

He carries her into a secret room and revives her.

These include the sleeping quarters and the corridor of the "secret room".

Inside, they find a secret room and a book of horror stories written by Sarah Bellows.

court room   (mahkeme salonu)

"I think they should put us in the court room together!"

Protesters broke into the town's court room and tore down its scales of justice.

On one occasion, Shahid's face is blackened by assailants outside the court room.

prayer room   (dua odası)

It has a women's prayer room above the vestibule.

The walls of the prayer room are decorated with ornaments.

The dome is one of the basic constructions in the prayer room.

laundry room   (çamaşır odası)

Kyle and Mayhew escape to the laundry room.

Mayhew alerts Ash to Gunno's hiding place in the laundry room.

For instance, Brown's basement houses a communal laundry room and music practice rooms.

across the room   (odanın karşısında)

Kibbler is knocked across the room and is unconscious.

Henry recognizes Betty from across the room.

Example: "I got frustrated so I biffed it across the room".

store room   (depo odası)

He and his friends go there and find a person in the store room of the house.

The mortuary survived and is currently used as a store room by the Kew Gardens Rotary Club.

It included an office and store room at the north end, 12 vehicle bays, and an oil store room at the south end.

room full   (oda dolu)

Judson and Nicole stand in a room full of unconscious people.

There were also in-ter cut scenes of ayumi in a room full of candles.

Eventually, Petricca finds a room full of dancers before engaging in a group dance.

changing room   (soyunma odası)

Storm waves virtually obliterated the parking lot and changing room complex at Coast Guard Beach.

The amphitheater includes a stage, with an area for storage as well as a changing room and bathroom.

After using various establishments for changing room facilities, a pavilion at the playing fields was built in 1964.

every room   (her oda)

The player has to visit every room and turn off the switch.

It is the only residence in Howe Hall to have a sink in every room.

Nearly every room at Martel is suite style, and is either referred to as a hex, or a quad.

training room   (çalışma odası)

Also constructed were new offices for four coaches and an athletic training room.

The middle level has a gym with boxing ring, punching bag, and weight training room.

The 180 seat theatre and both the Honor Currie and Legion meeting rooms and training room are also found on this level.

room above   (yukarıdaki oda)

It has a women's prayer room above the vestibule.

It then moved to a room above Carter's Surgery in Church Street.

The south porch, with a room above it, was also added around this time.

computer room   (bilgisayar odası)

There is a music room, science room, computer room, gym and tennis court.

Each computer room has on average 25 desktops that run Windows 10 for Education.

Cuba turned down the air conditioning before going to sleep on a bed in the computer room.

leave the room   (odadan ayrıl)

Joe asks Mrs A to leave the room during Mr A's consultation.

Ken tells Joe that Julia is now released, and they both leave the room.

Once all hearts are collected by the player he is allowed to leave the room and enter the school corridor.

chat room   (sohbet odası)

There is a chat room, and a store that sells eBaum merchandise.

Kali allowed users to connect to a chat room to host and join games.

There is also a moderated chat room available for players to discuss the game.

room during   (sırasında)

Joe asks Mrs A to leave the room during Mr A's consultation.

in her hotel room during an air raid, with the sounds audible in the recording.

There's a brief battle with the guards in the throne room during which Rosto is hit and falls to the floor.

private room   (özel oda)

The jury is sent into a private room where they deliberate.

He retrieves the handbag from his private room and shows Miss Prism.

Historically, the term referred to a small private room in a large house.

green room   (yeşil Oda)

Dwyer declined and was assigned a spare green room as her dressing room.

The York College Players, who perform on both stages, enjoy a scene shop, green room and costume shop.

It was reported that Tal and Refaeli would be the main hosts, while Azar and Ayoub would host the green room.

art room   (Sanat Odası)

The centre contains a radical library, art room, apothecary and bike space.

In 1993 the parish completed construction of its Parish Center which includes a gym, art room and meeting rooms.

The school building then transferred to Goroke and the building was then used for the science room and later the art room.

left the room   (odadan ayrıldı)

I left the room without a word and went upstairs.

The youngsters left the room, and began to sing.

Everyone then notices that Holmes has left the room.

operations room   (ameliyathane)

The operations room was located in the stables.

The tower has an operations room with a diameter of 40.6 meters at a height of 33.78 metres.

The Group operations room was underground in what is now known as the Battle of Britain Bunker.

separate room   (ayrı oda)

Whenever the Israelites camped, the Ark was placed in a separate room in a sacred tent, called the Tabernacle.

This resulted in security entering the house and Woodburn was ordered to sleep in a separate room for the night.

