İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

home run   (ev koşusu)

Ted Kluszewski was the NL home run leader in 1954.

On August 23, Bonds hit his 400th career home run.

Joe Harris's home run in the fourth tied the game.

run average   (ortalama koş)

In 1896, he went 7-2 with a 3.35 earned run average.

Boney's record was 0–0 with a 2.25 earned run average.

However, his earned run average rose to 4.26.

not run   (koşma)

MSE 4.5 and later versions do not run on Windows XP.

In some cases, an applet does not run independently.

He did not run for reelection on 21 August 1881.

run through   (hızlıca gözden geçirme)

Most local routes run through downtown Des Moines.

The Songhua, Nen, and Liao rivers run through it.

Several tourist routes run through the Black Forest.

touchdown run   (gol koşusu)

Wilson had a 3-yard touchdown run with 5:14 remaining.

Wisconsin responded with a 12-yard touchdown run by Taylor.

Tailback Billy Taylor then scored on an 84-yard touchdown run.

run away   (Kaçmak)

She was afraid and decided to run away from home.

Impulsively, Arthur convinces her to run away with him.

His interpreter was shot dead while trying to run away.

earned run   (kazanılmış koşu)

In 1896, he went 7-2 with a 3.35 earned run average.

Boney's record was 0–0 with a 2.25 earned run average.

However, his earned run average rose to 4.26.

earned run average   (kazanılan koşu ortalaması)

In 1896, he went 7-2 with a 3.35 earned run average.

Boney's record was 0–0 with a 2.25 earned run average.

However, his earned run average rose to 4.26.

first run

This includes the short-lived first run on Broadway.

Their first run has a time of 57.26, a track record.

The Yankees scored the game's first run in the fourth.

did not run   (koşmadı)

He did not run for reelection on 21 August 1881.

Hébrard did not run for reelection on 4 January 1903.

They did not run on the LLR during their stay.

long run   (uzun koşu)

In the long run atheism failed to win many souls.

I believe in the long run God will vindicate me.

He doubts such a regime can be sustainable in the long run.

run off   (kaçmak)

Wheeler Drain, directs agricultural run off into this lake.

Taviton Street and Endsleigh Street run off the south side.

Mantle hit a home run off Ed Roebuck in the previous inning.

run up   (koşmak)

He also began to run up debts, mostly for clothes.

In Kula ridges of land run up the slopes of the volcano.

There are flutes and fillets that run up the shaft of columns.

run along   (koşmak)

These vehicles run along a guide rail which is long.

Portions of the river run along State Route 197.

The standard door sizes in the US run along 2" increments.

run against   (karşı olmak)

Only a single challenger chose to run against him.

He also caught an 86-yard catch and run against the Lions.

Deerfoot-Bad Meat was entered to run against the favourite J.W.

run down   (bitkin)

Tram routes 3, 16, 96 all run down the street.

A number of gills run down this western side of Ullscarf.

The British crew denied that they had run down the lifeboat.

continued to run   (koşmaya devam etti)

Mony continued to run the company until his death.

Spillway East continued to run until May 1.

After the accident, trains continued to run from Kearny to Newark.

run between

Transaction fees typically run between 8 and 15%.

Final voting run between 29 March and 12 April 2019.

Two arched aisles run between the nave and the side walls.

not to run

In 1992, McHugh chose not to run for reelection.

Municipal candidates tend not to run on party slates.

Fleming ultimately chose not to run, however.

decided to run

His son Erik decided to run for his father's seat.

She was afraid and decided to run away from home.

Nine candidates decided to run for the position.

production run

Only 3 cars were built during its production run.

The machine had a production run of 17,410 machines.

The game initially had a single production run.

theatrical run   (tiyatro koşusu)

Film had grossed 18.2 Crores in its theatrical run.

"Nanban" went on to complete 100 days theatrical run.

The film earned on its whole theatrical run.

trains run

The S-Bahn trains run on a basic cycle of 30 minutes.

run for reelection   (yeniden seçilmek)

In 1992, McHugh chose not to run for reelection.

He did not run for reelection on 21 August 1881.

Knudson declined to run for reelection in 2016.

run again   (tekrar koş)

Powell announced that he would run again in 2010.

These adverts were run again in Q3 2009.

The dance teams are made to run again.

short run   (kısa vadede)

This group's short run was terminated in October 1976.

The series was not renewed after the initial short run.

In the short run, the move was economically beneficial.

unbeaten run   (yenilmemiş koşu)

Using the system the reserves achieved a lengthy unbeaten run.

