İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

meeting rooms   (toplantı odaları)

Many others used the meeting rooms for regular groups.

It has 14 conference and meeting rooms.

The conference center contains Grand Ballroom and 5 meeting rooms.

dressing rooms   (giyinme odaları)

Backstage, there were 12 dressing rooms.

These features included dressing rooms and the orchestra pit.

Restrooms - with separate showers & dressing rooms for men and women.

hotel rooms   (otel odaları)

The casino resort has 188 hotel rooms and a casino.

In 2016, Florence had 20,588 hotel rooms in 570 facilities.

By 1980, the resort had 385 hotel rooms.

locker rooms   (soyunma odaları)

The locker rooms were rebuilt in 2005.

In 2011, the basketball courts and locker rooms were renovated.

Additional locker rooms were included as part of this expansion.

changing rooms   (soyunma odaları)

There are showers and changing rooms inside the building.

The changing rooms were closed in 2013 for safety reasons.

There were 500 changing rooms, containing 8,100 individual lockers.

guest rooms

Six more wigwams were built to be used as guest rooms.

There are 26 guest rooms, furnished in period antiques.

The hotel opened on January 1, 1886 and had 250 guest rooms.

conference rooms   (konferans salonları)

A chapel, dining room and conference rooms are available.

The lower square also contains the office department and conference rooms.

It contains conference rooms, a dining room and "en suite" rooms for residents.

dining rooms   (yemek odası)

On the interior, the space has been divided into four dining rooms.

The dining rooms are open to the general public as well as hotel guests.

On the same floor, Walter Chrysler and Texaco both had private dining rooms.

waiting rooms   (bekleme odaları)

The Station has waiting rooms on platform 1.

The station has waiting rooms, and toilets.

He also allegedly slept in waiting rooms of hospitals in the town.

chat rooms   (sohbet odaları)

Other community leaders hosted chat rooms and provided online help.

These events were especially popular with BBSes that offered chat rooms.

These issues continue to be discussed and debated on various fan sites and chat rooms.

reading rooms

The first reading rooms were set up in Abertillery in 1856.

Classrooms, laboratories, reading rooms and the scientific library were repaired.

The society established a network of libraries, reading rooms and organized speeches.

other rooms   (diğer odalar)

Makeshift offices were set up in other rooms for Hearn and other instructors.

The central chamber is larger than other rooms with a higher ceiling and a taller roof.

Individual class rooms, superintendents and other rooms open off the Sunday School room.

small rooms

Inside, the vestibule is flanked by small rooms.

There are several small rooms over the kitchen.

Several small rooms, lining the courtyard, were exposed.

living rooms

The challenges themselves are all completed in the families living rooms where the Button is placed.

The kitchen was separated from the living rooms and the upper levels were used for granaries and/or workshops.

Its layout reflects the architecture of the traditional Ottoman house with a salon encircled by many living rooms.

reception rooms

The main house contains 8 bedrooms with 5 reception rooms.

It has a reception rooms where pantomimes and fitness clubs are held.

The main block comprises the principal reception rooms, the library and the banqueting hall.

study rooms

The library also has nine study rooms.

There are four private study rooms and a larger group study room.

Sixth Form Section Two study rooms and a research computer suite.

several rooms

There are several rooms in Coca Castle that are open for tourists.

Between 1914 and 1918, several rooms were added to the third floor.

Sawyer refuses, while Cale sets fire to several rooms as a diversion.

operating rooms

It consists of 209 beds, 59 intensive care beds and 8 operating rooms.

During the air raids, the surgical pavilion and all operating rooms were destroyed.

Cleveland Clinic built new operating rooms in the early 1970s to accommodate the growth of cardiac surgery.

practice rooms   (uygulama odaları)

It has 132 practice rooms and 8 performance spaces.

The building of the stadium are 17 practice rooms for various sports.

Backstage are several practice rooms, and the percussion, tuba, and bass studios.

private rooms   (özel odalar)

In spring 2011, The Tom and Billie Long Patient Care Tower, with 230 private rooms opened.

He died in his private rooms over the Ship Bank (then owned by Carrick Brown & Co) on 20 June 1821.

Some of these private rooms feature stained glass windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany among other artists.

more rooms

Four more rooms were added in 1950.

There were 2 single room apartments and 44 apartments with five or more rooms.

There were 21 single room apartments and 83 apartments with five or more rooms.

boiler rooms   (kazan daireleri)

The floors of both engine and boiler rooms are of cement.

The impact ripped open at least one fuel tank and holed the turbine and boiler rooms.

This resulted in boiler rooms 2 and 4 being flooded with an immediate list to 27° and rudder failure.

large rooms

Sidr wood The large rooms are decorated with columns known as "zafer".

