bus routes   (バス路線)

South Norwood is served by many London bus routes.

It is serviced by the 150, 15a and 54a bus routes.

For connecting bus routes see Terminus Côte-Vertu.

trade routes

It spread to other humans along trade routes.

It was at the crossroads of trade routes.

Later Roman accounts noted maritime trade routes with Bengal.

routes between

Products were traded by sea routes between China and Arabs.

This event appears to have opened trade routes between Nepal and Tibet.

Route 215 does not intersect any numbered routes between its two endpoints.

main routes   (主なルート)

The three main routes were called , , and .

The plan calls for two main routes.

One aspect of xenophobic violence is the torching of trucks driven by foreigners on main routes.

other routes   (他のルート)

Although they can sometimes be found on other routes in the country.

The trip cost $3 and ran in 9.5 hours, 1–2 hours faster than other routes.

Brighton services were connected with other routes to provide cross-town links.

new routes

Air Italy also announced four new routes to North America.

This allowed smaller B-types to be used on new routes in and around London.

Winthrop Young also put up new routes on the crags of the Lake District and Wales.

routes through

They walk along stony routes through the Kirthar Mountains.

Buses operate two bus routes through Ngaio; numbers 25 and 26.

There are a number of important passes and routes through the mountains.

different routes

They serve different routes but largely the same downtown area.

There are 3 different routes from Tirunelveli to reach this place.

North of Peterborough passenger and coal traffic took different routes.

state routes   (州道)

Highways listed below are not signed as numbered state routes.

Also, there are several state routes that run to surrounding towns.

All state routes are routinely maintained by Croatian road authorities.

supply routes   (供給ルート)

Meanwhile, isolated and densely vegetated mountains provided supply routes and base areas.

The armies never engaged in battle and with their supply routes blocked, the Welsh began to starve.

The capture of the town cut one of the main land supply routes for government troops fighting in Aleppo.

climbing routes

Ravnedalen has about 70 established climbing routes.

The south face had 54 climbing routes in 1992.

He is famous for his hard sport climbing routes in England.

routes run

Most local routes run through downtown Des Moines.

Several tourist routes run through the Black Forest.

Twenty-four trolleybus routes run in Yerevan, Armenia.

following routes

, the following routes serve White Rock Centre exchange:

Route 165 is part of the W2W route along with: Route 165 meets the following routes:

The company operates the following routes: Pen-ar-Bed operate a fleet of seven vessels.

several routes

From Legburthwaite several routes are possible.

There are several routes to the summit of North Fortuna Mountain.

The SGV operates several routes, with many variants, on Lake Lucerne.

routes operated

There are seven local bus routes operated by DART First State that connect the Newark Transit Hub to points in New Castle County.

I-280 crosses a major Norfolk Southern railroad line also used by the "Capitol Limited" and "Lake Shore Limited" passenger train routes operated by Amtrak.

During 1976 NJDOT took control of passenger rail routes operated by the Penn Central, Erie Lackawanna, CNJ and Reading Lines (with Conrail operating services under contract).

international routes

On all international routes, a meal is served.

More international routes were added through co-operation agreements.

Entertainment Air Niugini offers entertainment on selected international routes.

all routes

Traffic after the festival was reported to be "moving well on all routes".

Gibraltar Bus Company increased the bus fares for all routes in Gibraltar in May 2013.

On Sundays and bank holidays, the frequency decreases to every 30 minutes on all routes.

routes serve

Four MBTA Bus routes serve Oak Grove station.

The bus routes serve South Brooklyn as well.

, the following routes serve White Rock Centre exchange:

transport routes

Currently operating water transport routes:

It is located at the crossing of two major transport routes.

The urban public transport routes of Navojoa, named SUBA, don't enter San Ignacio Cohuirimpo.

transportation routes

In addition, it is also one of the most important transportation routes in Bangkok.

Lon Nol's control was reduced to small enclaves around the cities and main transportation routes.

The flooding would often close vital transportation routes between Anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.

major routes   (主要ルート)

There are only five major routes to the rest of Canada.

The remaining major routes out of Bristol were all subject to widening schemes.

It is located along the Mississippi Flyway, one of the major routes for migrating waterfowl.

escape routes

Codes of practice lay down minimum illumination levels in escape routes and open areas.

A police official said that all escape routes had been covered by officers but none apparently saw Davis leave.

The tunnel has 15 emergency refuge areas located every with escape routes that lead to the north and south portals.

tram routes

In 1980 only tram routes 2 and 15 served this station.

Sydney also previously had cable tram routes.

The tram routes have one of four numbers: 1, 2, 5, and 6.

routes across   (横断ルート)

DFDS Seaways operates twenty routes across the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

They operate 15 routes across the city, routes 10–15, 20–26, 30 & 31, and school bus services..