Between October and December they went on a 19 game unbeaten run.

He left Kettering second in the table and on a twelve-game unbeaten run.

now run   (şimdi koş)

It is now run by the county as a free crossing.

It is now run by his daughters Yvonne and Diana Rhyner.

The family pub is now run by his son, Danny.

able to run   (koşabiliyor)

"I was surprised we weren't able to run the ball better."

Memory-expanded and MMU-equipped Dragons are able to run OS-9 Level 2.

The emulator was simple, but it was able to run games such as Donkey Kong.

successful run

Eventually another Spitfire made a successful run.

The movie enjoyed a reasonably successful run at the box office.

During one successful run, his football team won 36 of 40 games.

print run   (baskı koşusu)

The typical print run was 10,000 copies per issue.

In 2012 its print run was reduced to 30,000 copies.

The work sold well, resulting in a second print run.

limited run

It was revived for a limited run in March 2018.

The original, in 1998, was a limited run of 1200 copies.

A limited run was released in March 2016.

race was run   (yarış koştu)

The race was run for the first time in 2018.

In 2007, the race was run on April 29, 2007.

The race was run in two divisions in 2002.

used to run

In this theatre father of Uttam Kumar used to run the projector.

The Salesians also used to run Warrenstown College, County Meath.

The pressure is then used to run a turbine or a converted combustion engine.

second run

We never had a second run of most of the stuff."

The Sox scored a second run in the top of the sixth.

Their second run has a time of 57.63.

winning run

The Reds scored the winning run in the 9th inning.

Azerbaijan's longest league winning run belongs to Kapaz PFC.

Ken O'Dea's pinch-hit single in the eleventh scored the winning run.

home run off   (evden kaçmak)

Mantle hit a home run off Ed Roebuck in the previous inning.

Chris Burke ended the marathon with a home run off of Joey Devine.

Al Smith's leadoff home run off Johnny Antonelli put Cleveland up 1–0.

school run   (okul koşusu)

He was educated in a private school run by the Rev.

The school run by the Sri Ragavendra educational trust.

Stamford Academy is a charter high school run by Domus Kids Inc.

run for president

He was the first African American to run for president.

In 2017, Gorman said she wants to run for president in 2036.

He had been widely assumed to be preparing a run for president.

services run

During the peak, services run every 15 minutes.

original run

After the original run at the Savoy, the show toured.

Its original run lasted four printed issues from 1991-1993.

Ten of its thirteen episodes were aired during its original run.

then run

The players then run as fast as they can towards "it".

The couple then run to a cabin where an old man lives.

The winning candidates then run together on the same ticket.

run every

During the peak, services run every 15 minutes.

intention to run   (koşma niyeti)

In 2005, Faso announced his intention to run for governor.

She was the first candidate to declare an intention to run.

Kevin J. Johnston announced his intention to run in March 2018.

run parallel   (paralel koş)

The suspension cables run parallel, in the plane of the arches.

All gels are divided into lanes that run parallel through the gel.

These two ranges run parallel to each other in east-west direction.

playoff run

They lost that match to the Detroit Waza, ending their playoff run.

Their playoff run fell short when they lost at home in the second round 86–96.

Rush played limited minutes during the Warriors playoff run to the NBA Finals.

only run   (sadece koş)

For comparison, the 6600 and N-Gage only run at 104 MHz.

Other clubs only run junior programmes.

The home run to Bird was the only run Miller allowed in the series.

entire run   (tüm koşu)

They played Warped Tour 2014 for its entire run.

The show ran for an hour during its entire run.

The entire run of 40-ounce bottles sold out in five minutes.

run for governor   (vali için koş)

In 2005, Faso announced his intention to run for governor.

He did the same in his speeches during his 1951 run for governor.

Kennon attempted without success to run for governor again in 1963.

run time

This new version of the film’s run time is 56 minutes.

The total run time is 1:29:00 (89 minutes).

The film's run time is 89 minutes.

run for office

Stockton waited until her daughter went to college to run for office.

The Kentucky legislature allowed former Confederates to run for office.

His son, also named Arne Zabell, has run for office in British Columbia.

run around   (etrafında koşmak)

I don't want to run around trying to kill people and cuss.

Maybe Gerry should run around more."

Adults and teenagers run around half of the entire Katajanokka district.

declined to run   (koşmayı reddetti)

Ryan declined to run and endorsed Fisher in July.

Nevertheless, Woodin declined to run for re-election.

