Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

en route   (en camino)

en route to the final, triumphed over Juventus F.C.

Lieng died of her burns en route to the hospital.

Over ten thousand people died en route to Urmia.

route between   (ruta entre)

228 is the bus route between Boralanda and Bandarawela.

The route between Sira and Sirnes was completely rebuilt.

The road was once part of the main route between Cork and Kerry.

along the route   (a lo largo de la ruta)

Weather along the route is typical of Connecticut.

Cities along the route include Dixon, Davis, and Woodland.

The group has also requested more stations along the route.

route through   (ruta a través de)

The original route through South Carolina was long.

Banks Creek Road is the main route through the locality.

The main route through the locality is England Creek Road.

bus route   (ruta del autobus)

The street is served by the 18 Beaubien bus route.

Foothill 482 is a local bus route serving the area.

The bus route opened to the public on March 28, 2015.

trade route

Hazor is part of a trade route Hazor-Qatna-Mari.

It guarded the trade route to Ladakh along the Shyok River.

The town was located on a trade route connecting Kraków and Wrocław.

main route   (ruta principal)

It is also a main route to Sepang and Labu town.

It is a main route to Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport.

Banks Creek Road is the main route through the locality.

new route

During 2008, TAAG launched a new route to Beijing.

The new route was opened on November 26, 2004.

It was not until 1929 that is new route was completed.

entire route   (ruta completa)

In 1940, the entire route was renumbered to NC 127.

The entire route is in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Very little cell phone service along the entire route.

direct route

Flying a direct route was out of the question.

Alexander himself took selected troops on the direct route to the city.

And you will also find regular tourist buses as direct route to Jagatpur.

route passes

The route passes the creek, and bends northeastward.

The route passes The Hanwell Recreational Park.

The bicycle route passes through the village.

same route

It traversed the same route as the Historical Parade.

The main body followed by the same route on 8 October.

In the north direction, the same route.

route continues

West of I-94, the route continues as 23 Mile Road.

After crossing the border, the route continues to Ivalo.

The route continues eastward into Rexburg, before turning northward.

route runs

The route runs on Texas Avenue in both cities.

A main cycle route runs along the Escamplaan through Houtwijk.

Past Custer Park, the route runs past Kankakee River State Park.

original route

The original route through South Carolina was long.

The original route is now known as Homestead Drive.

This was the original route planned for in the late 1970s.

route heads

After Pines, the route heads due east to US 421 in Michigan City.

The route heads east to SR 348 (Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway).

From US 421, the route heads east and then northeast around Michigan City.

route via

Thompsons Bus Service operates one route via Murrumba Downs station:

Marie route via Killarney and the North Channel, commencing July 16, 1931.

The route via the Thamarassery ghat was found with the help of Karinthandan.

alternate route   (Ruta alternativa)

Nebraska has created an alternate route for Interstate 80.

It is an alternate route of existing NH-65 [Pali to Ambala].

It is used as an alternate route to Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri.

state route   (ruta estatal)

It is designated as state route B19 for its entire length.

K-15 was the only state route in Kansas to fork in this manner.

In no case does a state route number mirror a U.S. Highway number.

business route   (ruta de negocios)

82B) is a business route of US 82 in Union County, Arkansas.

SH 35 has four business routes and one former business route.

A business route is signed on the former path of the highway.

route turns

At the end of the dirt track, the route turns left.

Shortly after crossing the county line, the route turns north.

In Granby, the route turns eastward once again, entering the hamlet of Bowens Corners.

current route

The current route was designated on October 29, 1998.

RM 2398 was designated on June 12, 1968 along its current route.

FM 2316 was designated on July 28, 1955 along the current route.

route along

The line followed a difficult but scenic route along the North Yorkshire coast.

Upon return, "Wacousta" resumed her Canadian route along the St. Lawrence river.

Route 165 is part of the W2W route along with: Route 165 meets the following routes:

old route

The old route of SH 6 was transferred to new SH 283.

A new route was built east of the old route.

After the new line entered service, the old route was closed.

route begins

The route begins at Highway 61 in Grand Marais.

The route begins at I-45 exit 258 and ends at exit 260.

