royal family   (王室)

She was born while the royal family was in exile.

Njemanze is the name of the royal family of Owerri.

but he was not a royal family for his lifetimes.

royal court   (ロイヤルコート)

It can also be where the royal court can gather.

Jan Kazimierz was courtier on the royal court.

Away from the royal court her literary activity dried up.

royal palace   (王宮)

During the Carolingian period, there was a royal palace here.

It used to be the largest royal palace built in the Philippines.

Also in 1458, Inal received James II in the royal palace of Cairo.

royal charter   (王室憲章)

The ICAEW was established by royal charter in 1880.

John again witnessed a royal charter in 1146.

It was granted its royal charter shortly after its founding.

battle royal   (大乱戦)

This match is conducted similarly to a battle royal.

They also took part in the tag team battle royal on April 2.

The inaugural battle royal was held during the WrestleMania 34 pre-show.

royal decree   (royal令)

It was founded in 2005 by royal decree.

Its previous name was made official by a royal decree in 1918.

In 1394 H, (c.1974) a royal decree No.

royal house   (ロイヤルハウス)

He was a progenitor of a prominent Fijian royal house.

It is the royal house name of the early Qin, and Qin Dynasty.

She also had the fate of the French royal house of Valois in her hands.

royal assent   (王室の同意)

The bill received royal assent on 6 March 1884.

If royal assent was denied, the bill never became law.

The Bill is being prepared for royal assent.

royal residence   (王宮)

It was actually used as a royal residence.

He moved the royal residence to Potsdam.

Oudong was established in 1601 as the last royal residence of the Middle Period.

royal blue   (ロイヤルブルー)

The team colors were royal blue, white and new gold.

The school's colors are royal blue and gold.

Only the royal blue and prefect ties are commonly in use.

royal families   (王室)

Sung-deuk was not respectful treatment of royal families.

News of variolation spread to the royal families of Europe.

The senate was made up of the descendants of ancient royal families.

royal household   (王室)

Officers were assigned to the royal household.

They became "recognized ladies of the royal household."

He also added members of his family to the royal household.

royal authority   (王室)

The goal was a firm establishment of royal authority.

He took the name Sudangphaa and took control of his royal authority.

The primary point of the Dictum was the re-establishment of royal authority.

royal power   (王権)

Later, however, the Angevins intervened and restored royal power.

In time, the Uí Ímair possessed royal power in the Irish Sea region for centuries.

Vassals of the King of Imereti, they revolted several times against the royal power.

royal army   (王軍)

Tension with Paris led to a siege by the royal army in 1622.

In total, the royal army totalled approximately 6,000–7,000 men.

The king's tenants-in-chief formed the backbone of the royal army.

royal title   (王位)

During this time the family also earned the royal title of 'Rajah Sahib'.

Hugh retired to Provence, but continued to carry the royal title until 947.

royal commission   (王立委員会)

Baccarat received its first royal commission in 1823.

The royal commission was established on 14 December 2017.

He sat on the royal commission on city railway extension in 1897.

royal patronage   (王室の後援)

Without royal patronage, the powers of the temples too declined.

MDU received good royal patronage.

She presented her work to Queen Victoria and received royal patronage for life.

royal couple   (王室のカップル)

The royal couple took great interest in their staff.

The royal couple arrived for their first visit on 8 September 1848.

The scene shows the royal couple bestowing honors and gifts on Meryre.

received royal   (ロイヤルを受けた)

The bill received royal assent on 6 March 1884.

In 1990 it received royal designation from Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

It received royal assent later that year and went into effect on 2 May 2017.

former royal   (元王室)

It is a former royal hunting park often visited by hikers and horse riders.

He had gone to Kashi where he heard the plight of Kampala (his father, and a former royal minister).

Xiengkeo Palace Xiengkeo Palace was the former royal residence of the Lao Prime Minister, Prince Phetsarath.

royal crown   (王冠)

All the helmets made way for one royal crown.

Each corner of the flag had sewn into it a silver royal crown.

The cover depicted an upended royal crown and a broken scepter.

royal houses   (王室)

Baccarat has become quite famous at the royal houses.

Later it was used by the Normans and the royal houses of Hohenstaufen and Anjou.

He was closely connected with nearly all the royal houses of Europe on both sides of his family.

royal courts   (宮廷)

The book contains menus served to the royal courts in 1690.

Maison Maquet's products were particularly trendy among foreign royal courts.

Since the Reformation, ecclesiastical courts in England have been royal courts.

royal prerogative   (王室の特権)

Under the Franks, it was a royal prerogative but could be delegated.

After his succession in 1625, Charles quarrelled with the Parliament of England, which sought to curb his royal prerogative.

Philip II of Spain accepted them for Spain, the Netherlands and Sicily inasmuch as they did not infringe the royal prerogative.

royal government   (王政)

However, the royal government had set a considerable bounty on his head.

The previous night, the royal government had raised the alert and closed the gates to Valencia.

Ealdred was an advisor to King Edward the Confessor, and was often involved in the royal government.

royal arms   (王室)

This inescutcheon represents the royal arms of France.

At the back of the gallery are royal arms dated 1723 by Mathias Read.

Over the south door is a panel with the royal arms of William III, dated 1700.

received royal assent   (王室の同意を受けた)

The bill received royal assent on 6 March 1884.

It received royal assent later that year and went into effect on 2 May 2017.

It received royal assent on 25 November 2005 and came into force on 30 June 2006.

royal palaces   (王宮)

Porcelain rooms were installed at three royal palaces.

It also supplied the royal palaces with silk brocades and other textiles.

These stone reliefs lined the walls in the royal palaces where foreigners were received by the king.

other royal   (他の王室)

Massialot and many other royal cooks received special privileges by association with the French royalty.

She was also patronized by many other royal houses such as those of Travancore, Bobbili, and Vijayanagaram.

He spent 25 years engraving Queen Victoria's pictures during which period he executed commissions of other royal portraits.

royal blood   (王家の血)

In every picture I have royal blood.

She was the 5th daughter of Peter Howe, the Marquess of Sligo, and of royal blood.

(Men of royal blood are automatically members, and do not count as part of the 33 allotted slots).

royal treasury   (王室)

During the Civil wars it acted as a royal treasury.

As compensation, the royal treasury paid Thomas Miller.

He died with little wealth and evidence of lawsuits with the royal treasury.

royal warrant   (王室御用達)

Wenham-lake ice was awarded a royal warrant from Queen Victoria.

It was successful and they received a royal warrant from King George V of England.

The ensign of the Royal Naval Mine Watching Service was granted in 1953 by royal warrant.

royal dynasty   (王朝)

The pre-Ghaznavid royal dynasty of Ghazna were the Lawiks.

Odaenathus was the founder of the Palmyrene royal dynasty.

It was the last Tibetan royal dynasty to rule in own name.

royal governor   (総督)

Additionally, the royal governor was granted powers to undermine local democracy.

Land was allocated to the Germans by the Burgrave of Glatz, in his capacity as royal governor.

He served as "ispán" and "royal governor" of Syrmia County in 1253 too, when ruled over a counterfeiting case.

royal charters   (王室憲章)

From January 1196 he began to attest royal charters.

He issued two royal charters in this capacity.

His parents are unknown, but royal charters refer to his two brothers named Záh and Ladislaus.

royal line   (王統)

She also claimed descent from the ancient Lombard royal line.

The ancestor of the royal line is said to have come from Roti island, west of Timor.

The princess Ampranso Akomaso from Dwenemu was brought to Agyen Kokobo to start the royal line.

royal visit   (王室訪問)

It was built in 1909 for King Rama V on his next royal visit to Prachinburi, but the king never again visited.

Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh visited between 9 and 13 December 1867 and as the first royal visit, the occasion was met with great fanfare.

Craigowan Lodge is used regularly by the family and friends of the royal family and also has been used while Balmoral Castle was being prepared for a royal visit.

royal castle   (王宮)

The royal castle, called the Red Keep, sits on Aegon's Hill.

In 1327, Haderslevhus, the royal castle, was mentioned for the first time.

On 11 March 1152, they met at the royal castle of Beaugency to dissolve the marriage.

new royal   (ニューロイヤル)

From 1470, with the new elector Albrecht III Achilles, Berlin-Cölln became the new royal residence.

In 1443, Frederick II Irontooth started the construction of a new royal palace in the twin city Berlin-Cölln.

Mindon Min had the pagoda built as part of the traditional foundations of the new royal city of Mandalay in 1857.

royal licence   (ロイヤルライセンス)

His change of surname to Pulteney was by royal licence, in 1813.

He later assumed the surname of Foster by way of royal licence in 1927.

Charles Edmund Keene, changed the family name to Ruck-Keene by royal licence.

royal council   (王室評議会)

Ealdred was present at the royal council at London that banished Godwin's family.

He was often absent from court and could eventually only make decisions with the approval of a royal council.