Muslim trade routes across the Sahara, which had existed for centuries, involved salt, kola, textiles, fish, grain and slaves.

both routes

One was for the "City of San Francisco", two were for the "City of Denver", and one was a spare set intended for both routes.

When the second trolley bus service to Richmond opened in 1934, both routes shared the line down Cashel Street to Fitzgerald Avenue.

These trains go to London Victoria and London Bridge via Sutton and West Croydon, with one train per hour in each direction on both routes.

routes serving

TTC routes serving the station include:

domestic routes   (国内路線)

On domestic routes, a snack and drink are served.

Old domestic routes as well as many international destinations were relaunched.

By early 2016, the airline operated 230 domestic routes along with 60 international routes.

routes include

Other important routes include the AP-68 motorway which links Bilbao with the Mediterranean.

Other major road routes include: The current President of La Rioja is Concha Andreu of PSOE.

East-west bus routes include 20 along Madison Street, 126 along Jackson Street, and 7 along Harrison Street.

routes within

Important railway routes within this division were:

Important routes within the division were:

CNG auto rickshaws are very popular mode of transport for short routes within the city.

trading routes   (取引ルート)

Its migration followed the sea and land trading routes of the medieval world.

He followed ancient trading routes established millennia prior by the natives.

The trading routes with Persia and India were carried through the Volga river, Astrakhan and the Caspian Sea.

local routes

Most local routes run through downtown Des Moines.

Some Bicycle Mail was used for local routes in an unofficial capacity.

In addition to inter-city bus routes, many local routes go throughout the city and neighboring areas.

shipping routes

However, shipping routes via the polar region could shorten the trip to 10 days.

RAAF Catalina flying boats also successfully laid mines in Japanese shipping routes.

Larger boats can follow longer coastal shipping routes within the perimeter Istanbul-Varna-Mangalia-Odessa-Yalta.

routes via

Hornibrook Bus Lines operate three routes via Mango Hill station:

However, shipping routes via the polar region could shorten the trip to 10 days.

There were steeper routes via Townstal Hill and Clarence Street and also via Brown's Hill.

alternative routes

Two other national highways serve as spur (DR-5) or alternative routes (DR-4).

At this point, there were two major alternative routes to the Mississippi River.

There were many alternative routes available for students unable to pass the TAAS.

business routes   (ビジネスルート)

In Virginia, US 23 has four business routes.

SH 35 has four business routes and one former business route.

SH 6 has four business routes.

county routes   (郡ルート)

(The others have become 600-series county routes as described below.)

County routes in New Jersey In the U.S. state of New Jersey, county routes exist in all 21 counties.

Most counties in New Jersey follow the 500-series county routes with their own county routes numbered otherwise, typically in the 600-series.

routes connecting

It is a crossroads where two ancient trade routes connecting India and Tibet intersect.

The Mohawk wanted to get more control of the St. Lawrence trade routes connecting to the Europeans.

The agency provides a number of regional express bus routes connecting Seattle with neighboring suburbs and cities.

sea routes

Products were traded by sea routes between China and Arabs.

Since Minos controlled the land and sea routes, Daedalus set to work to fabricate wings for himself and his young son Icarus.

Since the 16th century, European traders traversed the sea routes to Bengal, following the Portuguese conquests of Malacca and Goa.

numbered routes

Route 215 does not intersect any numbered routes between its two endpoints.

Route 144 runs through an isolated area, intersecting one relatively major local road, Hortonia Road, along its length, but not intersecting any numbered routes between its endpoints.

There are 10 subdivisions within the RCM: Highways and numbered routes that run through the municipality, including external routes that start or finish at the county border: <br> <br>

possible routes

Quote: "The African continent was bled of its human resources via all possible routes.

Consumption of antacids, antiperspirants, vaccines, and cosmetics provide possible routes of exposure.

Earl Crag itself is popular for climbing and has many different possible routes and climbing techniques.

routes along

In 2019, MaineDOT began signing emergency routes along roads near I-295.

By early 2016, the airline operated 230 domestic routes along with 60 international routes.

In 1766, he worked on lava formed routes along the Via Foria leading to the Albergo Reale dei Poveri in Naples.

rail routes   (鉄道ルート)

This place acts as the junction and four rail routes branch from here.

In August 2012, the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) proposed four rail routes for the metro project.

The route will provide an alternative to two existing rail routes to the Indian Ocean, at Dar es Salaam and Beira.

migration routes

Reindeer migration routes cross the reserve.

The goal of the ringing is to view migration routes of birds.

These include: geographic location, migration routes, language and political structure.

air routes

In the first quarter of 2009, 96% of Eurostar services were punctual, compared with rival air routes' 76%.

From the north, following Nagaoka's border counterclockwise: Sado Island is connected by sea and air routes.

Croydon Airport took over the responsibility for weather forecasting on air routes from the Air Ministry in October.