The route begins at a junction with Old US 40 in Wadsworth.

alternative route

It is also used as an alternative route for the A19 and A179.

The alternative route continues as the T1 Road in Zambia towards Lusaka.

It is used as an alternative route to Port-of-Spain; Trinidad's capital city.

route crosses

In this area, the route crosses CR 512.

At Custer Park, the route crosses the Wauponsee Glacial Trail.

The route crosses the river and turns to the south-southeast, coming to Elmer.

former route

The highway generally follows the former route of US 290.

The former route was named Old St. Charles Rock Road, now Boenker Road.

The route of LA 46 was then extended to cover the former route of LA 39.

spur route   (ruta de estímulo)

Highway 89 Spur is a former spur route in Lonoke.

K-72 was a spur route that served the city of Basehor.

In 1993, the spur route was decommissioned.

route then

The route then passes under Old Gunpowder Road.

The route then passes through Joubertina and Kareedouw.

The route then intersects SR 92 (Hiram–Acworth Highway).

route number   (número de ruta)

None of the three highways bear any route number yet.

Today it is route number 907 in the timetable.

The route number is 138/2 and it takes the high level road.

escape route

Engdahl created an escape route for Nazis from all parts of Europe.

An escape route was outlined, but due to inactivity, remains inoperable.

Many of Duffié's men were captured the next morning as Chambliss cut off their escape route.

route across   (ruta a través)

It was the predominant overland route across Texas for several centuries.

Along his route across West Cumbria, Bird killed 12 people and injured 25.

There is also a route across Sudan, to the Red Sea, but very little trade goes this way.

supply route   (ruta de suministro)

This supply route was defended by the Đồng Nai Regiment.

Pomerania-Stolp was a crucial point in the knights' land supply route.

The major supply route was the York Factory Express between Hudson Bay and Fort Vancouver.

route passes through

The bicycle route passes through the village.

The route passes through the southwest side of Middlebury.

The route passes through Hudson Lake and New Carlisle before South Bend.

route follows

The route follows a north-south jurassic escarpment.

Heading east the route follows minor roads to Ponteland.

The route follows the route taken by the first ascensionist.

route was extended   (ruta fue extendida)

The route was extended to Rockaway Boulevard on July 1, 1939.

The route was extended from Leakesville to the Alabama border in 1953.

During the spring of 1974, the route was extended north to Highway 89.

proposed route

It has since been revealed that a proposed route as far as will be investigated.

Several attempts on Mallory's proposed route occurred during the 1922 expedition.

The proposed route for the first phase of Line 4 is: From Goudi: From Alsos Veikou:

route connecting

Iowa 224 began as a short spur route connecting Kellogg to US 6.

The town was located on a trade route connecting Kraków and Wrocław.

The R62 is associated with the Route 62 tourist route connecting Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

different route

Abugidas developed along a slightly different route.

This enrages Sarathy so much that he decides to take a different route.

With the IBF title opportunity gone astray, Mitchell went a different route in 2015.

route numbers

However, on May 25, 1927, several route numbers were revised, including Highways 5 and 6.

Though capable of displaying destination signs, they were not fitted to show route numbers.

As part of this change, trams would no longer display route numbers on their dot matrix destination screens.

route becomes

Here, the route becomes Market Street and is lined with several homes.

At this point, the truck route becomes a four-lane divided highway, heading to the east.

After this intersection, the route becomes rural again, continuing northeast through Granby.

route enters

The route enters Angola and has an interchange with I-69.

The route enters the Norbeck area, and passes under Emory Lane.

The route enters Liberty Township and passes through more of the state park.

route around   (ruta alrededor)

It sees over 35,000 cyclists tackling a route around Cape Town.

There were 4 riders per team on a route around 100 kilometres long.

I-295 serves as a bypass route around downtown Richmond for both I-64 and I-95.

rail route   (ruta ferroviaria)

It is on the Thriuvananthapuram-Kollam rail route.

FL5 (Lazio regional railways) The FL5 (until 2012 FR5) is a regional rail route.

Today, there are six "Stadtbahn" lines running every ten minutes on every light rail route.

route became

On November 24, 1936, the entire route became part of SH 44.

