rules footballer   (规则足球运动员)

Bode is married to Australian rules footballer Jace Bode.

William Bushby William Bushby was an Australian rules footballer for .

Notable former pupils include Australian rules footballer Daniel Giansiracusa.

rules football

It has picked up in areas which are dominated by Australian rules football.

Jordan McMahon Jordan McMahon (born 27 May 1983) is an Australian rules football player.

Jason Laycock Jason Laycock (born 4 November 1984) is an Australian rules football player.

new rules

These new rules also applies for Album releases as well.

He issued new rules to establish the position of the SS.

Artists had to adapt their use of blue to the new rules.

rules and regulations   (条款和规则)

But there are some rules and regulations for feeding the medicine.

These suras generally contain rules and regulations for the believers to follow.

In 2009, FINA rules and regulations were altered, effective from 1 January 2010.

set of rules

It also records a set of rules for building the melody.

Every trail may have a slightly different set of rules.

The United States has its own set of rules for domestic games.

strict rules   (条规严格)

The alphabetization of articles in the and follows strict rules.

Today, visits are allowed to Chernobyl, but limited by strict rules.

The NAWCH developed a series of techniques to get hospitals to relax their strict rules.

rules governing

There are rules governing the scoring of a dive.

There are also new rules governing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Style guides often have their own rules governing the use of ellipses.

rules regarding

The Department of Education has also issued two rules regarding ESUs.

This was the first race with new rules regarding carburetor restrictors.

Different countries have different rules regarding permits and other regulations.

eligibility rules   (资格规则)

The first major challenge to the NBA's eligibility rules came from Spencer Haywood.

They must meet the same eligibility rules as the students enrolled in the district's schools.

same rules

The same rules apply as in Officers' skat.

"The same rules and rationale apply in single-winner elections."

The same rules that apply to regular trademarks apply to collective marks.

own rules

Each weapon has its own rules and strategies.

A South Yarra side devised its own rules.

Town Meeting sets its own rules and keeps a journal of proceedings.

rules apply   (规则适用)

Additional rules apply to stops that occur on a bus.

The ISU's rules apply to international events.

The same rules apply as in Officers' skat.

rules football competition

The Danish Australian Football League, based in Copenhagen is the largest Australian rules football competition outside of the English-speaking world.

2018 TSL season The 2018 AFL Tasmania TSL premiership season is an Australian rules football competition staged across Tasmania, Australia over twenty-one (21) home and away rounds and six (6) finals series matches between 30 March and 15 September.

rules football club

In 2006, there were five schools in the district: Hillhurst is home to the Calgary Kookaburras Australian rules football club.

Masala Dandenong Football Club The Masala Dandenong Football Club is an Australian rules football club which compete in the VAFA.

Having grown up in Essendon, Irwin was a fan of the Essendon Bombers, an Australian rules football club in the Australian Football League.

rules footballer playing

Emma Pittman Emma Pittman (born 29 December 1992) is an Australian rules footballer playing for the Gold Coast in the AFL Women's (AFLW).

Kim Rennie Kim Rennie (born 19 October 1994) is an Australian rules footballer playing for the Western Bulldogs in the AFL Women's (AFLW).

Claudia Whitfort Claudia Whitfort (born 31 July 1999) is an Australian rules footballer playing for St Kilda in the AFL Women's competition (AFLW).

different rules

The tournament was also held in 2006–2008 with different rules.

There are many variants of chess that utilize different rules, pieces, or boards.

Different countries have different rules regarding permits and other regulations.

following rules

The remainder are assigned by the following rules:

The following rules are based upon Parker's description:

The following rules need to be respected:

same eligibility rules

They must meet the same eligibility rules as the students enrolled in the district's schools.

basic rules

Some of the most basic rules are the following.

These are the basic rules concerning planetary aspects.

RFC 1912 conveys basic rules for determining appropriate TTL values.

rules football player

Jordan McMahon Jordan McMahon (born 27 May 1983) is an Australian rules football player.

Jason Laycock Jason Laycock (born 4 November 1984) is an Australian rules football player.

Jim Demetriou James "Jim" Demetriou (born 7 June 1955) is a former Australian rules football player.

rules of engagement

But we operated within our rules of engagement."

The new rules of engagement specified that no ship was to be left afloat.

specific rules

Aside from informal play, a game with specific rules is published.

Microsoft has specific rules concerning hate speech for a variety of its applications.

To prevent this some markets have implemented specific rules to prevent this sort of gaming.

special rules

The special rules concerning audiovisual works are contained in Title VI of Book One.

In addition, a valuable card called the "Fool" was added, to which special rules applied.

It makes use of Chaosium's Basic Role-Playing (BRP) system, with special rules for Sanity.

no rules

when no rules are able to be applied).

"I was in a world with no rules."