Knudson declined to run for reelection in 2016.

run concurrently   (aynı anda koş)

All imprisonments will run concurrently.

Shows run concurrently at multiple venues, in the style of SXSW.

With parallel portfolios, multiple different SAT solvers run concurrently.

run aground   (karaya oturmak)

The ships had struck a reef and run aground during rough seas.

Low water levels caused her keel to hit bottom and run aground.

On 6 June, she was run aground and captured during the naval battle off Memphis.

run of form

He was sacked on 6 September 2012, after a poor run of form.

After that result, however, Norwich entered a poor run of form.

However, a bad run of form followed and City finished the season in 11th place.

initial run   (ilk koşu)

An initial run of 300,000 copies was printed.

The initial run was limited to 1,000 copies.

The repackaged show was cancelled partway through its initial run.

career home run   (kariyer ev koşusu)

On August 23, Bonds hit his 400th career home run.

On July 3, , he hit his 100th career home run.

It was also his one hundredth career home run at OPACY.

owned and run

Privately owned and run, prior permission to land is required.

The school is owned and run by Maarif for Education and Training.

It was owned and run by its parent, the Beijing-based China Daily.

planned to run   (koşmayı planladı)

For 2001, Childress planned to run Harvick in the No.

He also planned to run some K&N East races.

The line was planned to run between Crémazie and Place-d'Armes.

test run   (test sürüşü)

During a test run a faster car passed Johnson.

Brown were assigned to this official test run.

On 9 August 1928 the first test run on the line took place.

ended its run

It ended its run after six seasons in 2018.

The film ended its run, collecting only .

In 1990, the partnership ended its run and was amicably split.

final run

The Ski Train made its final run to Winter Park on March 29, 2009.

Another source gives the date of the final run as January 31, 1981.

On 3 September 1903, "Germanic" left on her final run as a White Star liner.

race run   (yarış koşusu)

The most valuable race run at Listowel is the Guinness Kerry National.

There was no race run in 2005 due to condition problems with the Hollywood Park turf course.

Due to a New York State ban on parimutuel betting there was no race run in 1911, 1912, or 1913.

began to run   (koşmaya başladı)

He also began to run up debts, mostly for clothes.

When those stocks began to run low, "Aldebaran".

From 2 July 1905 LOR trains began to run through to Seaforth & Litherland.

privately run   (özel olarak koş)

It is the only privately run facility of its kind.

There are some privately run schools also in Hallaur.

It is the 36th largest privately run bus company in the nation.

order to run   (koşmak için emir)

In order to run the Formula 1 operations, Gurney established Anglo American Racers.

Smith resigned April 16, 2014, before the end of his term, in order to run for governor.

Swalwell took a leave of absence from the Dublin City Council in order to run for the seat.

run across   (karşıya geçmek)

We were treated like two killers he had somehow run across."

As they leave the village, they once again run across Nakoda Hitam.

The first part of his poem describes Mazeppa's run across Ukrainian plains.

run during

Special event trains are run during fall and winter months.

The advertisements are typically run during NCAA sporting events.

It was not run during World War II.

hit and run   (vur ve Kaç)

She died in a hit and run accident.

Monica also drank while driving, and hit Sam McCall in a hit and run.

hit and run), consecutively to the death-by-dangerous-driving sentence.

continues to run

Josh continues to run and is also spotted by Hunter Scott.

The RB 38 service continues to run between Cologne and Bedburg.

The Lewis family continues to run and maintain Wigwam Village #6.

poor run   (kötü koşu)

He was sacked on 6 September 2012, after a poor run of form.

After that result, however, Norwich entered a poor run of form.

He ended his poor run of form with a hat-trick in the 4–1 win over Nottingham Forest at Turf Moor.

run for mayor

Trantalis announced his intent to run for mayor late in October 2017.

In 1922, Mullen chose not to run for mayor and instead backed Dr. Lester Chisholm.

He announced his intention to run for mayor of Mascouche in the 2013 municipal election.

allowed to run   (koşmasına izin verildi)

However they were allowed to run for the elections this time.

Trials already under way were however allowed to run their course.

The Abbey's monks were allowed to run a market and build a harbour.

trial run   (Deneme çalışma)

Its trial run started in March 2011.

He intended "Personal Best" to be a "trial run" for "Greystoke".

A second trial run by the Venturas the next day was much better.

during its run

It accumulated seven Emmy nominations during its run.

The stage manager is in control of a production during its run.

The series also had a huge success in the Philippines during its run.

designed to run

ASTAP was designed to run on IBM Mainframe computers.