After the 1933 renumbering, the route became State Route 238.

The route became FM 973 in 1957.

route intersects

In the town of Leeper, the route intersects PA 66.

This route intersects with New Brunswick Route 850.

In Reidsville, the route intersects US 280/SR 30.

along its route

There is also no freeway anywhere along its route.

In some other states along its route, it is signed east–west.

23 intersects multiple federal highways along its route, such as: Fed.

route network   (red de rutas)

The route network has no implied start or end point.

Aeroflot's route network was long by 1950.

At this time, the company had a route network that was long.

more direct route

The older A30 road provides a more direct route to London via the A303 and M3.

The probe's launch rocket had two more boosters to accomplish this more direct route to the Moon.

It takes a more direct route between Portland and Augusta, the state capital, than its parent I-95.

route travels

The entire route travels along the historic route of US 441.

From here, the route travels past Hurlett, Carleton Lake, and Estey's Bridge.

The route travels in a generally north-south direction on the city's west side.

major route   (ruta principal)

Metabolism is not the major route of elimination.

Each castle controlled a major route inland from the lords' castle near the coast.

The A511 passes under the dual-carriageway A38 at Burton, but has no direct junction with that major route.

primary route   (ruta primaria)

For its entire length the A4 is a primary route.

Excretion: The primary route of excretion is the urine.

The pass was on the primary route between Eilat and central Israel in 1954.

through route

No longer part of a through route, Incline No.

The line ceased being a through route in 1967 when the PRR severed trackage between Windsor-Hightstown.

In most cases, the spur highway connecting a through route with a city ends at the city limit of the city.

tram route

On October 27, 2007, tram route 6 joined, and on September 1, 2012, tram route 9 joined.

In 2016 a tram route opened in Yangon, on a former heavy rail freight route through the city streets.

follows the route

The route follows the route taken by the first ascensionist.

The A68 roughly follows the route of the old Roman 'Dere Street'.

From Springfield the rail corridor follows the route of the "Vermonter" northerly to St. Albans.

sea route

This was the first contact of Europeans with China via the sea route around the Cape of Good Hope.

The sea route was more than route from the east coast or Europe around Cape Horn in South America.

Some of the first Argonauts, as they were also known, traveled by the all sea route around Cape Horn.

route ran

Its principal route ran between London and Cork.

The route ran south to the loop at King Street.

The second route ran via Low Fell on the A167.

route starts

The route starts in Mayagüez and ends in Maunabo.

The route starts at MS 25 in the town of Smithville.

The route starts at Route 107 in Gordonsville.

planned route

A map has been released showing the planned route.

Railway committees were established in all the cities on the planned route.

However, the player is free to deviate from the planned route and select their own path.

southern route

In the morning of 24 August, Ross made a feint on the southern route, before suddenly swerving northwards towards Bladensburg.

One southern route of the Silk Road ran along part of the Amu Darya northwestward from Termez before going westwards to the Caspian Sea.

Taking a southern route, it passes the hamlet of Le Tot then flows through the commune of Anceaumeville, meeting the Cailly River at Montville.

route followed

The route followed the channel of a creek that had cut a ravine steeply down the escarpment.

Its route followed Armagh Street, Brittan Street, and Patten Street to terminate on Retreat Road.

A concurrency with Highway 24 was established east of Ospringe to Trafalgar Road, which the route followed north to Highway 9.

ferry route

In 2011, Fjord 1 won a tender and took over the ferry route.

Deliveries over the Alaska-Siberia ALSIB ferry route began in October 1942.

A car ferry route has operated from Gedser to Rostock in Germany since 1995, served by Scandlines.

shorter route   (ruta más corta)

It will be a much shorter route towards Pali for all traffic from Haryana.

This allows Kokomo Grain a shorter route to Indianapolis and markets south.

Probably the best known shorter route is the Ring of Steall, a circuit of the corrie above Steall Falls.

railway route

It is located in Chennai - Arakkonam suburban railway route.

This railway route links Clapham Junction to Willesden Junction via Kensington Olympia.

route north

A new trade route north was discovered, and Sabun outfitted royal caravans to take advantage of it.

