İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

qualifying rounds   (eleme turları)

The schedule of the qualifying rounds is as follows.

The schedule of the qualifying rounds was as follows.

It hosted qualifying rounds for the U.S.

first two rounds   (ilk iki tur)

After an evenly matched first two rounds, Groves took control.

In Las Vegas, the pair hit two barrels in the first two rounds.

For the first two rounds, the contestants dub behind the scene.

rounds per   (tur)

A typical ship's load is 20 to 35 rounds per launcher.

A trained 8-pounder crew could fire two rounds per minute.

3 rounds per minute).

rounds per minute

A trained 8-pounder crew could fire two rounds per minute.

3 rounds per minute).

The rate of fire for the weapon was around 2 rounds per minute as coastal artillery.

rounds of ammunition   (mühimmat turları)

Only six rounds of ammunition are stowed on board.

It carries 28 rounds of ammunition on board.

Ten rifles and 200 rounds of ammunition were stored there.

preliminary rounds   (ön turlar)

This year he enters in at the preliminary rounds.

The preliminary rounds consisted of three rounds.

On both occasions, she ran in the preliminary rounds but not the final.

ten rounds

Faulkner won after ten rounds and 39 minutes.

Hallback outpointed Ashley over ten rounds.

"War" is a numeric strategy game occurring in ten rounds.

final rounds

He has reached the final rounds of many professional tournaments.

The match schedule for the groups and final rounds were announced two weeks later.

Ecuador qualified for the final rounds of the 2002, 2006, and 2014 FIFA World Cups.

early rounds

Her sister ran in the early rounds and also received a gold medal.

From the opening bell, Cook looked comfortable and slick and dominated the early rounds.

At the 2008 and 2012 Olympics he competed for Moldova but was eliminated in the early rounds.

first three rounds

The first three rounds were hosted by top-seeded teams in regional play.

to offer live streaming of the first three rounds of the tournament through its Yahoo!

When tied after 90 minutes in the first three rounds, penalties are taken immediately.

several rounds

After several rounds of casting, he got a role.

Feeding phase consist of several rounds.

This phase consists of several rounds.

second rounds

The first and second rounds are regionalised.

Lowry shot 67 in both the first and second rounds to share the lead with J.

The draw for the first and second rounds was made at the Greenyards in Melrose on Saturday 7 April 2018.

rounds before

Astralis got to fourteen rounds before Na'Vi took three.

The two teams traded rounds before Astralis took a 4-1 lead.

Christensen took two more rounds before throwing in the towel.

elimination rounds

The first seven rounds are held as single-match elimination rounds.

The athletes all compete in one competition with no elimination rounds.

later rounds

Clubs from higher levels are then added in later rounds, as per the table below.

She recovered in later rounds and finished the fight with the knock out of Lahsen.

I thought I did enough in the later rounds to win the fight, but it was a close fight.

qualification rounds

The remaining Thirteen team will play in the qualification rounds.

He was picked for the next two qualification rounds in 2012 and 2014.

Due to the increased number of teams, two qualification rounds were scheduled for the first time.

number of rounds   (tur sayısı)

A game may consist of a fixed number of rounds.

Each area has a set number of rounds that have to be completed to finish the area.

As the number of rounds increases, the expected loss increases at a much faster rate.

knockout rounds

This stage had two knockout rounds and four-team group stage.

He joined the team of Polina Gagarina but was eliminated in the knockout rounds.

Group stage Celtic finished second in Group B, and progressed to the knockout rounds.

rounds were played

Extra rounds were played if the goal had not been reached by the end of a full round.

The final rounds were played among the top eight teams out of four groups in 6–10 February 2013.

In all, ten regular-season rounds were played, to be followed by two semi-finals and then a final.

opening rounds

Second place results in 1966 and 1970 earned the team a place in the opening rounds of the national amateur championship.

Murphy missed the opening rounds of the Leinster Championship in 2019 but was back in goal for the final on 30 June 2019.

It was during this period that they made appearances in the opening rounds of the German Cup tournament (1975, 1980, 1984).

few rounds

Battaglia missed the first few rounds for Venezia due to injury.

Another tactical few rounds followed, with Khan the main aggressor.

After a few rounds Peter was pushing his punches and looking exhausted.

twelve rounds

Gonzales defeated him over twelve rounds.

Wet sponges were used to cool the pieces every ten or twelve rounds.

It began on March 29 at Interlagos and ended on December 6 at same circuit after twelve rounds.

between rounds

The interval between rounds is also one minute.

The interval between rounds is one minute.

The skills competition took place in between rounds of the tournament.

all rounds

After all rounds were complete, the three lowest scoring teams were eliminated.

In each group of all rounds, teams played each other once at a centralised venue.

Starting with this round, all rounds of the competition will be two-legged except for the final.

earlier rounds

He defeated Steve Farmer in the earlier rounds and then beat Paul Gibbs and Stephen Bunting to qualify.

Until the 2008–09 season, the BBC and Sky Sports shared television coverage, with the BBC showing three matches in the earlier rounds.

The winning club receives the FA Vase itself and, as of 2010, prize money of £20,000, in addition to that accumulated for winning earlier rounds.

rounds of voting

The winner was selected over two rounds of voting.

The winning song was selected in two rounds of voting.

This may require two rounds of voting.

final two rounds

Gale-force winds on the second day led to high scoring in the final two rounds.

Klitschko recovered and went on to continue outboxing Peter for the final two rounds.

This led to a 10-3 scoreline before HellRaisers took the final two rounds of the half.

first rounds

He then lost in the first rounds of Shanghai and Vienna.

There are nine (formerly eight) possible subjects for the first rounds.

The draw for the qualifying and first rounds was made on October 2, 1915.

third rounds

The second and third rounds were conducted in Spring 1997 under a new government.

Ladovsky took part in the first and third rounds of the Palace of Soviets contest.

The tournament was played in three different stages (first, second and third rounds).

rounds per gun

The ship's main gun armament consisted of three QF Mk IV guns on the ship's centreline, with 120 rounds per gun.

The E-1 was armed with four MG 17 7.92mm machine guns; two cowl guns above the engine with 1,000 rounds per gun, and two in the wings with 500 rounds per gun.

rounds of play   (oyun turları)

The tournament features four rounds of play.

These eight teams advanced to the knockout stage, where three rounds of play decided which teams would participate in the final.

mortar rounds

At 22:00 that night, VC mortar rounds and 122-mm.

The same day three 120 mm mortar rounds landed just outside the base.

On 7 March the PAVN hit Camp Carroll with over 400 mortar rounds causing little damage.

more rounds

Christensen took two more rounds before throwing in the towel.

The police fired more rounds, leading to the deaths of 2 people.

Mireles fired four more rounds at Platt and Matix, but hit neither.

both rounds

The 12 winners as well as the four losers with the best performance over both rounds qualified for the round of 16.

However, in the closing seconds of both rounds, Katsidis was able to launch a charging attack and finish strongly at the bell.

In both rounds, if the aggregate score is tied after full time of the second leg, the away goals rule is used to decide the winner.

previous rounds

Unlike the previous rounds of the competition, this was played over two legs.

Winner SF2), the finalists which have the better performance in previous rounds host the second leg.

He shot a final round of 66 to jump 22 places up the leaderboard after three previous rounds of 69-79-70.

rounds took

The studio rounds took place on October 7, 14 and 21.

Theatre rounds took place at club Rock Café in Tallinn.

The qualification and final rounds took place on August 20 at the Olympic Indoor Hall.