rotation period   (回転周期)

The Q-type asteroid has a rotation period of 6.2 hours.

The K-type asteroid has a rotation period of 4.8 hours.

Its rotation period and shape remain unknown.

starting rotation   (回転を開始)

Paxton was in the Indians' starting rotation again in .

He would be in the Giants starting rotation that season.

Kim established himself in the Rockies starting rotation for the season.

heavy rotation   (ヘビーローテーション)

Ironically, it received heavy rotation on Christian stations.

It stayed in heavy rotation during the spring and summer of 1994.

It achieved heavy rotation on MTV following the huge success of the album.

gave a rotation   (ローテーションを与えた)

It gave a rotation period of hours with a brightness variation of 0.43 in magnitude ().

The light-curve gave a rotation period of hours with a brightness variation of 0.18 magnitude ().

Lightcurve analysis gave a rotation period of 6.231 hours with a brightness amplitude of 0.19 magnitude ().

axis of rotation   (回転軸)

The axis of rotation is usually vertical.

If the pintle is designed to move along its axis of rotation, the throat area can be varied.

Earth's axis of rotation is tilted with respect to its orbital plane, producing seasons on Earth.

crop rotation

Drilling and sowing and crop rotation were introduced.

Talking of the wide variety of crops in England, and crop rotation, Professor T.C.

Strict crop rotation is no longer technically necessary or even financially desirable.

rotation rate   (回転数)

This makes it, , the first extrasolar planet to have its rotation rate measured.

For this purpose, each rotation has a length of exactly 27 days, close to the synodic Carrington rotation rate.

The star is about 400 million years old with a moderate rotation rate, showing a projected rotational velocity of 52 km/s.

regular rotation

The video was picked up and added into regular rotation on MTV’s LOGO network.

Popovich expected him to remain in the regular rotation even after Leonard returned.

The band were also given regular rotation on CBC Radio and have been interviewed by Radio 1.

rotation matrix

It is an affine transform consisting of the 3x3 rotation matrix "R" and the 1x3 translation vector "p".

For example, the rotation matrix in 2d: is a matrix valued function of rotation angle of about the origin.

Let the displacement of a body be defined by "D" = (["A"], d), where ["A"] is the rotation matrix and d is the translation vector.

high rotation

Their song Blackfellas was on high rotation on TripleJ.

The video was added on high rotation on MTV, TMF, VIVA and ZTV.

After its release their material gained high rotation on JJJ radio and independent stations ZZZ and RRR.

rotation axis

Polar motion is the movement of Earth's rotation axis across its surface.

Every ion is on at least three mirror planes and at least one three-fold rotation axis.

Their model does not attempt to explain what caused Mars's rotation axis to move relative to the crust.