It breaks no rules."

general rules

However, there are two general rules that govern the date.

There are several general rules that deal with fluorescence.

Certain exceptions to the general rules also find place therein.

rules set

These competitions use judging rules set by whoever organizes the competition.

Under rules set by Nurhaci, the Council even had the power to depose the Emperor.

The late models at Seekonk Speedway run on rules that are nearly identical to late model rules set by ACT.

flight rules

There is no Instrument landing System - ILS, instead visual flight rules - VFR apply.

While flying in actual IMC the pilots must be properly rated and follow instrument flight rules.

Before reaching the inner marker the aircraft descended out of the clouds and the crew switched to visual flight rules (VFR).

follow the rules

You cannot complain that he did not follow the rules.

Ideally, the company will avoid a lawsuit because its employees will follow the rules.

Hunters are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

certain rules

Ee and Oo are considered to be variants of Ii and Uu and are used according to certain rules.

Like deontology, rule consequentialism holds that moral behavior involves following certain rules.

Also during the time of prāyaścitta, the sinner must observe certain rules on food and other matters.

international rules

She has also represented Ireland at international rules.

This is against international rules that we have all agreed upon in the WTO."

The centre is also to abide by approved international rules and widely-accepted humanitarian concepts.

other rules

There are other rules given to each of the chapters.

Bandy also has other rules that are similar to football.

All other rules are the same as in Go.

rules football team

In 2003 he was part of the Ireland international rules football team that played the Australia international rules football team in Australia.

O'Hanlon was a member of the Ireland women's international rules football team that defeated Australia in the 2006 Ladies International Rules Series.

transfer rules

Under transfer rules, he sat out the 1981–1982 season.

He had to sit out the 2015 season due to transfer rules.

Per NCAA transfer rules, Dukes sat out the 2015–16 season.

safety rules

Therefore, gun safety rules apply even to guns loaded with blanks.

Ranges and organized shoots may impose additional safety rules on participants.

The deaths of the 14 men led to the imposition of stricter safety rules for all mines.

rules were changed

In 1948, the rules were changed so that when this occurs the match is declared a draw.

Several rules were changed or elaborated in the next editions and after expansions were published.

Since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger, league rules were changed to allow the Super Bowl home team to pick their choice of jersey.

rules against

Many "Minecraft" servers have rules against griefing.

The AA had no such rules against Sunday play or beer sales.

However, in May of that year, BJU expanded rules against interracial dating and marriage.

ownership rules

In 2018 China ended its domestic ownership rules for auto companies and financial institutions.

After a change in CRTC media ownership rules, Pelmorex sold CJMX to Telemedia, the owner of CJRQ and CIGM, in 1998.

FCC's ownership rules at the time prohibited one company from owning more than two FM's in one market, and Cox already owned 97.3 WFLC.

game rules

Officials are responsible for enforcing game rules and monitoring the clock.

One or several players act as game administrators and can configure the game rules.

New game rules in the book contain additional information and clarify existing game mechanics.

league rules

This resulted in an indefinite ban as per league rules.

The league rules did not address ties.

This was against league rules which placed limits on the amount clubs could spend on players' wages.

against the rules

These are against the rules dealing with wartime criminals.

It is against the rules.""

In the two codes of rugby (union and league), a forward pass is against the rules.

rules state

If they do so, the rules state they will be disqualified from the event.

If they do so, they rules state they will be disqualified from the event.

The rules state that the body should be vertical, or nearly so, for entry.

rules of procedure

Pursuant to its (classified) rules of procedure, its sessions are confidential.

The organisation of the courts and their rules of procedure are established in the Courts Act.

The rules of procedure of the European Commission set out the Commission's operation and organisation.

official rules

Spalding published the first official rules guide for baseball.

The rules that were created were later revealed to be the official rules in canon.

4 rounds of 18 holes) individual stroke play tournaments under the official rules of golf.

team rules

He sat out the 2006 season due to a violation of team rules.

On October 25, 2005, he was released after violating team rules.

During the year, he was suspended four games for violating team rules.

competition rules

To meet the original competition rules, Keccak's authors proposed "c"=2"d".

Under the competition rules extra time had to be played and Swinton won 16–11 to win the Cup 21–15 on aggregate.

She was allowed to remain in the competition for ranking third in the top four, per the competition rules for a challenger.

ground rules

There is no mention of it in the Red Sox ground rules list.

The entire league's home run totals were up, thanks to the change to the Chicago ground rules.

Research conducted on "Drosophila" help determine the ground rules for transmission of genes in many organisms.

business rules

RuleBurst 8 is a Business Rule Management System, or business rules engine.

RuleBurst has a speciality in being able to derive business rules directly from legislative sources.

The repository is a database that contains data and file definitions, business rules, application templates, and RDML code.