The IO-346 was designed to run on 91-98 avgas.

The Indigo was designed to run IRIX, SGI's version of Unix.

currently run

The synagogue is currently run by Rabbi Shimon Bergman.

It is currently run as a bed and breakfast.

The cruises currently run from mid-May through mid-October.

good run

This play had a good run at cities like Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore.

After a good run at Western Stima in 2016, Onguso joined Sofapaka F.C.

After a good run in Portugal with Varzim SC, he caught the eye of Primeira Liga club S.L.

single run

From the lower-middle order, he scored a single run.

From the lower order, he scored a single run.

From the upper-middle order, Drewett scored a single run.

longest run

The longest run is .9 miles in length.

His longest run was a 27-yarder against the Minnesota Vikings when Portis was injured.

His longest run was 61 yards, his longest reception was 44 yards, and he ran for 4.6 yards per carry.

having run

Later, the king criticized Stańczyk for having run away instead of attacking the bear.

He then returned to camp, walking for eight days after having run his horse into the ground."

The light was first lit on 1 October 1858 with costs of construction having run to about £8,000.

solo home run   (yalnız ev koşusu)

In Game 1, Clark had already hit a solo home run.

Earlier in the game, Rudi hit a solo home run.

Ruth had hit a solo home run and walked three times in the game.

run ended   (koşmak bitti)

The production run ended in December 2015.

The run ended with Part Three of "Survival" on 3 February 2006.

The Warriors' run ended in the NBA Finals, where they lost 4–2 to the Toronto Raptors.

during the run

It ran in Age Premium during the run of the anime and after it.

Brundle reported that the car was hitting the rev limiter during the run.

For a while during the run of the series, he attended Los Angeles City College.

still run   (hala koş)

The firm was founded in 1899 and is still run by the same family.

After German reunification, most of the hotels were still run by Interhotel AG.

It was one of, if not the last of the genuine road races still run in the world.

another run   (başka bir koşu)

In 2016, another run of "KA AirCars" was released.

An RBI double by Mays in the third scored another run.

On May 8, 2014, Strange embarked on another run for childhood cancer.

intended to run   (koşmak için tasarlandı)

The bidding process intended to run till 31 December 2011.

The coalition intended to run with political parties that are non-religious.

Lonnie Lee Snyder had intended to run as a Tea Party candidate, but was found ineligible to do so in August 2010.

first home run   (ilk ev koşusu)

It was the first home run of his big league career.

Matt Kemp also hit his first home run of the season.

On May 3, he recorded his first home run in the Grand Slam.

run annually

Since 2009, Freeplay events have generally run annually.

The Gallorette Handicap is run annually on the same card as the Preakness Stakes.

The Belfast Marathon is run annually on May Day, and attracted 20,000 participants in 2011.

ability to run

They have the ability to run and turn well.

However, Brody finds the drugs give him confidence in his ability to run his restaurant.

Essentially, a 35 ns pixel mode was added plus the ability to run arbitrary horizontal and vertical scan rates.

previously run   (önceden koş)

Bollay had previously run the Navy's turbojet development.

The home was previously run by the Wyndham Housing Association.

Phillip was the entrepreneur having previously run a clothing business in Australia.

scheduled to run

It is scheduled to run to 8 March 2020.

The Act was originally scheduled to run until the end of 2015.

run before

For several months he was on the run before being recaptured.

A shocked George tells Gwen to run before he changes his mind.

From the middle order, he scored a single run before being bowled out by Elvis Reifer.

filed to run

Five other Republican candidates also filed to run.

No Democrats or Libertarians filed to run for the seat.

run rate   (koşu hızı)

Peshawar came on top because of the higher run rate.

Chile finished the tournament second due to net run rate.

Teams are ranked within their groups by total points, then net run rate.

run back   (geri koş)

This caused them to rout and run back the way they came.

They run back to the house to help Anna.

The three run back into the house and Darren demands that they give up the phone.

continue to run

Barbot and Coletta continue to run DeSoto Records.

They continue to run it to this day.

In practice, this meant that Seward would continue to run things as he had under Lincoln.

buses run   (otobüsler çalışıyor)

City buses run to destinations in the urban core.

Night service buses run to and from Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Puri.

Three of these sixteen new buses run on diesel-electric drivetrains.

last run   (son koşu)

Billy Herman's groundout scored the Cubs' last run.

The last run of an MR-63 was in June 2018.

His last run was Hong Kong Vase at Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong.