rounded up   (四舍五入)

He forgives her and the thieves are rounded up.

By nightfall, about 2,000 people had been rounded up by police.

They rounded up the workforce, most of whom had fled to the jungle.

more rounded   (更圆润)

In later years he became a more rounded player.

"Goniobranchus" species also tend to have a lower, more rounded body.

The upper leaves are oval, the lower ones very large and more rounded.

well rounded   (四舍五入)

The periphery of the body whorl is well rounded.

They are well rounded, with a deeply impressed suture.

Their bodies are well rounded with a straight back-line.

rounded off   (四舍五入)

It was redesigned again in 1950, with the corners rounded off.

Two flat cars rounded off the fleet.

He rounded off the year by being presented with an All-Star award.

rounded wings   (圆的翅膀)

The column has broad, rounded wings and reddish blotches.

They tend to have short, rounded wings and to be weak fliers.

rounded corners

Most surfaces are matt (sic) and dulled with rounded corners and edges.

The star hangs from its ribbon by a rectangular metal loop with rounded corners.

In 1930, the Nassak Diamond had a somewhat elongated triangle form with rounded corners.

rounded tips   (圆角提示)

The teeth are in two series and have rounded tips.

The leaves widen towards the end and have rounded tips.

The pelvic fins have abruptly rounded tips.

rounded vowel

"i", "a"), the symbol "O" indicates a rounded vowel (e.g.

If it ends with a rounded vowel then the "ÿ" is realized as "w" and the "i" is backed and rounded, giving the suffix "-wu".

Similarly, borrowings from languages such as French and German sometimes contain the close front rounded vowel : "ecru" , "tul" , "führer" .