While en route north, López Rayón stayed behind in Saltillo, Coahuila with 3,500 men and 22 cannons.

By 1952, SC 151 truncated at SC 9 in Pageland, its route north to the state line replaced by US 601.

land route   (ruta terrestre)

The land route to the west was blocked since early March.

It took Anza about 74 days to do this initial reconnaissance trip to establish a land route into California.

The only alternative to a long land route via the town of Cuenca to Machala is maritime transport via the Gulf of Guayaquil.

route used

When launched the route used sections of NCN Routes 72, 68 and 71 west of the Pennines.

The Icknield Way Trail, a route used by walkers, horse riders and off-road cyclists, also passes through the village.

A secondary goal was to determine the route used by Ernest Shackleton in his famous 1916 winter traverse during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

truck route

82T) is a former truck route of in Stamps, Arkansas.

The eastbound alternate truck route follows PA 309 and Paper Mill Road.

Pennsylvania Route 27 Truck is a truck route in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.

secondary route

In 1954, SR 70 became a secondary route, SR 798, over objections.

The secondary route west of Salisbury is predominantly single track, but has three sections of double track and four passing loops.

In 1996 a toll highway was built over the much higher altitude Cobequid Pass to the west and the valley's roads reverted to a secondary route.

route was designated

The route was designated I-295 by AASHTO in 1958.

The current route was designated on October 29, 1998.

By January 1982, that entire route was designated SR 382.

shortest route   (ruta más corta)

Path Option 2: This is the second shortest route.

Path Option 1: This is the shortest route.

The suburban route is the shortest route.

northern route

The first aircraft of the air echelon departed the United Kingdom in mid-June 1945 flying the northern route via Iceland.

The southern route went via West Chester-Coatesville-Lancaster-Hershey and the northern route via Norristown-Pottstown-Reading-Ephrata-Lebanon-Hershey.

In 1975, three routes were considered: a northern route through mainly farmland, a central route using a railway, and a southern route through Dartmoor National Park.

access route   (ruta de acceso)

The Great Western Highway is the main road access route.

There are three sections of the park, each with a different access route.

It serves Fayette State Park as an access route from US Highway 2 (US 2).

route taken

The route follows the route taken by the first ascensionist.

A crowd estimated at more than 50,000 lined the route taken by the South Vietnamese leader's motorcade.

The route taken is up to the arch and then around its side, out of respect for the tomb and its symbolism.

first route

The first route was from Hell to Selbu, known as Selburuta.

The first route is the shorter of two - generally three days to the peak.

(The first route of the Great North Road ran via Wrekenton on the present B1296.

coastal route   (ruta costera)

After successful completion of repairs, "Mohawk" was again put on her usual coastal route.

The group would have travelled along the coastal route around Arabia and Persia to India relatively rapidly, within a few thousand years.

This was a remote area conveniently located near a coastal route, with a number of Jodo Shinshu congregations from other sects already present.

another route   (otra ruta)

From the carboxylic acid, another route can be taken.

The MS 23 designation was used for another route from 1932 to 1940.

Events that take place in one route may or may not have happened in another route.

route back   (ruta de regreso)

En route back to his homeland, Rukn al-Din was put to death in 1256.

It was a route back from the war of the king before entering the inner city.

They integrate this information to find the shortest route back to their nest.

route south

The Monroe County section of the route was paved in 1965, and a part of the route south of Tremont was paved in 1973.

The MB PTH 10 and MB PTH 20 intersection is located at the hamlet of Cowan in Mountain (South) RM and here the NWWR resumes its route south.

Kabul was on the route south from Fayzabad, and it was near the edge of the town that the group stopped to rest and allow local people to view the cloak.

route running

M-32) is a business spur route running through Hillman, Michigan.

Much of this became attributed to Beasley's very good route running.

It is an east–west route running roughly through midtown Pensacola and West Pensacola.

transport route

It was the main transport route of the people in those days.

an assembly line, a storage or warehouse, a transport route etc.

It's an one main transport route in the area of Bang Rak, Sathon and Yan Nawa districts.

cycle route   (ruta ciclista)

A main cycle route runs along the Escamplaan through Houtwijk.