He did not actually rule the country; real power was in the hands of a royal council, led by his uncles Alphonse and Charles.

royal yacht   (ロイヤルヨット)

"Vampire" met "Britannia" on 11 March, and accompanied the royal yacht to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Fremantle.

The river flotilla consisted of the four monitors, the royal yacht "Dragor", two patrol boats—"Graničar" and "Stražar", and three river tugs; "Cer", "Triglav" and "Avala".

The couple boarded a royal jet, emblazoned with "Just Married" on the rear door, for the Azores Islands, and then spent their five-day honeymoon aboard the royal yacht "Britannia" in the Atlantic.

royal wedding   (ロイヤルウエディング)

The first royal wedding, that of Sigismund I the Old to Bona Sworza, took place here in 1518.

The following year a non-circulating coin of this value was produced to commemorate the royal wedding.

remains a predominantly family run organisation, with Sánchez's wife still stepping in to provide layout for important royal wedding spreads.

first royal   (最初の王室)

Baccarat received its first royal commission in 1823.

The first royal wedding, that of Sigismund I the Old to Bona Sworza, took place here in 1518.

The first royal figure to stay in the palace was Empress Catherine II, who visited Kiev in 1787.

royal favour   (王室の好意)

By late 1053 Ealdred was once more in royal favour.

The fifth Earl of Crawford rose high in royal favour.

He submitted to the King and was restored to royal favour.

royal tombs   (王家の墓)

Unlike most royal tombs, Munmu of Silla's tombstone could not be placed in front of them.

Alexandre Lenoir witnessed the destruction of the royal tombs, with the bones thrown into a ditch.

Writing first appeared in association with kingship on labels and tags for items found in royal tombs.

royal order   (王室)

The Gribeauval system was introduced through royal order on 15 October 1765.

The failure to comply with this royal order was to be punished by loss of office.

Hong-rim and the Queen are uncomfortable accepting the royal order, but they finally comply.

royal pardon   (御免)

The only avenue that remains for their release is a royal pardon.

However, at the behest of the Earl of Mar, Dalzeel received a royal pardon.

Al-Ajami was released from prison in March 2016 after a royal pardon commuted his sentence.

royal capital   (王都)

A lavish wedding was celebrated in the royal capital of Tbilisi.

King's Landing is the royal capital of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms.

In 1801, she went back to royal capital and stayed there until her death in 1811.

royal officials   (王室の役人)

Cortés was suspected of poisoning both royal officials.

These were technically royal officials and hereditary princes.

However the King reneged on his promises made at Fréteval and in response Becket produced a number of censures on royal officials and clergymen.

royal hunting   (ロイヤルハンティング)

It is a former royal hunting park often visited by hikers and horse riders.

The ancient royal hunting forest of Bradon stretches out to Minety in the west.

This hamlet was endowed with a royal hunting lodge and a chapel by Louis VII in the middle of the twelfth century.

received a royal   (ロイヤルを受け取りました)

However, at the behest of the Earl of Mar, Dalzeel received a royal pardon.

It was successful and they received a royal warrant from King George V of England.

It was founded in 1825 and received a royal charter the same year, and was granted 250,000 acres.

royal city   (ロイヤルシティ)

In the early-modern age, Gdańsk was a royal city of Poland.

Strabo in his "Geography", calls it "The royal city of Sophene".

It was a royal city of Poland.

royal lineage   (王室)

From that point on, Northern Wei royal lineage had no actual power.

Sartor is raised as a lumberjack in a village, unaware of his royal lineage as Prince.

The tribe has a strong central authority structure and a long-established royal lineage.

royal estate   (王室)

Ardverikie House was used as a stand-in for the royal estate for filming purposes.

Whippingham was the centre of a royal estate supporting Osborne House and Barton Manor.

Corana was the site of a royal estate in the 12th century, according to the "Indiculus curiarum".

royal chapel   (王室礼拝堂)

It is likely to have once adorned a royal chapel.

King Mentuhotep II was the first to build a royal chapel.

In 1729, Dimanche was a singer of the royal chapel in Dresden.

became a royal   (王室になりました)

Like her parents, Claude de Beaulieu became a royal musician.

Born into a noble Norman family, he became a royal clerk under King William I.

Sometime in her teenage years, Sukhumala became a royal wife to King Chulalongkorn.

royal titles   (王室の称号)

Some local leaders even started using royal titles for themselves.

Babur bore the royal titles "Badshah" and "al-ṣultānu 'l-ʿazam wa 'l-ḫāqān al-mukkarram pādshāh-e ġāzī".

By this time the trappings of office, the costumes, the humor and the royal titles were long gone, so was the newspaper and the mottoes.