There are four large rooms on the second floor, which match those on the first.

Three large rooms are specifically for women; a small hall can accommodate 2,000 women.

main rooms   (ana odalar)

During restoration, one of the main rooms was designated as the Scrimgeour room.

Also the internal distribution is a typical one, centered around the main rooms.

Ancillary rooms were used as storage, and were accessed through low openings from main rooms.

storage rooms

A hearth and storage rooms were found.

It was equipped with four searchlights, two 4.7-inch (120 mm) guns and several storage rooms.

It also contains a herbarium (about 5,000 specimens) and cold storage rooms for packs of seeds.

class rooms

Block X accommodates 8 secondary school class rooms.

Block C accommodates 15 secondary school class rooms and book stores.

Individual class rooms, superintendents and other rooms open off the Sunday School room.

separate rooms

The dining area is split into three separate rooms.

However, a blackout leaves everyone locked in separate rooms.

After the hurt she had caused, they spend their wedding night in separate rooms.

music rooms

People can create their own music rooms where friends can listen to their collection of songs and leave comments.

The expansion will house classrooms, studios, laboratories, music rooms, offices, workshops and support facilities.

It has three fully equipped drama studios and three purpose-built music rooms with practice rooms for instrument tuition.

smaller rooms

The original structure had one large room with two smaller rooms.

In addition there were (and are) many smaller rooms for classes, organizations, etc."

On the interior, a center entrance hall runs through the building, opening onto a parlor and two smaller rooms.

public rooms   (umumi odalar)

All public rooms were on the promenade deck.

The plan is hall less and has wide openings between the public rooms.

Grand First-Class public rooms with their large bay windows, like the Smoking Room and Lounge, characterise the aft end of the Promenade.

number of rooms   (oda sayısı)

They visited twice and set up equipment in a number of rooms.

Supposing there is an innkeeper at a hotel with an infinite number of rooms.

The original Saltfleet District High School was opened in 1927, and had numerous additions to increase the number of rooms from 6 to 42.

rooms and suites   (odalar ve süitler)

The hotel has 203 rooms and suites and around 400 staff.

metres, and 210 guest rooms and suites, ranging from 38 to 198 sq.

It was initially opened occupying just one building and featuring 43 rooms and suites.

single rooms

The second floor has three double rooms and seven single rooms.

All Seniors had single rooms.

Quenya has 60 single rooms.

rented rooms   (kiralanmış odalar)

Colonel Barnaby also rented rooms a few years after.

The school started in Birmingham Central Mosque, operating in three rented rooms.

Many other institutions or individuals rented rooms in the building during the following years.

different rooms

Multiple cables to different rooms are split off the incoming cable with a small device called a splitter.

The players have to solve series of puzzles in different rooms in order to find whether Da Vinci has left any message for him.

The first was released in 2007 and featured Perry in two different rooms, black and white, and was directed by a friend of hers.

engine rooms

Visitors could also look into the engine rooms, and tour crew quarters.

In 1919, he moved to work in the Merchant Navy, in ships' engine rooms.

One tube was placed in the bow, the other two on either beam to the rear of the engine rooms.

seminar rooms   (seminer odaları)

The basement was remodeled to house seminar rooms.

JE has two seminar rooms adjacent to its libraries.

There is a forum, a multi-purpose room, a library, and four seminar rooms.

lecture rooms

The professional and youth wings have their own separate receptions, dining areas, changing rooms, kit stores and lecture rooms.

Building works were started and new wings were constructed to provide a library, improved science lecture rooms and a reading room.

The new building was three storeys, allowing for the different aspects of the trade to be separated, with the top floor dedicated to lecture rooms alone.

state rooms   (devlet odaları)

Queen Paola added modern art in some of the state rooms.

The castle has richly furnished state rooms on the first floor.

The palace's state rooms had had their swan song during the reign of Alexander II between 1855 and 1881.

function rooms

The CCC often uses the c-base station located in Berlin as an event location or as function rooms.

The restaurant on the ground floor has a riverside dining area and upstairs are function rooms and offices.

The main hall on the ground floor has a 3,700-seat capacity and 500-seat function rooms on the second floor.

floor rooms

Two of the ground floor rooms have been converted into chapels.

The ceiling on the ground floor rooms consisted of three long, adjacent barrel vaults.

The Cromwell family lived on the first floor with the servants in second floor rooms and garrets.

computer rooms

The school has eight computer rooms.

It contains the school library, laboratories, the biological specimen room and computer rooms.

In 2009 construction of a new English block was completed, along with a new library and computer rooms.

control rooms   (kontrol odaları)

The station also installed entirely digital production and master control rooms.

It carved out a new digital control rooms from space previously used for storage.

One of the proposals which is now well under way is the reduction of fire service control rooms.