As such, it is recommended that these types of debriefings occur in a separate room from where the simulation scenario took place.

room before   (önce oda)

Ten days prior, Arenas stormed out of the locker room before a game against the Detroit Pistons.

Johnny then hustles her out of the room before she can realize that the gun is full of blanks and Julio's blood is actually ketchup.

Stephen catches her in his room before she can read the notebook's contents, and Stella implies that she was in his room to seduce him.

entered the room   (odaya girdi)

He climbed over the low wall and entered the room.

During her speech Vivekananda entered the room and took seat behind everyone.

In 1988, a gunman pulled a weapon on Asvat, but fled when a patient entered the room.

staff room   (Personel odası)

There is a staff room for drivers.

On the ground floor we can find kitchens, weapons stock, and the staff room.

The walled-off section of this passage has been partially converted into a staff room and storage area.

smoking room   (sigara odası)

Over time, the hall and the surrounding areas have hosted the smoking room and billiards.

The additions of 1884 (family entrance hall and smoking room) are faced in yellow terracotta.

The smoking section, located on the port side, was accessible from the first-class smoking room.

locked room   (kilitli oda)

Exploring the bunker further, they discover a locked room and an insane host resembling James Delos.

They are less welcomed by the old caretaker (Caridad Sanchez) who tours the place including a locked room.

He created ingenious and seemingly impossible plots and is regarded as the master of the "locked room mystery".

lecture room   (konferans odası)

The chemical laboratory and lecture room were located on the western side.

A man of few words outside the lecture room, Handlin made every word count.

The footage will be used to conduct tactical lessons in the lecture room afterwards.

game room   (oyun odası)

An entertainment center—and game room is nearby.

There is also a tunnel that connects the game room to the greenhouse.

The basement has a game room and working area of house (boiler, wash room).

room contains   (oda içerir)

Each room contains a special artifact as its ultimate "prize".

The room contains a family photograph and a bronze bust by Reinhardt Rahr.

Every room contains one or more tapestries with a picture of the house on it.

guest room   (misafir odası)

The other 2 rooms are used for the exposition and artistic guest room.

He also mentions his wish to visit and asks Philemon to prepare a guest room.

Terry moves into a guest room at Preston's, and they start spending more time together.

school room   (okul odası)

The brick building was one large school room.

In 1884 Sunday school room was built at the back of the chapel.

He converted the front room of his home into a school room for this purpose.

room only   (sadece oda)

Homes are simple and most are one room only.

Hoping for at least 100 interested attendees, the show sold out and there was standing room only.

It measured 6 metres by 2.2 metres (20 feet by 7 feet), meaning standing room only for the passengers.

rehearsal room   (prova odası)

It came with insert containing photo from rehearsal room.

He would then play these in the rehearsal room with bassist Mat Osman and drummer Simon Gilbert playing along.

They lived in the Historic Social Center, and it was there that they created a rehearsal room called "Black Spot."

function room   (etkinlik odası)

It has a function room that can be hired out for events.

Set in woodland on the Ringland Road, Taverham, is "Roundwood", an indoor bowling centre with bar and function room.

There is a dedicated function room that is used for social and business events and can accommodate a maximum of 100 people seated.

study room   (çalışma odası)

The first houses administration and the students' study room.

Facilities provided include a common room, a study room, etc.

These study room bookings may be made up to 2 hours in advance.

plenty of room   (bol bol yer)

She added, "But there is plenty of room for improvement.

Musically, the album featured straightforward New York Hardcore with plenty of room for mosh indulgence.

This provided the school a backdrop that was more rural and less laden with crime, and which had plenty of room for growth.

own room   (kendi odası)

G-Dragon is shown, also upset, in his own room.

Hess had his own room but he was guarded at all times.

Her father William locks her into her own room until she stops being a rebel.

enter the room   (odaya gir)

Later, Vassiloff and Boris enter the room to dispose of evidence.

When the Prince exits, the Chamberlain and Steward enter the room.

A bunch of students enter the room and the instructor asks them to be seated.

mail room   (posta odası)

Naegle began her career in the mail room at United Talent Agency.

He got a job at Masterdisk in the mail room and making cassettes in 1980.

Greenberg recalled "I think even the janitor and the mail room guys weighed in at one point.

band room   (grup odası)

After morning rehearsal the band has a later call time to be in the band room of the music building.

The renovation brought to the school a new two-story wing of about , containing: A new band room was also built in the rear of the building.

In 1999 a science wing consisting of three rooms was opened and in 2004 a band room, weight room, trainer's office, and wrestling room were added.