İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

court ruled   (mahkeme karar verdi)

In the end the court ruled in favor of the states.

The court ruled in favor of Whitney and ABC News.

The state supreme court ruled on the case again.

ruled in favor   (lehine karar verdi)

The Board ruled in favor of the studio management.

In the end the court ruled in favor of the states.

Again, the High Court ruled in favor of the trust.

ruled against   (karşı hükmetti)

On November 29, Jones ruled against the plaintiffs.

The judge ruled against Vidor, ordering him back to work.

Duval, however, ruled against a couple from New Orleans East.

judge ruled   (hakim karar verdi)

In 1993, a federal judge ruled in Burgess's favor.

The judge ruled in McCartney's favor in March 1971.

In April 1990, a judge ruled in Turlington's favor.

then ruled

He then ruled from 1839 until his death in 1842.

Those cities were then ruled by satraps.

King Wasanthahimiya then ruled Beruwala.

ruled in favour   (lehine karar verdi)

The court ruled in favour of the prosecution on all counts.

The Court ruled in favour of the African Football Governing body.

The High Court ruled in favour of the hospital on 20 February 2018.

later ruled

Her death was later ruled to have been a suicide.

The system was later ruled illegal and thus was banned.

His descendants, the Mōri clan later ruled Chōshū domain.

not ruled   (yönetilmedi)

of Rakteswari is not ruled out in folklore genre.

Which Lippi did not ruled out a call-up to the foreign born player completely.

He has not ruled out the option of military strikes against terrorist camps in Pakistan.

ruled the country   (ülkeyi yönetti)

This junta ruled the country from December 24, 1829 to February 18, 1830.

It was built between 1894 and 1917 by the French who ruled the country at the time as French Somaliland.

By this time, the Second Polish Republic was led by Józef Piłsudski who ruled the country as an authoritarian democracy.

not be ruled   (yönetilemez)

However, they noted the presence of Compton-thick column cannot be ruled out.

This second autopsy found that mechanically-induced suffocation could not be ruled out.

A déjà vu feeling and an influence of overdose of Telugu masala flick cannot be ruled out in the end."

ruled unconstitutional   (anayasaya aykırı)

In such a case, only that application may be ruled unconstitutional.

It replaced the Cotton Futures Act of 1914, which was ruled unconstitutional.

The practice had been challenged by civil rights groups in federal court, where it was ruled unconstitutional in 2013.

death was ruled   (ölüm yönetildi)

Her death was ruled as "suicide by opium poisoning".

His death was ruled a suicide by the coroner's office.

She had been depressed and her death was ruled a suicide.

initially ruled   (başlangıçta yönetildi)

The police initially ruled the case a suicide.

The Pandyas initially ruled from "Korkai".

After Bogislaw X's death, his sons initially ruled in common.

dynasty ruled   (hanedan hüküm sürdü)

He took his post as government official when Yuan dynasty ruled Goryeo.

The Farrukh dynasty ruled the Nablus Sanjak up until the mid-17th century.

On the Indian subcontinent, the Lodi dynasty ruled over the Delhi Sultanate during its last phase.

courts ruled

The courts ruled in favor of the city in May 1934, and the site was cleared of campers in June.

The pension lawsuit was finally won by the players in 1994 after two courts ruled against the NHL.

The courts ruled that replacing DeLay's name, especially after winning the state primary, violated Texas election laws.

once ruled

Zanzibar was once ruled by Omani Arabs.

The name is derived from the Cumans who once ruled the region.

The Cherokee, once ruled by clan loyalty, were moving toward a republican form of government.

subsequently ruled   (sonradan karar verdi)

He was subsequently ruled out for an estimated two weeks.

He was subsequently ruled out for another two to four weeks.

The area was subsequently ruled by the Etruscans and the Romans.

ruled ineligible   (uygun olmayan kural)

In the United Kingdom, "Flower" was ruled ineligible to chart on the UK Singles Chart.

After initial studies, Pistorius was ruled ineligible for competitions under these IAAF rules.

Michigan later vacated the 1997 NIT title after Robert Traylor and Louis Bullock were ruled ineligible.

ruled the area

The clan ruled the area from the Kamakura period to the end of the Sengoku period.

"Moothanedathu Pillamar", an offshoot of Kayamkulam Raja, ruled the area during this time.

The name of Morni is believed to derive from a queen who once ruled the area two thousand years back.

ruled the region   (bölgeyi yönetti)

He may have ruled the region independently till his death.

The Delhi Sultanate and later Mughal Empire ruled the region.

The name is derived from the Cumans who once ruled the region.

injury ruled

The injury ruled him out of playing in the inaugural Rugby World Cup.

The extent of the injury ruled him out for the remainder of the 2012–13 season.

Having missed three games, Seip's shoulder injury ruled him out for the rest of the season.