runners up

Bays were Championship runners up in 1993 and 1994.

The runners up were Ashley Spencer and Austin Miller.

with the runners up being Galway Celtic F.C.

runners behind   (後ろのランナー)

She started 9/4 favourite and finished second of the eight runners behind Second Set.

He then ran poorly when fourth of the five runners behind Hampton in the Goodwood Cup.

She finished thirteenth of the seventeen runners behind the Japanese filly Gentildonna.

other runners   (他のランナー)

His average time was also less in the 400m race when compared to other runners than in the 200m.

While most of the runners headed up north, Davey headed south, stating he wanted to avoid the other runners.

Mihalić decided against chasing him until the 35th kilometer, when he realized none of the other runners were able to follow.

blockade runners

Before he reached his haven, four Union blockade runners, , , and all fired shots.

British companies, however, continued to build and operate blockade runners for the South.

Lindsley and Lamarque leave the hospital with Monahan to try to catch one of Slidell's blockade runners.

runners included

The field of sixteen runners included challengers form Ireland and France.

Twelve Pointer started favourite, while the other fancied runners included Papyrus and Pharos.

The best fancied of the other 21 runners included Costaki Pasha, Gay Day, Cragadour and the Irish colt Trigo.

winners and runners

The winners and runners up of each group qualify for the quarter finals.

The winners and runners up, Latvia and Malta respectively, were promoted to the 2017 Trophy series.

front runners   (フロントランナー)

An initial field of 27 candidates was whittled down to 8 with front runners Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani.

After the field had settled down after the start Watercress led the field, with Bona Vista not amongst the front runners.

As with her previous race, she followed the front runners and took the lead one furlong out, this time winning by a short-head from Valjarv.

ten runners

Harvester finished last of the ten runners.

She was never a factor in the race and finished eighth of the ten runners behind Polish Precedent.

Ridden by the British veteran George Duffield, she finished sixth of the ten runners behind Sequoyah.

finished runners

He started in the final as England finished runners up to hosts France.

In 1999, they finished runners up to Inglewood in the Association Cup Final.

He played Nursery League for the Avenue Lake Gardens team where they finished runners up.