An international cycle route has been marked from the Elbe to Viborg.

The cycle route also intersects with the West Mendip Way and various other footpaths.

route to winning

In 2012, Fujita won four tournaments on the Japan Golf Tour en route to winning the Order of Merit.

He scored 4 goals in 17 appearances across all competitions helping his club on its route to winning the Greek Cup.

The team then went on to win four straight playoff games en route to winning the gold medal, defeating Canada in the final.

route began

Construction on the central route began in 2004.

From Salerno, the route began a gentle climb to Bellizzi Irpino.

Testing of M8 cars on the Shore Line East route began in February 2017.

overland route   (ruta por tierra)

It was the predominant overland route across Texas for several centuries.

He moved west with his family in the 1850s, taking an overland route in a covered wagon.

These were the first U.S. citizens to reach Alta California from the east via an overland route.

route designation

The route designation re-appeared on the state map by 1950.

Its reference route designation is NY 951A, a number used by two separate highways in the Niagara Falls area.

The state route designation, however, did not last long, being decommissioned just three years after its assignment in 1932.

transportation route

Once again, Illecillewaet was joined with a major transportation route.

It functioned as a transportation route between Dachau and Schleißheim.

It historically served as a major trade and transportation route between Syria and Arabia.

circuitous route   (ruta tortuosa)

The squadron took a circuitous route to avoid alerting the Dutch.

Previously, westbound traffic originating in southern Ontario took a circuitous route through eastern Ontario.

With the British army closing in on Philadelphia, the small force had to reach Fort Mifflin by a circuitous route.

route up

The route up the mountain is often considered one of the hardest climbs in the Gorge.

The most popular route up Mount Moran is the "CMC route", named for the Chicago Mountaineering Club.

They were within sight of Sermilik Fjord on 17 July; Nansen believed it would offer a route up the icecap.

trade route between

Wadi Sirhan historically served as an important trade route between Arabia and Syria.

Kalundborg was at the time an important stop on the trade route between the North Sea and the Baltic.

Montgomery settled at Newtownards and soon established a trade route between Donaghadee in Ireland and Portpatrick in Scotland.

important route

The site is on the important route between Váh and Nitra river basins.

In modern times it is an important route for Alaska Marine Highway ferries as well as cruise ships.

The castle dominates the town and overlooks the strategically important route along the river valley.

route is now

The original route is now known as Homestead Drive.

This route is now the Great Eastern Main Line.

Service along the route is now minimal.

along this route   (a lo largo de esta ruta)

Variegated vegetation can be seen along this route.

As of 2008, all buses along this route are ADA-compliant, and contain bicycle racks.

The Rice Family Log Home within the park served as an inn along this route for travelers.

normal route

North West: It is the normal route which is easy technically.

From the hut a trail leads to the Dom Hut, on the normal route to the Dom.

The Dom Hut is mainly used as the starting point of the normal route of the Dom.

north–south route

NY 359 was a north–south route in eastern Niagara County.

Highway 284 serves as a north–south route between Cologne and Waconia.

The north–south route connected several towns on its route northward from Burlington.

died en route

Over ten thousand people died en route to Urmia.

Most of the victims died en route due to lack of food or water.

In July 1277, Baybars died en route to Damascus, and was succeeded by Barakah.

route connects

The route connects the cities of East Grand Forks, Bemidji, Grand Rapids, and Duluth.

The HH Ferry route connects Helsingør with Helsingborg, 4 km (2 miles) across the Øresund.

The 900 Airport Express bus route connects Kipling to the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

second route

The second route ran via Low Fell on the A167.

A second route of begins at Highway 22 in Barling and runs to US Route 64/U.S.

A second route of begins at AR 31 north of Beebe and runs north to Highway 267.

bypass route   (ruta de derivación)

I-295 serves as a bypass route around downtown Richmond for both I-64 and I-95.

The northern segment follows along Route 7's former path, before it was given its bypass route around Lenox Village.

It begins and ends at Route 28, acting as a bypass route for those not wishing to follow the Highway through Harwich Port and Chatham.